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  1. Dick had a chat on RTV Zone tonight this is what he said
  2. I wonder if it was a problem with him and Realplayer and he would not sign something
  3. Evel Dick on twitter wonder what the reason is. He would of brought tons of fun to the show again. Hope their is another All-Stars next year so we can Dick one more time
  4. Hey that looks like Ronnie in your profile picture. LOL

  5. Things are good here, thanks for asking :)

    See you out there in the wee hours!

  6. Good 2 see you 2. Im gonna try to keep doin late night feeds, unless Im busy.lol. How have u been?

  7. Nice to see you again fellow late night updater!

  8. As it stand right now the person who 1st leaked BBAU will end, leaked that Network Ten is thinkin of pickin it back up, but with a changed format like BBUK Celeb Hijack, but the good ratings of BBAU replacement Masterchef may be the final nail in BBAU's coffin.
  9. Very Tragic News to report. FNL host: Ryan Fitzgerard gave very sad news on a Radio show in Australia he co-hosts. Ryan told everyone that his finacee Belinda(who he prosposed on FNL a few years back) and him have lost their 1st child. Ryan said hs taking a week off the show. Ryan & Belinda named their child Kaylee Jay Fitzgerald, which means 'Brave Little Warrior'. He said they buried her in a private ceremony and they bought a star in the sky and named it after her. Ryan said "its very hard loosing your 1st child. Things happen for a reason, and I keep saying to myself, is this a form of payback for all the stupid ***** I did growing up down south? I don't know, but one thing I can say is that we've been very positive and we both know that one door is closed and it's only a matter of time before another one opens. We are blessed to even have the chance to experience the birth of a child, where a lot of women have been denied that gift, and we fully understand that." Ryan said he amazed at how many friends he has and how awesome they have been to him & BJ during this time. Ryan closed with asking everyone to sing "Use Somebody" You can listen to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUFDOlO6B2w ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday Night Download hosted by: Mike Goldman,Bree Amer, & Ryan Fitzgereard starts 10/17 in Australia on Network Ten. It will have 10 episodes airing on friday nights. It was taped back in July-August ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday Night Live won a Nickeldoden Australia Award on Saturday 10/11, i know Bree Amer & Mike Goldman accepted award, but im unsure if Ryan Fitzgerard was their.(I know Bree & Goldman were their via reports online)(from WWE.com pictures of co-Host of Nick AU awards WWE Wrestler John Cena was at Ryan Fitzy's radio station, NOVA, but Ryan was in none of the pictures
  10. http://www.olsmathletics.com/staff/dan_gheesling.htm Went 2 Google and typed in dan gheesling and it says he is Asst. Coach(i thought he was Head Coach) (he better be Head COach after BB win, he has great gameplan)
  11. bye Renny Dan/memphis said their backdoorin her
  12. Hope Dan nom Michelle and we all see Michelle is Amber's Sister lol When she looses it and crys lol(o wait she already has)
  13. CREATE A APRIL KIT #1 A Spy vs Spy Cartoon #2 A Blonde Hig = April + =
  14. BBAUS8 is going to post on Youtube Big Brother Australia Season 5
  15. Libra is either wasted or sooooo fake



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