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  1. Can't they find another Will to play this game !

  2. Maybe she enjoys her job some people dont like having a 9 to 5 job I have friends who are waitresses they make great money they work hours they love and they are very happy not being a "career " Woman
  3. I couldnt be happier I thought for sure it would be 6 to 1 I didnt think Ollie had any manhood left to actually vote like he did
  4. Why cant this finale be 2 hrs I would love to hear more from everyone Like the kindness Jerry said was the reason he voted for Dan Give Keesha a chance to say thanks for her win etc etc etc We need to petition CBS to make these finales more like the survivor finale too much unsaid and unknown
  5. why didnt they show Aprils face when Keesha won Dang it
  6. Im so glad Jerry didnt win Americas Choice
  7. Dan drove the train all the way home WOOHOO
  8. when Keesha saved memphis April was HOH not Keesha
  9. Actually I believe it was more KEESHAS idea to keep Memphis around than it was his own He really didnt push her to keep him Not that I rememeber ,She told him first that she would try to save him!! Memphis just agreed So how is that good gameplay he shoulda been fighting first and foremost for himself He never really did! Someone else always fought for him JMHO
  10. I dont even remmeber BB9 anymore much less Maggie winning
  11. Libra - Dan April - Dan Michelle - Dan { she said at JH " Dan he is really playing the game" she will respect that} Ollie - Memphis Renny - Dan Keesha - Dan Jerry - Dan {Keesha will tell Jerry Memphis was lying all along just to play him } Dan wins 6 to 1
  12. ewwwwwww all those people who shook Jerry's hand as he exited the BB house I was nauseated thinking about those poor people and his dirty booger hands
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