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  1. leah.cowan4@gmail.com please and THANK YOU!
  2. Good points, but Brendon is 9 years younger than Andrew. Not a huge age difference at this point in their lives, but as children it is a much larger gap. Maybe they could be cousins or have some other kind of family relation.
  3. So Andrew competed on the sabbath? Glad Brendon won
  4. Remember Amanda season 9? "Bueno!!" and all her other weird wrong word usages that didn't make any sense. I hate "I deserve to be here over ____", usually said through tears after a nomination. Sour grapes! The way they describe competition set ups bugs me too. "I walked outside and saw the HUGEST _____, I was like, oh ma gad!" So annoying and phony.
  5. Sunset in LA: 7:59pm Saturday (PDT) - Sunset in Los Angeles, CA, USA 8 hours 26 minutes from now
  6. Okay, I'm not fully convinced that anyone actually did know each other prior to the BB hours, but if it is true, does anyone think it's possible that it's Brenchel ? A friend of mine made a couple good points about them. They do act suspiciouly coupley for how long they are supposed to have known each other. And a couple weeks ago Rachel was annoyed with Brendon for worrying so much about Annie being on the block because he's "only known her for eight days," as if she had known him for longer than that. Plus all the good-bye messages about stealing her man. Also, they both have a background in science, not sure if that means anything though. Any thoughts/explanations?
  7. The sabbath is from Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown. So it is possible the comp is Saturday night, after sundown.
  8. Who do you think the saboteur is, and why? Include evidence! All that I can say so far is that I am convinced it is a woman because of the voice - although distorted it sounded very feminine - and the silhouette of the person on the BB website and on screen on tonight's show - clearly a woman's figure. I think it is probably either Rachel or Kristen because of how they reacted to the news of the sab. Seemed kind of phony, feigned surprise. Thoughts?
  9. She looks awesome for 40. Better than some of the younger girls in the house I'd say Overall very likable, but we'll see how she develops ...
  10. Not sure how I feel about her yet...I don't think anyone can replace Jordan as my favourte cute dumb blonde
  11. ^^ my thoughts exactly. He's so obnoxious and is trying way too hard to be "likable" instead of being himself. When he cheered wayyy too long when he found out he couldn't be evicted, Julie seemed like she didn't quite know what to say. And the "prank" thing was ridiculous. Sneaking around and throwing pillows in the dark isn't a prank, it's just annoying. And obnoxious. I have a feeling I'll be saying "obnoxious" a lot during the next few months (hopefully only few weeks) he's on the show. This guy is the season loser - calling it.
  12. I think me might nom Britney because of her injury...it's expected, I think, and this early he'd be smart to just do what is expected. Unless Britney flirts her way out, which is fully possible...
  13. They may as well have Jessie as the 14th hg. I'll barely recognize the show without him. I hope they don't add a 14th, but I can see it happening..
  14. I thought that too. "I like gossiping with the gays" - why is it important for her to say that her friends are gay? Seems superficial. But I think she'll be around for a while. She reminds me so much of April.
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