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  1. If you did I did, I'm still confused as to what that was all about.
  2. They do have to do equal challenges, that will bite them in the a$$ when the time comes........they don't however have to alernate, as long as they do an equal amount in the end.
  3. What a moron, really not sad to see him go!
  4. Not sure I am going to watch No Maks, and boring Contestants, just don't know.
  5. I have never wished for elimination leg more in my life....ugh
  6. After three times you would think he would known not to be wishy washy, you pledge your allegiance to whomever asks for it.
  7. I'm really happy for them too, I've always had a soft spot for Tony...if it couldn't be Kelly and Val this was the team I wanted to win.
  8. I want the Beekmans to win, but since that is highly unlikely, I'll take the chippendales....can't stand the other 2
  9. I know karma's a bitch, but I was a little sad to see these 2 go.....her hugging on that old woman made me cry
  10. I wish these 2 could win, I really don't care much for of the other teams....the chips are ok, but otherwise, ick.

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