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  1. $500,000 for all stars!?! Should be at least doubled like Survivor does .
  2. I don't think she's going to make it tonight. BTW, Does she wear different chokers or does she have a tattoo around her neck? I can't tell.
  3. Anyone know what happened?
  4. Interesting that the celebrities are all so much older than most of the regular casts. Maybe CBS will get the idea it's OK to cast people older than 30.
  5. Why do TPTB love him so much? I can't figure it out.
  6. Can't let anyone compete in a challenge without his comments. Very annoying.
  7. It's time to knock one of them out.
  8. Is this planned? Jace, Da'Vonne, Jeff, Audrey, Austin?
  9. I agree is began slowly. It has gotten better, though. However, all the "J" names make things impossible. It's so hard to know who is who (especially in the beginning). Production should rethink that for next year.
  10. Why does every alliance have to have a name? I blame Chilltown (or the producers) for this! They form and reform constantly. Who can keep up?
  11. Everyone is in their 20s except for him and one guy age 30. How long can he realistically last? They'll call him the old one & out he goes. *Sigh* Where are people like Bunky, Shelly and Kent? Maybe they can't leave their jobs for 3 mos.?
  12. I didn't mind this season. Even the controversy was interesting. The TVGN thing is a disaster. Impossible to watch.
  13. As expected, Julie said nothing to Amanda about her questionable remarks (as she did to Aaryn). Perhaps b/c Amanda told Aaryn she was being racist, that earned Amanda points in the producers' eyes. Wonder what they'll do about GM, Spencer et al., when they come out?
  14. Best thing he's said this summer. Wait till he finds out his 'zing' wasn't even shown.
  15. Thought it was a good interview. I was surprised Julie went there. Now we'll see if she does it with the rest of them.
  16. Yes. The deliberate pause Julie gave. And saying something like, "I know." It was noticeable.
  17. How about when Julie asked Aaryn about forgetting the cameras were around? Julie paused & gave a very deliberate response to what Aaryn said. I don't recall her exact words, but something like, "We know."

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