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  1. Annoying. 24 year old life coach
  2. I listened to an interview last night and he said he was shocked and that he told Paul he lost when they announced her vote.
  3. I really wish Josh would just switch the vote if they split and kick Kevin out. At first I was thinking it wouldn't be good for his game (not like that has affected his decisions in the past), but honestly I don't know if it hurts him. I think Paul's goal is to take Kevin and Christmas to final 3 to ease his path competition wise. At least if Alex is there instead of Kevin that makes it more probable Paul and Christmas vote out Alex if one of the two have POV next round. Also if he does that and can get her on his side it gives him one more person working for the POV bc we all know Paul is getting hoh one way or another.
  4. Seeing that Josh once again brought up Paul's game play last night and Christmas got all pissed bc he isn't being a team player and she was not going to listen to that kind of conversation. I don't get her bc wasn't she one of the first who saw this (maybe back when Josh was hoh) and said they needed to strike when the time was right? I wish I wasn't the type of person who had to see things out until the end...
  5. I agree. I was just waiting for hoh but perked up once the hinky votes came in. I was hoping for one more just to see what Christmas would do. I'm sure Paul would have ensured she voted out Mark though
  6. I wouldn't put Josh up as a pawn. If I wanted a Paul back door I would want Matt and Raven up that way one could be pulled down with veto and have a guaranteed vote against Paul bc Matt/Raven wouldn't vote each other out over Paul (I would hope). Even at this point in the game it would be difficult to rally votes against Paul so you would have to be careful.
  7. Right. I don't understand why they are buying that. He lost to a vet, so why would a vet lose in final 2. I would like to say Paul is playing a great game, but I just don't feel this position was earned. These idiots came in the house with an automatic unrelenting loyalty to this guy. It would be easy for anyone to get to the end if you just got to make all these plans and some idiots you didn't even know just followed through without question week after week.
  8. I think she probably won it. I don't really care for her but I voted for her. They did the sympathy show before to make you feel sorry for her and then I just wanted Cody to have an ally for when he came to take Paul out lol
  9. That's bull that she did that after a fan like Camera had to leave
  10. I remember that viral video. She will either be fun or super annoying.. I bet there will be a fine line
  11. I wish. Safety for the week.. and an ego boost for that group
  12. Nicole won the care package? Really!?!?!?! REALLY?! Uggh, I'm so disappointed with this. Pick a side and stick with it, America!
  13. The care package is an interesting one this week. Who could use it to shake up the house the most?
  14. I know. Where is everyone. I see the views are there.
  15. ^^^ completely agree. The speeches have been ridiculous this year. It's as if noone likes money

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