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  1. honestly, Kevin is one of the HG i'd rather see win it at this point. I like Jeff/Jordan but I'd rather see Russell or Michelle win. It looks like Jeff/Jordan will ditch Russell and screw themselves. Being a strong couple either way they'll have a huge target on their back no matter who is HOH
  2. If she pulls this over on J/J, good for her... the question is, is she really that feeble in comps? Part of me still thinks that she can't be as poor as she's performed thusfar
  3. my goodness. Jeff and Jordan are nice people, but if they're serious about thsi deal with Nat they are nuts. You do realize she'll win over ANY of them F2? Maybe they're banking on her being easily disposed of later, but I would not want to take the risk that she's just been throwing a lot of comps before now
  4. couple observations: Chima got a good edit it seemed, she came across just really spoiled more than malicious Lydia, however, appears to be getting a bad edit (eh, slightly dramatized more than anything). They looped her drinking during the HOH comp, after Jordan took the HOH key they showed Lydia grabbing one for the road, but the HOH key was still in front of her. Slightly unfair, but she's absolutely out of control with her antics right now
  5. I really don't care whether Chima "quit" or was "kicked out". She's gone. If she was kicked out, fine, she was being insanely unruly, destroyed a $5,000 mic on purpose, and was spurting off venomous things. If she quit, then lol boo hoo she's being quite the sore loser. There are plenty of twists and turns in BB, how about when James returned after Ryan stuck his neck out to get him out, Ryan didn't go "wah! my whole week of HOH was wasted!!" and she doesn't really look any better saying she quit... she's trying to paint CBS as villains for instituting a twist that ended up hurting her. If Ronnie used the coup to stay she'd have been gloating and rubbing it in the others' faces
  6. the thing is none of those 3 (J/J/M) would want to take him for that very reason- he'd be much better off if Nat or Lydia could get to F4 somehow
  7. the problem for Michelle is if she ends up F3 with Jeff & Jordan, her only way to the finale is to win the HOH, which i suppose she might be capable of doing maybe. But who would the fourth f4 be? Is it likely they'd want to bring Jeff along as well? Still, I stand very strongly that even if they don't want Russ in f4 that this is not the week to take him out, you take Russ out and it's back to 3 vs 3, and yeah Lydia and nat haven't been great competitors, but 3 of the 5 HOH competitors would be bad for Jeff/Jordan/Michelle, and there's no possibility that the others could punt and take out Russell because he's gone
  8. eh, I don't like when the DR gets manipulative, although I think there's a fine line between thinking through scenarios and being overly suggestive. Since we don't see what goes on in there who really knows? I've thought one of the tougher things in the BB house would be not being able to write to sort out all the thoughts and the ideas bouncing around. It's very VERY dangerous to talk about tons of different scenarios with other HG so in some ways DR could be helpful with that. I'm a little suspicious, but I think I've reached the point while I like J&J I want Michelle/Russ to win because they've been getting a lot dirtier. Either J/J or M/R I think the jury would have a tough decision and it'd be interesting to see how it goes down
  9. If Nat can pull herself out of the hot water with this lie, and maybe cut all the Jessie moping; I'd be somewhat impressed with her. She's really rode coattails to the point she's at right now but unlike Chima and Lydia who sulk much more, Nat is still thinking "how can I get out of this? How can I stay alive" which is a really important part of BB. Out of that toxic group I'd rather see Kevin win much more but I respect Nat for not laying down and dieing
  10. I just really hope Michelle can do the math. She really needs either Russell or Kevin to go to F2, J&J will get her to f4 without a doubt but neither of them will take her to F2 I think. Russell would be a great person to take because Nat and Lydia have listened to a lot of the venom Chima spewed about him and so are very anti-Russell as well. Just sticking with J&J then whoever the fourth F4 person is is not a good strategy, bc taking this week and voting out Russell means if Nat, Lydia, or Kevin wins J&J most likely go up with Michelle as a replacement. On the contrast, if you take out 1 of those 3 they'll probably target Russell and I think maybe be intimidated by Jeff/Jordan as a pair more than Michelle as a player
  11. what a beautiful beautiful soul... the house is just so angry and malicious and negative without the sun shining from out of Jessie's posterior. I'd enjoy him in pro-wrestling as a punching bag, and really he could go for a lot of the reality aspect of wrestling. No need to talk smack or anything in character before a match, just give him a mirror and a microphone and watch as he drives everyone into a frenzy
  12. I believe the crux of the big lie is pitting Jeff/Jordan against Russ/Michelle. So Nat and Kevin are trying to say they heard Russell and Michelle plotting. Basically going into a messy case of he-said-she-said that so often happens in the house
  13. Yeah... I really hope Jeff realizes it doesn't add up. It's not a bright idea on the part of any HG to start talking about going after the current HOH BEFORE they make noms. Jeff has to think they wouldn't be so dumb, right?
  14. goodness that's a terrible thought... people are pretty scared of Russell though as he's a fierce competitor. Eerie comparison to James who took several weeks to get out. No, no, they've got to have more sense than that...
  15. dumb move by Kevin to stick with people whose heads are clearly not in the game. Kevin's commentary on their "wake" of Jessie was absolutely hilarious though. I dislike his allies and Kevin unfortunately doesn't have the guts to make a move that will further himself and break away from them. He clearly has some common sense but just not quite enough. He's also been much more entertaining in the DR than he was in the first 4 weeks
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