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Are You Into This Season Or Not?


Are you into this season or not?  

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I hated BB9. The thought of Adam and Ryan in the F2 still makes me puke. sick017.gif Almost everyone on BB9 was skanky. The twists were bad.

This season is ok.....my faves are gone.....glad Libra is out. Will be overjoyed when skanko April goes. Glad that there are only a couple of skanks we have to put up with.

This season is still holding my interest, but if they start adding dumb twists again I'm gonna stop watching the little I have time to watch right now.

jmho :pixiedust:

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I'm into it, but I often think about how much I enjoyed BB9 so much more.

Seemed like everybody in BB9 had charisma & something funny to talk about.

If not we were subjected to hours of Shelia giving us her single mother blah, or Natalie telling us how everything happens for a reason, but even those elements as dreadfully painful as they were, were still entertaining in my opinion.

This cast carries on for hours on boring chit chat about malls, places to eat, or crappy movies....

Nothing of interest ever. Nobody wants to stand out, or say anything that might rub the other person wrong. Nobody seems interesting, or even capable of having 1 interesting thought in their head.

Just so boring.

It's much like watching people in a Doctor's office waiting room, waiting to see the people dwindle away...boring through & through...

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I've really enjoyed this season thus far. I think it helps that I'm back into my BB routine though. I was out of place when it was in the winter and unable to really watch feeds or talk on here.

I also appreciate that there's a vast range of ppl this season. That makes a huge difference. And yet you still get that BB6 type of feel with the immediate "division" within the house.

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I just love the more childlike nature of these hamsters

I miss Sharon saying BEEEBEEEEEESSS!! :-p

loved that

Seriously though once I saw the pupet show and the talk show in the LR I was hooked

plus...well Keesha is there....duh!

what else do you all need? Well Libra is gone...thank goodness. Now if April leaves I will be delighted


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I'm very happy with how this season is going. Things have changed quickly in this house and there are no two visible sides.

Week 1 - the house flipped on Brian

Week 3 - the two sides of the 8-person alliance go after each other

Week 5 - Michelle and Memphis are left alone while the 7 person alliance go after each other.

Alliances change on a dime and now there is distrust among everyone.

April/Ollie don't like Jerry

Renny doesn't trust Memphis or Michelle or Dan

Dan and Memphis have a final 2 deal

Michelle and Memphis supposedly are in an alliance. I don't know if Memphis trusts Michelle.

Keesha acts nice to Renny then says she doesn't trust her to Memphis.

Michelle is playing all sides of the house.

I just like how there are so many alliances and there's no telling what is going to happen.

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Anything would beat last season BB9!

That said.....I am liking BB10 by default.

IMO, it would have been a better game if the stronger, smarter and more interesting players like Brian, Angie and Steven had somehow remained. Really too bad that Brian only watched Season 2 and All-Stars. He certainly got ahead of himself as far as game play and he hadn't figured out that he was playing with some jealous, emotional players either. He has said as much in interviews. I'm sorry he left because he looked to be pretty entertaining.

Angie spent her time smoking in the BY and hanging with the guys out there and I can see how she wouldn't enjoy painting her fingernails daily with the girls. :scared: Keesha's HOH was an absurdity in that Angie was no threat to her and it appears that Keesha doesn't much like not being the center of male attention. She now has that but Renny has become a different woman since she became HOH and looks like she is angry at Keesha or afraid that she will lose her alliance partner to Memphis (and I am not too sure she shouldn't be worried about it).

Renny seemed to be playing a good game (after she finally got back on the meds that were withheld week 1) until she got HOH. Since then she has done nothing but alienate her alliance and I watched in amazement as she asked everyone in her alliance if they would go up as pawns? I have no idea what she was thinking but it certainly caused some paranoia.....something that has been running rampant in this house from the start. Maybe it's catchy?

It was fun but ultimately annoying to watch Michelle claim one minute that she's doing this and that to revenge Jesse's eviction and then say that she is playing strategically. During her tenure as HOH she spent so much time talking and insisting she wasn't stupid (with and without the baby talk....that makes my skin crawl) that she never did find out that it wasn't really Libra who was gunning to get Jesse out.....it was Keesha. Meanwhile, April the HOH that nominated Jesse in the first place did what everyone sees Jerry do week after week....kiss HOH butt and become "best friends".

It's transparent to us watching from the outside of that house but those houseguests aren't the sharpest pencils in the box. Props to Keesha on pulling that one off and avoiding eviction! She went up a notch in my book for at least breaking up that herd alliance of 8. The biggest mystery to me this year is why the HG's allowed the HOH absolute power? I can't remember a season when they all just kow towed to the wishes of the HOH as though it was unthinkable to do otherwise?

Jesse was a riot just for sheer lack of maturity...... before he went on sleep hiatus. How funny was it that this boy was whining that he was losing sleep as some sort of reason to take him off the block? I always enjoy watching grown men act like 5 yr olds and he had an ego that could only be rivaled by Evel Dick! Now, that's some serious ego!

So, yeah, I'm into this season although it has been played so emotionally and stupidly at times.

We have had the pleasure of witnessing all kinds of fights, drunken brawls, name calling, backstabbing and a few wtf moments.....like Renny's recent noms. Can't imagine why she put up Jerry instead of both April and Ollie ensuring that at least one of them would have to go. Also not a clue as to why she asked everyone in her alliance if they would be willing to go up as a pawn? She seems to have gotten that viral jealously bug that runs rampant this season. Her reaction to Keesha sleeping in the room downstairs with Dan and Memphis has had her acting bitchy to both Memphis and Dan....but, mostly to Dan. I liked Renny a lot until she got HOH. I think she just got nervous having to make a decision. But, on reflection, they all have gotten power crazy and freaked out when they won HOH.

My favorite incident so far......when April said "Keesha is just jealous of me because I am prettier than her". The look on Ollie's face was priceless. You know he was thinking "Woman you have lost your ever lovin mind!"

The America's player thing put Dan into some hot water and may have cost him this game which is too bad. But, I would have taken the job just like he did for 20K!

My money is now on the Dan/Memphis alliance since they seem to be the most level headed players and seem to be actually playing the game instead of having emotional outbursts.....especially when alcohol is served.

Well sorry for the whole discertation. Obviously I am enjoying this season. Again, anything is better than the last one. Too bad I don't have an opinion, huh?

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Good post DSilly

I think every word you wrote is exactly the way I see the game. I was such a big Angie, Steven and Brian fan and was crushed when they were gone. My favorite to win is Dan and with Memphis along for the ride.

I am enjoying to show this year. I still laugh thinking about Ollie being afraid of the birds. The Renny antics are a crack up but as a game player she lost me. I am sure there is a lot more nail biting and excitement to come.

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I enjoyed the start but lost some of my interest when all they did was yell at each other. Sometimes it can be too much drama and way too mean for my liking.

But I like the way they're playing the game.

The fact that they're so paranoid and can flip from one group to another keeps me watching; even with all the info we get I'm never really sure who is going until the vote.

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i barely watch feeds

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This is my favorite season in years. Not porn like last year or cruelty like Evil Dick's year.

I like the people and their variety of ages and backgrounds. I like how they seem to find things to do when they get bored. This is the BEST year for me.

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This season is boring to me. I can't get into it no matter how hard I try. There's no real gameplay which last season did have. The past two seasons I watched just to see what was going to happen. This season nothing is happening. The houseguests are too boring for me to waste 3 hours each week watching them do nothing. I skip most of the shows and go right to the comps, noms and evictions. I can watch each eposide in about 10 minutes.


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I agree with Marty and Hopsi.

I was a huge fan of Angie, Brian and Steven. When they left, it became really boring. I was no Libra fan, but at least she provided entertainment. It's the same stuff every week. Hoh nominates someone, tells everyone who the target is and then the herd votes them out. No real challenges or anything. I rarely watch the feeds and never watch BBAD anymore. I skim the feeds and FF through alot of the shows. If you notice, even on the LFU pages, they are mostly doubled up on days. I don't remember seeing that before. I have watched BB since the first season and this has got to be the most boring group ever. As long as Keesha doesn't win, I don't care who does. If I HAD to pick F2 out of this group, it would be Dan and Memphis. JMO

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