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  1. That's part of the game though getting people to do your dirty work, which Nicole didn't. I mean to think Jackson even flipped the vote on sending Holly out, by Jackson sneaking around, and using Tommy's offers against him. Jackson has been relentless to the point of fanatically persistent to the point of insanity to prevail. He's play out front, won the most competitions, and stuck his neck out the most. I simply cannot ignore his play hard, never give up willpower. I'm sure the Jury might even get to see his snacking which could affect his winning. Even despite that I respect his overall game. It is admirable to see someone play BB hard so consistently from beginning to end, I really do not believe Nicole put that much of herself into the game until just recently. She had to depend on others while sitting in the shadows. I cannot fully respect that, but that sort of thing has happened before.
  2. I know everybody is rooting for Nicole to win, but honestly if she ended up as final 2 with Michie, I'm not so certain she deserves it. Despite Snackson's snack slip, Jackson has played better over all game. Even if Nicole ended up next to Cliff, I'm still not certain she deserves the $500k. Nicole's been doing phenomenal these passed few weeks, but in mind it is a little too late. We shall see what the Jury thinks, but game-wise Nicole needed to have done more than let everyone else do the legwork around, and for her.
  3. I do not know. Most people learn based on what has stimulated their curiosity and provoked them to learn more. She's probably heard of it, but never given it thought. Given her personality she seems only interested in what relates to her. She sees herself as some sort of spiritual guide, as if this world is only present to suit her needs. She's evil using people's weakness to her advantage, using others insecurities, and distrust to reinforce her ego. Definitely the kind of person I'd NEVER want to be around - rotten, shallow, narrow-minded, stubborn, and self-centered.
  4. I'm actually wondering what Christie's reaction will be when the game is over, and she discovers how much of an overwhelming majority hate/dislike her as a person. Will she have to be put on suicide watch? I'm not joking. She seems as if the kind of person that thrives on what other people think of her. I seriously question if she is stable enough a person to deal with an overwhelming fame of being disliked.
  5. I wish that were true, but I believe this group is simply over-reactionary to anything that happens. Nick had already been talking heavy game with each person (making them nervous), and when he blew up all that Christie had to do was relax, sit back , chill and let Nick demonstrate how he overreacts, and cannot think straight when he gets mad. Christie seems to handle confrontation quite well. Oddly she handles confrontations better than anything else, including keeping her pity-pot "poor poor me, I'm losing" waste of camera facetime under control.
  6. Regardless of his past, Mich is the only person in the house with a brain to play the game other than Christie. The entire house made the DUMBEST choice ever to put sis out instead of Christie. I hope this bites them all in the ass. At least Mich is safe this week with Holly as HOH.
  7. I like Nicole, and she still could win to final 2, and maybe even the whole game, but she needs to prove that she can win competitions not just for us, or the others, but for herself. She let's Nick fill her head with nonsense, and she's not quite good at sticking up for herself. I'm starting to dislike people talking about the game non-stop as if it's still week 2 or 3. People who do not know how to relax, and want to talk game 24/7 make other people nervous. Most that talk game all of the time usually get put out fast, but Nick was lucky that there were bigger targets.
  8. Sounds like a sloppy person, much of which is not being presented to wider audience of primetime network viewing possibly for not wanting to embarrass him. Good points.
  9. Can I just say that I'm tired of watching Nick pick his nipples on screen? Literally every time I see Nick on screen other than the Network shows, he is popping pimples or something in or around his nipples. It's really irritating, and I want him out just so that I don't have to watch him pick his nipples. I think if Nick was punished with not being able to touch his chest, or nipples for 24 hours, he'd probably lose within an hour or so.
  10. Yes, again it is easy to judge others. In Big Brother, like this latest competition it's a matter of pushing yourself passed the point of endurance. He is an alpha male and that kind of force of will to push yourself can rub off as arrogance, being cocky, or intimidating. I doubt anyone can control what others like Kat thinks. Her and Christie tend to have overreacted to much throughout the game so far. His kind of game of Big Brother winning competitions is also the direct, most difficult way to maintain safety, but he has has done it so far. In BB comps staying the course, and pushing yourself is something admirable. Now, if I am to judge every person on their personal past lives, I'm certain I could dig up skeletons on anyone to make guilty by association if I wanted to, but here I'm merely judging based on his performance as a competitor, and it's been quite admirable. Now, let the white male persecution (white male hating) commence!.
  11. I completely disagree.. To have an unfair advantage, is cheating.
  12. Yes, I'm not at all happy with his night time nibbling frenzy, but other than that I believe he has played a respectable game full on, that no one else in the house has. As far as his past, life is a learning experience, and we either learn from it, or repeat the same mistakes. No one is perfect, and it is too easy to judge others. Jackson is the kind of person I'd want depend on if I had to.
  13. Jackson handled it much better, and again, I know people don't like his ego, or some of his past, but I believe people can learn from their past, he is the smartest player in there whose been the most honest, and played the game hardest. Sure, Nicole is likeable, but she hasn't done much but lose everything so far. Christie's had an unfair advantage having Tommy to cheat with, and her being put out as soon as possible would have been fair. She is VERY annoying, self-centered, selfish, arrogant, phony. I wish there had been a more fair game that revealed proof of Christie & Tommy knowing each other prior to the game. She shouldn't be there at all with Tommy, but hey cheating is being treated as if it is acceptable by production.
  14. America literally votes Christie for field trip hoping to get rid of her, and guess what? Big Brother's cheating of allowing her known houseguest outside of the house Tommy is there to save her. Thank;s BB, for proving that cheating allows cheaters an advantage. What a great message to give America? - Cheating, works. If I were any of the other houseguests to discover Christie & Tommy were given an advantage I think I'd have legitimate reason to feel cheated against.
  15. I really do not like Christie at all. She overreacts, cries too much, she's pretending to be everyone's friend, complete phony whose biggest problem is never being silent enough to realise everyone sees through her. I honestly cannot stand her, and hope she's voted out soon.
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