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August 23 & 24 - Live Feed Updates

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12:09 BBT

Jerry bashing in HOH....watching through the spyscreen......Reeney proud 'she's talked so much smak about the Colonel"...Keesha still obsessing about April...

Jerry bashing goes on....

12:11 BBT

Ollie in the kitchen...Jerry in there...saying he's going to sit "on those chairs in the living room" so he can hear them...in HOH...Ollie sits there..and listens...{not sure if he can hear} seems there is muffled talking...

Olie gets up...heads back to the kitchen where Jerry is searching through the fridge..."f em" Ollie claps..and walks back into the bedroom.....Jerry continues to tiddy up...putting chairs away...Ollie asks Jerry about "arm wrestling" and talks about grabing Dan in a grip and he couldn't get out.....Jerry what will they do if they win POV" Ollie says "I get to select" saying they "won't use it" Olie says he gets to select "no matter what"...saying "if anybody uses it" he gets to replace..tells Jerry he will take him off if he or Michele win it...saying "one of them is going home"...Jerry saying "that makes sense"......Ollie saying all his power is "the one nomination and that's you".....telling him....that...i'm "not dumb"..when he made the deal........

Ollie and Jerry are going to talk about reeney coming over after POV.....saying it would be stupid not to get rid of Memphis.....Ollie says they think the deal is done put they don't know "the third part of the deal" .........

12:23 BBT.ollie telling jerry keep playing the role...but things "are going to change up"......

Olie asks 'if they said anything bad about April"...Jerry says that they said Keesha and April were like "vinegar and oil"..Jerry says Memphis wanted her out "big time" because of the car.......

Jerry says he's not talking to them anymore..Ollie says "not to mention my name".....Olie says they told him he talked about him and April...Jerry says he didn't..saying he hardly talked to them......

they are talking about what Jerry saidand didn't to the other side.....Ollie if I go downn"i'm going down swinging"..."if its my time its my time"..Jerry says they need to get Memphis out..Ollie says "he's going out" saying it makes him mad that he talks like that...telling him "to trust"

olie says 'its a swing week" saying it could be " adouble elimination"......Jerry to Ollie about Dan.. "watch Dan..he did it once...what's to stop him" from screwing them over..ollie dismisses it......Jerry hoping Memphis would stay mad at him...Ollie "dan's a smooth talker"

jerry says if he goes he will work hard to control the jury to see who wins.."it will be one big screw job" to one...They're so arrogant" ...Jerry about keesha..I'm so tired of that fucking laugh" Jerry says Ollie "you and me both" {me three}

"tomorrow is Saturday...POV".......hoping "you and Michele are drawn" or "choice"....Ollie "pick me"...saying one will be there already...

Jerry telling Ollie Reeney said it was between him and Ollie...last week..jerry says "they are using her"...

{dead tired...making an early exit be back tomorrow}

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Dan in kitchen doing dishes, Michelle, Jerry Renny in BR, Michelle said something about no more grave yard, that she was sick of it

Cam1 on Jery whispering to Ollie cant understand...Ollie hiding under covers, jerry alone in bed and Michelle now along in bath..Jerry back to Ollie talking to ollie...

Keesha plucking eyebrows in BR with Michelle, Renny walked to BR past Ollie who said behind back WHOOORA..

BB calls Dan to diary. When Keesha questions why, Michelle says "he's not the host" Michelle still doing hair and the 2 talking about the curling iron.

(I suspect names have been pulled for Veto, but don't know who yet.)

10:50 BBT Memphis enters 50 room, but no talk outta Ollie, Memphis leaves burps nicely to camera in hallway and goes to BR area with K & M. No one talking.

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Jerry was just explaining to Ollie why he picked Michelle to play and not Ollie. Dan owes Ollie, but he might not owe Michelle, so it would be best in Jerry's mind for Michelle to win and take him off than it would be for Ollie.

Ollie says, "I was just wanting to play". So Ollie is the only one NOT playing in POV.

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10:57amBBT Ollie shaving his head & beard(looks like Mr. Softy, I ce Cream Man), Michelle checkin hair, Memphis in shower, Keesha checkin her eyes

11:05amBBT No1 has sai a word to each other in past 10 minutes

11:06amBBT Ollie called 2 DR

11:06amBBT FOTH

11:06amBBT Renny puttin wakeup on, Ollie shaving, memphis walk by, Michelle walks by. Still No1 is speaking to each other

11:08amBT ollie & Renny next to each other in mirro no speaking yet!

11:09amBBT Renny leaves BR, Ollie still shaving no speaking yet, Jerry exits BR, washs hands, Ollie to BR

11:10amBBT Jerry combing hair

11:11amBBT Jerry lays down on sofa in Sauna Room, Other 2 feeds on BR room waiting for Ollie, all is still quiet in house

11:12amBBT Memhis combing hair nex to Ollie washing hands, they say nothing 2 each other

11:12amBBT All 4 feeds on Jerry laying on Sofa

11:13amBBT Dan enters Suansa room asks him about when POV will start. Jerry says in a few minutes as Ollie is i DR(yes they talk)

11:14amBBT Dan leaves Suana Room, all 4 feeds on jerry(this is sooo exciting)

11:15amBBT Jerry picks nose

11:16amBBT Jerry stares into space, camera zooms in on his face

11:18amBBT Ollie puts lotion on face

11:19amBBT FOTH

11:20amBBT Keesha & Renny quietlu=y talkin in 70s room, Renny lays back, Keesha puts stuff on face

11:21amBBT Michelle pickin lint of her shirt(i cant handle this excitment)

1:22amBBT Micheele pickin lint, sittin next to Memphis eating

11:23amBBT Keesha & Dan wonderin gwhat is being built in BY, dan leaves bathroom goes 2 SRR

11:24amBT memphis rubs face, Michelle plays with fingers

11:25amBBT Dan eats a banana, memphis to Sauna. Rnny & Keesha & memphis make short talk in 70s room

11:26amBBT Renny clears throut

11:27amBBT FOTH

11:28amBBT Memphis,Keesha, & Renny think how long till POV, what will they wear, long long will it be....FOTH

11:28amBBT Dan 2 DR

11:29amBBT memphi ssays "it Saturday." keesha & Renny talk about how to fold a Banada, Memphis shhows her

11:30amBBT Keesha & Renny compare Legs & Wrists, memphis gives his thoughts

11:32amBBT Renny tries to help Bandana on, Keesha puts it on her own. Memphis says she looks like a pirate Renny laughs

11:33amBBT Dan holding HOH key, Renny tells Story about a gorgous powerful girl named Keesha, Keesha smiles

11:34amBBT dan goe sto HOH room and layss down, memphi stells Kessha/Renny he has gay friends

11:35amBBT Dan reads letter from Monica, Keesha says JJ probaly broke up with her. Renny says "So what." Memphis laughs

11:36amBBT Renny says Keesha u just can t be alone, u can stays with me. Keesha talks about living here

11:37amBBT Memphis "Keesha, hes not gonna break up on u." Renny "Break up."

11:8amBBT Ollie talks to Dan in HOH talkin about his game plan

11:38amBBT Olie asks if he will use POV, Dan says yes, as thi sis my game.

11:39amBBT Keesha worries JJ broke up with her for cuddling with Steven. Memphis & renny reassure JJ, hes th elucky1.

upstairs Ollie s worried, and is bashing Keesha

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11:40amBBT Ollie says Keesha makes deals with every1, I dont want her saved. an asks him about Keesha's deal with Jerry, that Ollie says they have. Ollie says its no seactry, Keesha makes deals with every1. It bugs me to see ppl blinded by her. Dan says "dont shit in my hand." Ollie says he shold talk to jerry. Ollie says he shold be more aware of who your friends are. FOTH

11:45amBBT Rnny hugs a cryin Keesha, who thinks JJ has broken up with her

Upstirs Ollie still baskhing Keesha

dan says hes not puttin Keesha up, Olllie says he NEVER told any1 about him & Dan's deal. FOTH

11:46amBBTR ollie swaers no1 knows, Ollie askin him what if Michelle wins and saves Jerry. Dan & ollie say they "trust" each other

11:49amBBT Ollie leaves HOH, Michelle eating alone. In 70s room Renny,Keesha, & Memphis talk about JJ & Steven thn how long till POV

11:51amBBT Ollie says to Jerry, dan sacred of us. Jerry says "tell him where shavehis ass." Jerry talk sabout Jury, he wont win, if he cross it us, he tells Ollie to tell dan

11:53amBBT FOTZ

11:56amBBT Olie tells Michelle what Dan told him. and says "Dont tell any1, only me,U,Dan, & Jerry know." Jerry 2 DR.

Ollie tells Michelle were good unless Renny wins

12:02pmBBT Michelle & Ollie say the other group is 2 dumb, 2 know what their doing

12:06pmBBT Michelle talks about BB7 Howie yellin at Georfe about keepin his word

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11:47 BBT

Ollie and Michelle talking and Michelle says that Keesha is another plant in the house. (I guess along with Dan) She said she lives 5 minutes from the house and she never had a picture of her supposed boyfriend in the house.

Michelle told Ollie is anyone comes in the room to start talking about April and Libra.

12:00 BBT

Ollie made a comment for the second time that April is probably lost up Libra's nostril.

Jerry walks in the room and just small talk about the past seasons and season 7. Michelle is just talking about Howie fighting with Chicken George in the jury house.

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4:10 BBT Feeds back - sounds like Memphis won POV

Michelle is talking to Ollie in bedroom ... afraid she's going up but Ollie is telling her she's safe. Ollie wants to make sure Keesha goes and he wants to make sure Dan knows Michelle and Ollie are "part of the deal".

They were flying on something in the POV ...

Fish on cam one but we can hear Dan and Memphis in HOH ... Memphis thought Michelle had it ... but looks like Memphis won it.

Dan telling Mem that Ollie said "we're still on the same page, right?"

Memphis almost "let Keesha have it" cuz she could use it on him and protect her too but guess he didn't. There was some kind of puzzle involved and Dan dropped one peice of his puzzle.

Sounds like Dan is going to back out of the back part of the deal and put Michelle up after veto ceremony.

Dan trying to figure out what he's going to say to Ollie.

Dan saying he wants to tell about the deal with Ollie at POV ceremony....Memphis says he doesnt think BB will let him do it like that....plus not a good idea to rub Ollie's face in the fact that he's backing out of that part.

Dan said he would have trusted Keesha like 90% to use the veto.

Memphis says we are gonna have to win HOH next week cuz if Ollie wins we're screwed. Memphis wants to know what they are going to do about Jerry...

Memphis wants to say something to Jerry but afraid Jerry will go to K and R ... they think its not worth messing with - just wait and see if Jerry wins and then deal with it. They want to convince him to put Ollie up. Memphis thinks its best that they ALL come up and talk to him just before nominations.

Dan wondering why Jerry didn't pick Ollie for POV - Jerry told Dan cuz Michelle had more experience. Keesha surprised Dan with how well she did.

Boys going over why its best to get rid of Michelle this week ... she's a loose canon and Memphis doesn't want to deal with her bitchiness. Dan is saying "I know I had an enemy in Jerry but Ollie is gonna be like a thousand times worse".

When Jerry comes up to Memphis Memphis wants to remind him of all he's done for him "incase" he wins HOH (these guys don't realized its double evicition and they are thinking if Jerry wins HOH they will have time to talk to him before nominations). Memphis wishes Michelle had calmed down this week cuz he would have rathered Dan Memphis Keesha Michelle as final 4.

If its Dan Memphis Jerry at the end there is NO Fin way Memphis is picking Jerry. Dan says no matter who is left he's picking Memphis. Dan would be happy with 50 g ... thinks its going to come down to speeches for him and memphis in the end.

Memphis wants to make sure they finalize the deal with Keesha and Renny for final 4 cuz if R gets HOH she might put up him and Jerry.

Dan thinks Michelle doesn't know about 3rd part of deal ... Memphis saying maybe just maybe it might be better for Dan to get rid of Ollie for Dan.

4:30 BBT - Keesha joins boys in HOH ... she says she knew she could beat Michelle cuz she's lighter than her and cuz she's good at puzzles. Michelle supposedly said she dropped 2 peices (Dan says this isn't true - she didn't drop any peices). Keesha says she always has exuses.

Dan says Ollie pulled him in the storage room ... Dan letting Keesha in on 3rd part of deal - sort of - he tells her that 3rd part was that if someone came down Renny went up.

Renny joins HOH crew - tells them Michelle is slamming everything downstairs. Keesha says when M rang the bell Michelle had nothing on the board. They all agree it was a cool competition.

Memphis says they gotta have a luxury comp soon ... a little Jerry bashing now ... he's rude ... changes players every week ... thinks he's going home this week....it sucks he has to be here another week.

4:40PM BBT: They say Michelle screwed up by choosing the wrong side....Michelle wanted Keesha out - that was her mistake. Memphis says he tried to warn her she was fing up.

Renny says Jerry can not make it to the end "they will give him the money" ... Dan says he wouldn't vote for him . Keesha says "depends on how dirty you've done"

They are talking about trying to take the money from Jerry - Memphis should take the $ ...then vote Jerry out anyway. (they are joking)

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4:50PM BBT: Dan, Keesha, Renny and Memphis are in the HoH talking. Memphis wants to get rid of Jerry and so does everyone else, but they know they can't just yet. Renny says, "He's like a bad warden, you can't get rid of him." (hahah)

5:00PM BBT: Dan telling REnny and Keesha that there was a 3rd part of the deal, but he's not going to tell them. Renny doesn't understand, but Keesha says that the 3rd part was for Dan to nominate one of us. Dan says that the 3rd part he will not keep, and if Keesha or Renny hear anything about it, just act surprised. Dan SAYS, "He's going to be pissed." Renny says she has Dan's back.

Dan is also saying the four grand deal has to happen before POV ceremony Monday. (The plan is for them to convince jerry to give Memphis $4,000 and four the four of them to split and take $1,000 each.) Keesha leaves, Memphis leaves. Renny takes some cheeze-its so it looks like she's staying with Dan.

Dan continues to explain what happened to Renny. He turns on the spy screen to see if anyone comes while he's talking. Dan is trying to make Renny figure out what the deal is. Renny says that it was to nominate one person Ollie wanted and not nominate Michelle. Dan asks, "What is the last possible thing he can do?" Renny, "Say who to put up." Dan says that Ollie hasn't come to him with a replacement yet. Renny says, "If he thought you would go through with that, he's crazy."

Now they're talking about the $4,000 deal again. Renny thinks Memphis would keep it for himself, but Dan disagrees.

5:10PM BBT: Dan and Renny are saying that Michelle always has an excuse when she loses. First it was the vine caught on her foot at the HOH. And then they said that she said she dropped two pieces at the POV competition when she lost.

Now they're just talking about Memphis flying through the competition, getting rid of Jerry next week, and just other game talk about how both of them are loyal to the trio.

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Dan and Renny still talking and she brought up maybe Memphis giving up the car to stay then says he'd never do it.

Renny says when this goes down, crap will be flying. Dan once again says they will hear stuff because he is going to let Ollie continue to believe the 'deal' is still on but they aren't to believe him .. if they hear anything they need to come to him so he can explain what is going on.

He wants Ollie to believe till the last minute Dan will keep his word.

Dan says he will be watching Memphis and Michele and they need to keep an eye on them too. There are still some doubts whether Michele and Memphis have an alliance and that he might vote Jerry out instead. They think he is with them but they need to make sure.

5:15PM BBT: They left HOH so Renny can do some cooking. Dan, Renny and Memphis are now in the kitchen and no game talk.

Earlier Memphis told Keesha he had hoped she could be in the final 4 (he told Dan the same but excluded Renny and put Michele in her place because he doesn't trust Renny) with Keesha it was Renny, Michele her and Memphis. (note: from other conversations I think at this point Dan can trust Memphis, but maybe he wants to put doubts in Keesha and Renny's minds so they would vote Memphis out over him in the future ...Chairo)

The three still in the kitchen, Keesha doing her hair ... haven't seen Michele, Ollie or Jerry for awhile

An exciting evening in the BB house ... Jerry is sleeping, Dan gathering laundry, Memphis cleaning refrigerator, Keesha wondering, Renny cooking and still no sign of Michele or Ollie

5:30PM BBT: I'm out for now, the only exciting thing going on is Dan smelling the arm pits on his shirts to see if they are dirty. No game talk at all

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Ollie just went up to HOH and rang the bell and didn't get an answer. He sat on the couch by the chess game for about 5 mins then just tried to knock and ring the bell, with no answer. He then went downstairs. He's now laying with the pillows over his face in the spa room. Michelle's walking around the house. Renny's in the kitchen and Keesha just came out of her room. No talking going on at all.

5:55 BBT

Keesha just called to the DR. Memphis in the 80's room where Jerry is laying on his bed. Renny's cooking dinner, Michelle's on her bed, Ollie's still covered in the spa room and I think Dan's in HOH room. Renny asked to change mircophones in the SR. Still no talking going on.

6:00 BBT

Dan's now downstairs in the bathroom.

6:05 BBT

Jerry passes by Michelle on his way to the ktichen. Tells her they need to make sure he stays this week. Michelle says she might be going up next to him. He says they need to work on Dan, that he's the only one that can help. Memphis now wondering around in the BY. Dan asks Renny if he can help with dinner.

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6:20PM BBT: Jerry just got up and walked past Michele and told her it was important for them to work to keep him. She says she may be going up and Jerry tells her they need to work on Dan

They finally opened the backyard and Memphis is out walking around. Dan in the kitchen helping Renny. Last seen Keesha was doing her makeup

Memphis now in the kitchen with Renny and Dan and Jerry walking around in the backyard. Jerry now laying outside ... it would seem he believes he will be going home ... has a very serious and thoughtful look. Memphis went back outside. Jerry sort of looked at him a few seconds but no talking between them

Dan is staying very busy in the kitchen. Cleaning the table etc. One might think he is trying to avoid being alone. He just asked if Keesha is doing her makeup and Renny asks what else she'd be doing and Dan says maybe she went to a show with her friends .. to see Batman

Renny says she is expecting the trouble to start. Michele now in the kitchen. Switched feeds to backyard and Jerry said something about HE will win the big money (think referring to Memphis) Memphis just says it's a crazy game and walks away and for some reason we get the fish.

Memphis trying to cut a lemon to go on the fish with what appears to be a very dull kitchen knife .. they don't look pretty but he got it done.

Memphis being lazy on the couch .. Dan goes to join him and asks Renny if she need help with anything else and gets pleasant "no" then asks Michele the same questions and she ignores him till he repeats it and then gets a not so pleasant "nope"

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6:40 PM BBT It's supper time at the BB house. Seems they are eating what looks like salmon and fried zucchini, amongst other things. Keesha decides not to eat with everyone else again. Memphis says "America is going to think you never eat" (Oh Please!! Probably full from all the cookies she shoved in her mouth in the storage room-FTB1974)

After dinner everyone cleans up except Memphis who goes outside to fold some laundry and Keesha who is laying on the backyard sofa.

6:55 PM BBT Memphis has joined Keesha on the sofa in the backyard. They are saying that if either of them or Renny win HoH next week, then they will control the votes again. They are sure both of their parents are freaking out right now.

Feeds 1 and 2 show close up of Jerry in his whitey tighties.

7:00 PM BBT Memphis and Keesha start Michelle bashing. They discuss her changing attitudes and that she dug her own grave. Memphis "I don't care if you are on the rag or not, you don't act like that". Talk goes to P.O.V. and how scared Memphis was. Memphis says he was more comfortable when Keesha stepped forward (must be relating to moving forward or backwards during the comp) and that the comps have been getting crazy. They are both thankful this comp wasn't painful. Renny joins them outside and it seems that Keesha almost won the POV.

7:10 PM BBT Michelle and Ollie are in the kitchen. It seems they are preparing for Michelle to approach Dan. Michelle is to tell him that he can't trust Keesha. They plan are calling her out for all of her promises and alliances. She is to tell him that Keesha has promised goig to the end with Ollie, Jerry, Memphis, and Renny. Ollie says he's nervous that Dan is going to backdoor him.

Meanwhile, more talk in the backyard about Memphis wanting Jerry out of the house. He says he wanted that since week 1 but some people in the house (looking towards Keesha and Renny) voted him HoH. He now discusses that someone in the house will win America's Choice and that it definately won't be April or Libra. They assume it will be by vote over the internet.

7:25 PM BBT Michelle and Ollie still preparing Michelle for her future talk to Dan. She is going to tell Dan that he is Keesha's target because she's already promised not to put everyone else up. "She said she wasn't going to put me up. She said she wasn't putting up Ollie. She said she wasn't going to put up Renny or Memphis, who's left?"

7:35 PM BBT Jerry has joined the conversation and they are now discussing what they will say if they leave. It seems Jerry and Michelle are planning on making it a dramatic exit if it's one of them that leaves. Michelle is planning on telling Keesha she hopes her 5 alliances work out for her. Jerry is going to call everyone out on all their lies (like he hasn't told any-FTB1974)

Meanwhile, It's a bashfest in the BY with Memphis, Keesha, and Renny and no one is exempt, not even past HGs.

7:50PM BBT Ollie and Dan go to HoH. Ollie officially tells Dan that when Memphis uses POV he expects Dan to nominate Keesha. He reminds Dan that he promised on Monica and his family and that he expects Dan to honor his part of the agreement. Dan asks what about Renny? Ollie says he has no interest in Renny going up. Renny is not an issue with Ollie. Ollie says if he fails to put up Keesha, then Ollie wants something else in return. If he can't put Keesha up then he expects Dan to boot Jerry if there is a tie. Dan says he is going to try to talk to Memphis about not using the veto and that he wants to think on it some more. Ollie says if everything goes as planned, he will have 3 people not going after him next week versus 2 of the others with Dan being unable to compete in HoH. Dan keeps saying that he just wants to think about it.

8:15 PM BBT FotH No idea why.

8:25 PM BBT Still fishies, and one of them is getting real friendly with the camera.

8:28 PM BBT I think they were just informed of the phone call. Feeds come back with Michelle crying "I'm just glad someone gets to get it." Dan is in the BY with Memphis now and is discussing how they are going to air the phone call for TV so we get FotH again. The winner of the call has not yet been revealed.

8:30 PM BBT HGs are discussing how BB likes to keep them in suspense.

8:43 PM BBT Ollie is in the sauna room with Michelle telling all the details about his "blockbuster deal" while swinging during the comp. He tells her that Dan first offered him safety. Then, he offered him and someone else safety. He then offered Ollie the replacement nom. He says "how about all 3" and he tells Michelle that he was joking and was very surprised when Dan agreed. He then repeated it to him and when Dan said done, that is when he fell. Then he tells Michelle all the details about his last conversation with Dan about Keesha being the POV replacement. Ollie says he wants to talk to Dan again tonight and then Ollie leaves.

8:52 PM BBT Jerry is teary eyed too thinking about the chance for a phone call. Ollie stops by to check on him.

8:55 PM BBT Dan and Memphis start playing chess. Jerry, Renny, and Olllie have joined Michelle in spa again to discuss the call some more. They expect the call to be tomorrow because it's either 11PM or midnight already for some of the families of the HGs. Michelle recalls during BB3 that all HGs name were on the screen under the America's Choice and that one at a time a name is removed leaving only the name of the winner. Michelle thinks because their names were not on the screen (as has been seen on previous America's Choice) that all of them may be getting a phone call. (wishful thinking)

9:00 PM BBT Keesha, Renny, and Michelle are hoping for a liquor delivery. They head to the storage room door but can't get in. They compare it to knocking on someone's door and you know they are in there but won't answer the door. Michelle tries google eyeing the camera.

Meanwhile, Ollie is with Jerry and reminds him in a whisper that if he talks to Dan, he cannot in any way, shape, or form let Dan know he is informed of the Dan/Ollie compromise or it will be a deal breaker.

9:12 PM BBT Keesha and Michelle with ears to the storage room door. After walking away, Keesha thinks she hears a bang in the storage room and goes to investigate. BB delivers, 6 beers and one bottle of wine. Michelle baby talks "we wuvvvv you big bwuvver"

I'm out for the night.

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10:00PM BBT: Michelle and Keesha were trying to get in the storage room for alcohol. BB wouldn't let them in yet though. Michelle said she had been giving her sad eyes to the camera.

They finally got the booze!! Six beers and a bottle of wine! They were so excited! Michelle and Keesha went outside, joined by Jerry and Michelle and Jerry are playing pool.

Right before this, Jerry and Ollie were in the storage room and Ollie told Jerry to not to tell anyone that he knows about the third part of the deal. If anyone asks him, he is to say he doesn't know anything about it.

Memphis and Dan are upstairs playing chess... not any game play being spoken.

10:05PM BBT: Memis and Dan are finished with their chess game and are in the kitchen with Keesha and Renny. The boys decide to play some beer bong ad want Renny and Keesha to join them. Dan is asking Renny to 'be his mother and make sure he gets to his room cause that Sprite might get him'.

10:10 BBT

Ollie has joined Michelle at the pool table and they are discussing game play. They are getting fired up with their talk. They are anticipating Dan 'slipping in' something about 'the deal'. Ollie said, jokingly, that he would get up there and say something during the POV meeting.

Dan and Memphis in kitchen playing beer pong while Renny cleans on the kitchen and Keesha watches the guys play.

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10:09 BBT

Ollie and Michelle are playing Pool. They are saying Dan will have to deal with Hell if one of them goes up.

Everyone else is playing beer pong (not sure if they are using beer)

Jerry is not in sight

10:12 PM BBT

Jerry is in the DR room. He has been in there for a while - "maybe the longest" - could it be that America voted for a phone call from his family?

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