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  1. It wouldn't be summer without Marty, UVP, Slowpoke, Dade and Braves scores from Fuskie. Random facts, I started watching BB as an undergrad because the only channel we got on our TV was CBS. Since then I've completed grad school, moved across the country twice, changed Jobs 3 times, gotten married and had 2 kids. All under Dade's watchful eye lol.
  2. I'd guess a realtor or landscaper and a nurse or doctor if my pair theory is correct probably one from past seasons.
  3. http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/photos/1004298/meet-the-new-cast-of-big-brother-/ Looks like there may be pairs to me. Jace/ Personal Trainer Austin/ Professional Wrestler Becky/ Retail Manager James/ Retail Associate Meg/ Server Jason/ Cashier Audrey/ Digital Media Consultant Liz/ Marketing Coordinator Da'Vonne/ Poker Dealer Vanessa/ Poker Player John/ Dentist ?? Shelli/ Interior Design ??
  4. http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/photos/1004298/meet-the-new-cast-of-big-brother-/
  5. Caleb seems nice so far. It'll be interesting to see more of him. Colton is still a drama llama.
  6. They may cover the bills for the baby now but there is more to this. There's potential to need therapy long term (developmental and growth delays) and many insurance caps that at a specific # of visits a year (I get 50 per year for my son and I have a good plan). There's also the need for support for Britney and her husband, they will probably need therapy of some sort to deal with this. Plus an infant in the hospital is tough. I have a friend that didn't go grocery shopping for 129 days because she was afraid of losing that time with her infant. I'm not saying St. Jude isn't great. I donate there as well. I just don't think you should tell people where their money "should" go. People should feel free to give to whatever causes they would like.
  7. There are still lots of other costs aside from medical like extra time off work, extra precautions at home (cleaning etc), etc.. Kids shouldn't get cancer. It makes me so sad.
  8. Thank you to all the LFU/TFU. I know it's a hard job especially with the terrible music.
  9. Why isn't anyone upset Boogie left his baby? I'm not even I huge Jani fan but I hate the double standard.
  10. I'm back! I got a 8 month old to chase this year so it'll be more interesting to find the time than in years past but I'll be around especially in chat in the evenings (maybe I'll sleep in chat less this year lol). This will be my 11th season.. wow.
  11. I did, seems like they are just trying to set up drama for the season. It's not about photos yet (if it will be).
  12. A big thanks to the man behind the curtain! (this is how I picture Morty)
  13. Noon BBT Hoh lockdown, everyone is sleeping or looks bored to death.
  14. 2:00 BBT Jordan and Rachel go at it. Jordan is pissed about babysitting Rachel and saying they will not vote for Brendon to stay if everyone isn't. J/J can't make enemies of Dani and Shelly. Rachel Rachel: I don't understand why you are pissed at me. If the entire house was against you, we'd still vote for you to stay. Jeff: What would it do if we did vote for him? Rachel: Nothing but if you have our backs, *yadda yadda* Jeff: We had your back, we took shifts watching you. I don't understand where the attitude is coming from. Rachel interrupted. Brendon shuts her up. Everyone talking at once. Jeff: You've never throw us under the bus or say you said anything bad about me? Brendon: I asked Shelly if she had cut a deal with Dani Jeff: That's not what I'm talking about. I find it hard to believe you'd vote for us for no reason. Jeff: Like I told you last time, leave classy. Rachel: I don't know who's feeding you this. I told you exactly what I said about Jordan when she's up. Jordan: We worked our butts off every day to keep you Rachel, we didn't tell you to protect you. Jeff: You make it seem like we owe you something, but we got you back together and we're fighting about something that's meaningless. We can't keep him. Nothing will change if we vote for him. Jeff: All you want to see is what's good for Brendon and Rachel. We worked for you last week Rachel. Rachel: because my FIANCE was leaving this house for 6 [did you hear that 6!!] whole weeks. Discussion on body language and communication issues. [Nut Note: eating soup and updating is hard] 2:11 BBT WBRB

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