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  1. I hope that the recycled houseguest teams up with James, Meg, Steve, and Vanessa and take the Austwins out ! ! They are really stupid if anyone but one of those 3 goes next week. Just hope that Aus or Jul do not win HOH. Would love to see Liz go first and see how those 2 hold up. Season is so boring with no blindsides on eviction night, and everyone getting along. Need a season with peeps that have no clue about Big Brother. Austin and Liz really make me gag--He is nasty ! !
  2. 4:29p BBTJames won POV, Becky won 5k, Clay won a trip for 2 to Ireland, Shelli won some kind of Knight thing that she must do 2400 times Vanessa is going to be chained to someone--not sure yet.
  3. Thank you, Jedi. Guess time stands still for me--lol. Had no idea it has been that many years ! !
  4. Isn't it time for predictions of cast members, how many, sex, age, where from ? I have this feeling the regulars in here might be a little unmotivated this season. We know you don't get paid, but we enjoy it, and appreciate it anyways. I am not sure how it works, or would post it. Time to get amped up ! ! !
  5. 1 thru 10-- I am at 8---I am so bored of summer TV already. I for one, cannot wait for the fun to begin. Hope is all new people. Different ages. No actor wannabes. Smart and not-so-smart, and a little BB knowledgeable. In other words, I am not real particular on the cast, just ready for it to start.
  6. Can someone help me with the above pic-- ?, ?, Michelle, Lawon, Gina Marie, Devon, ?, McRae. Thanks
  7. I read on another site that Ariana switched up with 10 hours to vote and asked that they vote for Zach, not Frankie. I don't follow her, so can't verify if legit. I put in all my votes for Zach. Hope he gets it, or Donnie, either one...JUST not Frankie.
  8. They could have just eliminated Team America from eligibility for AFP all together. They got some money already. It would be unfair to Donnie, but like I said, he got some $$ already.
  9. Derrick won HOH ! ! Confirmed - #1 Dad in HOH basket. (Camera 3 11:54) Unconfirmed--Caleb and Victoria nominated. They were getting ready for veto at the time of the leak.
  10. Should eliminate Team America and final two. Even thought that hurts Donny, it would eliminate Frankie ! ! ZACH all the way.
  11. I hope that when the voting opens for America's Favorite Player, that CBS announces that Team America, and the final 2 are not eligible. That would allow someone else to make a little money and would guarantee Frankie does not get the money. I know it would exclude Donnie, but he's gonna be just fine. He got some TA money, Bold and Beautiful appearance, and stipend.
  12. More production manipulation going on. Seems they are working on Derrick to keep Frankie. Told them that if Derrick and Frankie are final 2 ( Team America), that there will be a 50k bonus to the winner. ($550k) Hope this does not change Derrick's mind about getting him out. I really want to watch Frankie get evicted. I hate it when they try to keep someone in there that we clearly do not like. He has gotten some really good edits. All will be a moot point if he wins VETO. Then Victoria will be gone and the boys move on. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  13. The problem is that when a girl claims sexual harassment, it is acceptable, but when a guy claims SH, and it is because of another man, it is called homophobic, and if because of a woman he is called an idiot. Frankie realized that at the beginning. These HGs all saw last season and were warned against any homophobic or racial remarks. He is absolutely disgusting, and his family should be embarrassed, even though they would never admit that. I wish Cody and Derrick had tried a little harder to convince Caleb to keep Nichol.
  14. Should make this (AFP) a jury award for the most comps by a jury member. Popularity contests have never been a priority for me. Should have to win some comps and not just coast.
  15. I wish Caleb had the huevos to put Frankie up when Christine takes herself down. I can only hope that Derrick and Christine can convince Caleb that it is his idea to do it. Frankie needs to go ! ! He is a pathetic example of a human being--gay or str8.
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