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August 23 & 24 - Live Feed Updates

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2:00pm BBT

Dan and Renny discussing love. Renny saying that "it's a feeling like no other." She adds, [without trying to be funny], "Everyone should experience it, especially with someone else." [Yep - someone else would help. Yogi Berra couldn't have said it better. - jimmie]

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4:15PM BBT: Ollie, Jerry and Michelle in backyard grousing over the fact that Dan and Memphis have been hanging out together all day. They are still under the misimpression that the others are unaware of Ollie & Dan's deal to have Ollie pick a replacement nominee.

4:20PM BBT: Dan called to DR.

4:45PM BBT: Ollie called to DR.

4:50PM BBT: Dan alone in HOH bed reading his letter. He returns it to its envelope, and it appears that he's sniffing it. He puts away the letter and puts on the headset. His CD is by Weezer.

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Jerry and Michelle are out back, Renny Memphis, Keesha and ollie are in the kitchen talking about the same thing but different versions.

Keesha is mad a Jerry. They got in a fight about past stuff. Keesha says she called him out. ''Jerry thinks that America loves him because he got the phone call. but america, he is not a nice person. He (jerry) says that he doesnt lie.''

Jerry telling Michelle '' I can leave her a man but she wont leave hear a lady. she has such a mouth on her. She isnt a lady. She is a has been.''

Renny ollie and Memphis agree that american has no idea who jerry is if they (us) gave him a phone call. "he is not nice. He is a mean old man''

Keesha '' All he kept screaming was 'your not listening, kids today dont listen'. ''

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6:45PM BBT: While Renny is alone in the kitchen preparing dinner for everyone, Ollie, Jerry, Michelle, Memphis, and Keesha on BY couch talking about Survivior's first winner Richard Hatch not paying his taxes on his winnings. Memphis goes into the kitchen and sits quietly while Renny continues frying. Jerry says something about Keesha having lied, and Keesha leaves in a huff and goes into the kitchen, followed by Ollie. Keesha then disturbs the peace and quiet by loudly complaining about Jerry accusing her of being a liar. Simultaneously outside, Jerry and Michelle are bashing Keesha.

6:50PM BBT: Ollie sits his rump upon the kitchen counter next to the sink, directly where Renny had been preparing food.

6:55PM BBT: While Keesha continues bitching up a storm in the kitchen drawing Renny into the fray, Memphis goes upstairs to HOH and fills in Dan on the latest he-said/she-said diatribes.

7:10PM BBT: Everyone except for Keesha is enjoying Renny's dinner in the kitchen. Keesha, having worked herself up into a total snit, is sulking outside in a hammock.

7:25PM BBT: Everyone except for Keesha still in kitchen dining. Dan finishes and announces to the group that he is inviting each of them to individually come up to talk to him. They don't have to, if they don't want. Dan requests that someone inform Keesha, and he heads up to HOH, leaving KP (Kitchen Police) duty to the others.

7:30PM BBT: Keesha still in hammock with a forlorn look, perhaps wondering why no one has bothered to come outside to console her during her time of angst.

Michelle is Dan's first customer. Dan tells her that Ollie and Dan's deal is more complex than she knows, and she should talk to Ollie to get the rest of the details. Michelle tells Dan that now he's got her nervous because she doesn't know what's going on.

7:40PM BBT: Keesha has finally come inside. Michelle finishes buttering up Dan in HOH and goes downstairs. Dan sticks his head out the HOH door and calls up Renny. She says she'll be right up.

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7:25 - 7:45PM BBT: Keesha is in the BY in the hammock. Everyone else is in the kitchen eating dinner. Just chit chat.

Renny ''if you could only bring one thing to eat on a deserted island what would it be?"

Ollie "twizzlers or chips''

Michelle ''gobstoppers''

Renny ''chips''

ollie ''and hummus?''

Renny '' ya''

silent eating. Those that are finised are rinsing their plates.

Dan ''Just so you know, I am going to call each one of you up after dinner to talk to me, to let me know what you are thinking.''

Dan goes up.

Michelle to Memphis ''so how about those mets?''

Memphis laughs, ''I dont know anything about the mets''

Michelle goes up to HOH.

Michelle'' I was surprised you called me up. So I talked to ollie, he says I am safe.

Dan'' that is what I needed to know''

Michelle is feeding the fish.

Michelle'' Am I going up tomorrow??''

Dan ''I cant tell you. Ollie has to tell you. You need to spend as much Alone time with him as possible.''

Michelle'' you guys are both freaking me out.''

Dan '' I will call him up hear so you can talk to him''

michelle '' well, can I talk to him alone before you call him up hear''

Dan'' sure''

Michelle '' I came up hear earlier but you didnt answer , I think you Were sleeping''

Dan'' that is why I told everyone to come up if they want to. I feel like everyone is watching who is coming up to talk to me''

Michelle '' YOU HAVE CHEESE ITS? can I have some."

Michelle ''I got dark today. I really wanted that phone call.''

Dan '' are you surprised he got it?''

Michelle '' I will cry if I talk about it"

Dan"I knew you really wanted it"

Michelle " I knew I didnt have a chance. Jerry is an old guy with a sick wife, Renny is a wife and mother, Keesha has a boyfriend, You have a girlfriend. I dont know what they show''

Dan '' we can go read our letter's''

Michelle'' Jerry told me he felt bad so he said my name in the phone call to make me feel better.''

(sound like everyone got to listen to the phone call in the living room)

Michelle'' It makes me feel like america hates me. How am I being perseeved? Where you feeling the same thing?"

Dan '' I tried to not read to much into it. America has a good heart. He is old and doesnt know the status of his wife's health, he has been on slop, they might have felt bad for him.''

Michelle'' yea''

Renny is now being called up to HOH as michelle leaves

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7:50PM BBT: Renny and Dan have their 'session' in HOH. Renny filling Dan in on the Jerry/Keesha fight. She says that Keesha called Jerry out on his putting women down. Tells Dan to talk to her (keesha) about it.

Contemplating what to do if who wins HOH. Dan directly asks if she'll put Ollie up if she wins HOH. Renny responds "Absolutely." Dan says he's not really blown up in this game has he? Renny says "maybe he's not a fighter, maybe he's a screamer." She says bottom line is that people are going to get angry about things but that's life, that's how the cards fell.

Renny asks Dan, "If we weren't in an alliance this trio - why would you take either Keesha or I to the final 2?" Dan says Keesha didn't put him up when things were rough in the beginning. After she didn't put him up he felt like she liked him and after he had her (Keesha) then Renny came along with that too. He trusts them and he'd rather know that it was them that stabbed him in the back if that's what it was.

Renny; "So that's your valid reason? What's your chance of winning if you took one of us?"

Dan Not really answering. He'd rather get somewhere with people he likes than people he doesn't like. When he was in the group of 7 he didn't like all 7 people. His valid reason is "Loyalty through action. That's it."

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7:42pm BBT

Michelle goes directly to Ollie and whispers the details of her meeting with Dan. Michelle says she played dumb with Dan. Michelle and Ollie do a fist-bump.

Dan with Renny in HOH. Renny asks Dan to give her a valid reason as to why Dan would take either Keesha or Renny to the end. Dan says that he's felt a connection with Keesha and Renny for awhile now. Renny questions Dan if that's really a valid reason. Renny is really trying to put Dan on the spot regarding who he would pick at the end. Dan says "loyalty through actions and people I like" are the reasons he will use to select the person to join him in Final Two.

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Meanwhile... Jerry, Michelle and Ollie are planning what Jerry should say to Dan. Jerry says, "I'm going to say Keesha attacked me. I am not going to attack her. I am going to say 'Dan you know she has made deals with everyone.''' Ollie says, "Just play dumb. Dont tell him you know what he said to Michelle.''

Dan and Renny are still talking in HOH . Jerry is in the living room with ollie waiting for his turn. Memphis is in the backyard with Keesha talking about random competition stuff.

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8:10PM BBT: Jerry's turn in HOH. He's doing exactly what he planned - saying Keesha has more deals than (missed the phrase he used). Says he's honest and truthful and that's all he's got in this game. He thinks Dan is in an alliance with 2 people toying with 2 people. He thinks Renny and Dan are pawns and now that Dan made a deal with Ollie Dan is in more trouble. He's in a situation where 2 people have been working together for a long, long time. Keesha and Memphis are in an alliance. Renny's vote is powerful etc..... Jerry is doing everything in can to convince Dan that Keesha and Memphis are in a final 2 alliance together. He tells Dan he could work 100% with 4 people who have an equal chance to get ahead instead of working to be a pawn for his alliance. His alliance is totally honest. They work together without the f-ng games.

(Jerry has no business in saying that Keesha was no lady, this man is certainly no officer nor a gentleman from all I've seen- ZuZu)

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8:35PM BBT: Ollie in HOH with Dan while Jerry in sauna room with Michelle giving her the details of his meeting with Dan. Jerry mentions Jerry, Michelle and Ollie being in an alliance, and Michelle acts like she doesn't know what alliance he's talking about.

Ollie and Dan talk about April's game play. Dan asks when Ollie knew April was going home, and Ollie says "when she told me." Dan challenges that by telling Ollie that two people told Dan that Ollie knew all along that April was going home. Ollie wants to know who's lying to Dan, and Dan says he doesn't know. Ollie attempts to exploit this perceived doubt, but it appears that Dan is playing Ollie. Ollie pumps Dan as to which person Dan wants to replace Memphis. Keesha or Renny. Dan says he has to think about it.

8:50PM BBT: Dan and Ollie still up in HOH. Ollie talking a mile a minute, behaving like he's Dan's best friend. "We got your back, man" he assures Dan. He tells Dan that he likes Dan's style, and Ollie completely loosens up by calling Dan "D". Ollie rambles on and even tells Dan that if Ollie wins next HOH, he'll nominate Keesha and Memphis.

9:00PM BBT: Ollie and Dan conclude their meeting, and Dan calls Renny up to verify something Ollie told him. Dan point blank asks Renny if Ollie told her the details of their deal. She becomes completely paranoid and evasive and ultimately, after much tap dancing, denies the accusation. Dan came close to bringing Ollie back up to confront her with it. He says he believes her. Renny is dismissed.

Dan goes into backyard for a breather and chats with Renny, Memphis and Keesha. Dan fills in some details of his meeting with Michelle.

9:10PM BBT: Keesha and Dan in HOH. Dan tells Keesha to help herself to whatever she wants while he uses the bathroom. Dan changes his shirt in bathroom while Keesha reads what is written on a box of snacks.

Keesha says that she and Michelle don't have secret conversations. Dan says, "please, please, please don't get nervous." They talk about her disgust with Jerry. She hates the way Jerry talks down to women and calls him very mean. She says it sucks because she's always sticking up for Jerry. Dan's letting her ramble. She talks about the amount of crying she does in the house. Keesha says she trusts Memphis. Keesha rags on Michelle.

9:20PM BBT: Memphis interupts Dan and Keesha. He has a couple cans of beer and puts them in Dan's fridge. Keesha asks what they got, and Memphis says four beers and a bottle of red wine. Memphis leaves, and Dan and Keesha resume their meeting. Dan tells Keesha that Ollie wants to break the tie, in the event of one. [i doubt BB will allow him two votes. - jimmie]

9:30PM BBT: Keesha is now having a happy chat with Dan. She's grinning so wide that she reveals that she missing an upper rear left molar.

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Ollie is next....

Dan asks Ollie to tell me your thoughts on Keesha.

Ollie says she was in an alliance with me early in the game. She turned against us. She made an agreement with April about taking her to the end. They made a 'pinky' agreement. She promised to have her back. That's why April was so frustrated with Keesha. Says he doesn't have too much against her aside from that. That's how she's playing the game and it might all catch up with her.

Dan now asks what Ollie thinks about Renny.

Ollie says Renny is the type of lady who found a comfort zone with Keesha and whatever Keesha says to do, she's going to do. She doesn't think she had anything against April, that it's what Keesha wanted and that's what happened. Ollie has nothing against Renny, she's been good to him. He just wants to give her the same respect back. If there's other stuff she's done he doesn't want to know about it (towards him, Ollie).

Ollie is digging to see if Dan is still with him on their deal. He's asking if the info he's receiving is living up to what he knows about Keesha. Ollie is telling Dan he didn't know what conversations happened between Dan and Michelle and April. Recounting how April got mad at him on Tuesday (?) for being optimistic and how April just knew then that it was a done deal. "It is what it is man." Ollie is trying to find out if Dan knew earlier when April was the target being voted out. Ollie just told Dan (in response to his question about who told him April was going home) that Renny told him it was a done deal.

Ollie asked "Who's lying to you man?" laughs. Dan says "That's what I'm trying to figure out." Ollie is telling Dan to bring the two conflicting parties into the room together and question them together. He says that the one who yells and screams and carries on is the guilty party. They are laughing that there may be some screaming in the house tonight. Ollie reminds Dan of how April called out Libra and Keesha how they yelled and screamed and they tried to make Jessie look like a bad guy but Ollie saw it from a neutral position and could see that it was Jessie who was telling the truth. Ollie is telling Dan that he told Michelle the 'secret' part of their deal. Ollie tells Dan that Renny asked Ollie if there was anything that was going on, if he was trying to protect Michelle the night of the nominations. He's trying to get Dan to believe that he can't trust Renny, she's too curious.

Ollie "I like your style man! I like your style. You bringing all them up." He is telling Dan that if he can get Memphis to not use the the veto he'll be Houdini. Telling Dan that his (ollie's) alliance has already agreed to get Dan's back after all this goes down by talking to him and supporting him and doing what they can while he can't compete for HOH.

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8:58PM BBT

Dan tells Ollie he's going to call Renny to the carpet on asking about the deal he has with Ollie. Tells Ollie to go downstairs while he calls Renny upstairs.

Dan has Renny in the room and asked her if she asked Ollie about their deal. She demands to know exactly what Ollie says. She clears it up for him. Dan decides to take a break and heads downstairs with Renny and sits out back with Keesha/Memphis and Renny. Trash talking starts regarding the other alliance. Renny is now saying Ollie does a lot of stuff. K says, Ollies not so innocent after all hmm? Dan shared with them the other alliance is saying "YOu'll be protected, come with us." They are saying how scared the other group is now.

I'm out for a bit. Hopefully I'm back before Dan resumes his own version of 'diary room' sessions in the HOH.

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9:30 BBT- Kee sha and Dan atill talking in HOH about Jerry's conversation with Dan and he walked into aconversation about them going to Tahoe. The true conversation was Memphis asking Keesha where he should take his girl after he gets out of there and she tells him Lake Tahoe. They are laughing that Jerry thought the worse.

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Keesha is telling the story about the fight between her and Jerry. And she said she thought that was funny because you (Jerry) went around lying.

She was wanting people to know that he had been lying.

9:40 BBT

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Ollie, Jerry and Michelle sitting in 50's room chitchatting about a whole bunch of nothing...

Keesha and Dan still in HOH talking about what Keesha thought about Dan's noms. She says she can't imagine being in the jury house with these people. Dan keeps telling her that he really needs her to not tell them what he's telling her.

Keesha sees Michelle on the screen and calls her a freaking little lush.

Keesha wants to know what Jerry said about her. He called her some kind of animal but Dan won' tell her. She can guess each day until she can guess it.

And tha's the end of their pow wow.

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9:45pm BBT

Keesha and Dan conclude their meeting, and Dan goes out to get Memphis. Memphis and Dan return to HOH and Dan tells Memphis that Dan lit a fire under Ollie and Renny. Memphis said that Renny was badmouthing Ollie after her second meeting with Dan. Dan says that there aren't a whole lot of Keesha fans in the house. Dan and Memphis begin their strategy session in earnest.

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9:52 BBT

Dan now chatting with Memphis in the HOH. They're trying to figure out who should go talk to Jerry to try to make some deal with him that he will stay- be safe, but the next week Jerry will have to put Ollie on the block. This deal needs to be made after POV and while he's still mad at Keesha.

Feeds change to Keesha an Renny....

I didn't catch the first part and couldn't figure out what they were talking about. Renny is telling Keesha about her conversation with Dan about who would be the better alliance with Renny, Keesha, and Dan. Keesha leaves to get something for Renny and the feeds change back to Dan and Memphis.

{sorry, I have to get up early so I'm out for the night}

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10:10pm BBT

Memphis and Dan still in HOH warmly chatting like a couple of old frat brothers. They jokingly revive the topic of trying to figure out how to screw Jerry out of his $4000 in gold bars.

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Memphis and Dan chatting about the Ollie/Renny discussion.

Dan tells Memphis he told Ollie he's deciding tonight if he will put Renny or Keesha up tonight. Memphis asks if Renny will freak out if Ollie tells her what Dan is said. Dan says "Who will she believe more him or me?" Dan says the he said/she said stuff is going to get worse every week. He tells Memphis that he thinks he's saved them from being put on the block together because they have made it seem as Memphis will be coming after Dan for putting him up. They are philosophizing what they will do if one of them ends up on the block next week. Who will vote what way depending on who they are up against. There's a whole lot of guess work going on there. They both agree they won't get anything out of Jerry this week. He's holding out to see how the POV goes. Dan suggested Memphis tell Jerry he'll give him $4,000 to not use the POV. Memphis (wisely) says what the f does he care if I use it or not. He then suggests they (K,R,D & M) all tell him to give them $1,000 each and they'll keep him safe. They've realized that there's no way he'll pay them for safety.

Memphis tells Dan that he should tell Ollie that he (memphis) is not mad at Dan on a personal level but he is pissed off at him on a game level and he's game for him (Dan). They just discussed some of the surprise evictions (Brian, Jessie etc) and Dan says "The common denominator there is you." They both laugh and say that this latest plan will take some of the heat off Memphis.

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10:27 BBT

Dan telling Memphis and Keesha that Michele thinks she safe and told him that its best "for him"......Memphis says let her feel safe for the next "10 hrs"...dan talking about the mayhen that will go down...saying he doesn't care as long as they don't bring "monica or my family" [fair game I think}

Memphis saying that he'll try to extort money from Jerry to get his vote even thogh he's voting to keep him anyway...Memphis saying "it would be pretty funny" to get the money off Jerry..

talking about a "movie" or Keesha says "a video...how cool would that be"....Memphis says he wants a "luxury comp"..saying BB can't go on without one...

Dan asks what the luxury comp in BBAS..asking about the "six pedestals"..Memphis tells him it had "no prize" just HOH.....Dan goes on explaining it....and Memphis goes on talking about the weight of the rock...

10:34 BBT Jerry in the sauna room with his face in the massage chair{non electrical one}

Back outdoors...

Dan Keesha and Memphis are talking about what movie they could get to see.......Dan says it would be a movie that has not been released like "Step Brothers".....Dan asks how she go onthe show.."did you send in a tape" ..Keesha saying "I'm not allowed to say" but says her way "was the craziest way"...talk turns back to the Movies and last time the movie..Memphis says they had "candy and popcorn".....

Michele comes out....but talk keeps going on about luxury comps..memphis asks about "eight"...Dan tells them they got to go on "The Power of 10"......Keesha "oh my God" when Dan says the trip lasted a couple days........Dan keeps talking about BB*...Memphis asks what CBS game show...and Dan mentions the "Japanese gameshow" {on ABC} but Memphis says "that's not CBS"

"Price is right"...is what they want to go on..

10:40 BBT Michele and Ollie playing pool

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10:42 BBT

Olie and Michele talking while playing pool..Ollie says there a lot of Lingo he doesn't use on the show.....

Back at the couch.....they are talking about game shows......actually the price is right "we love the price is right..put us on" and sings the "price is Right theme song.....FOTH...Michele "The Price is Wrong Bitch"...Dan saying "you own the rights" to the sond since BB told him to stop singing...

Talking about "The Golden Girls"...Keesha would rather meet one of the Golden Girls over Brad Pitt and Angelina.."i'm such a fan"....

Memphis talking about "Family Fued" and talk turns to "Tool time" and Dan says Memphis looks like "the oldest son"...they ask Reeny and she says "NO" he doesn't..

Dan asks about CBS gameshows..and Reeney "Jeopardy"..Dan "is that CBS"..Reeny says "they have to have a luxury thing" where people fly to "New York"..talk turn to Price is Right "Reeney..come on down" she excitedly shouts...they continue to talk about old gameshows...

10:50 BBT

Michele and Ollie playing pool talking about burnt out light bulbs...Michele goes in and tells Ollie "I'll be right back"

Reeny says ... "I think I only has 3 tablessppons of whine" opps I meant "wine"

Game show talk continues.......

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10:55 BBT

Game playing....Reeny is playing a guess who game..asking her....questions of "what she is"....they keep throwing questions like "would your job be in Vegas"..she says no to almost all their questions......Keesha final asking if she took pic and says "yes" Dan says "I figured it out...asking in this job "do you talk about yourself a lot" she tells him no...Keesha asks another question "are you in a magazine"...."yes".......Memphis asks and Reeney says "this guys all about the entertainment field" ..Mephis gets bitch saying she said she works in fron of cameras.....their {lame} game goes on trying to figure out what she does in her pretend profession.......they have figured it's a man's job {their words}....

11:03 BBT Ollie and Michele still playing pool not talking....

they are still trying to guess what Reeney does......"i have no idea what you are" an exasperated Keesha says...

Dan again "I know it"......Memphis gets it "Are you an Astronaut" Yes it is{a lot of women are astronauts..dummies}

Memphis goes in and Reeny brings up again all his "entertainment industry" questions...

Dan talking briefly about "the stuff hits the fan" after POV ceremony..saying "what are you going to do..it's the name of the game"..Memphis comes outand their Guess What I am game continues..

Reeney "are you in the entertainment field" Memphis "Yes"..LOL..

11:10 BBT..Ollie/Michele just finishing up their pool game......Michele says she going in "to put my PJs on"..

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11:15 BBT Michele in her bikini saying she's going in the sauna...Ollie says he's not going "i don't need to sweat"..Michele leaves the kitchen and gets in the sauna...Ollie comes in the room tells him Jessie told her he thought she was going to be "the biggest bitch in the house"....

They are playing "scenario"...saying "seperating myself from her as much as possible" when Michele asks what he'll do with Libra in Jury House....Michele bashes Libra {not knowing she'll be seeing her sooner and later}..saying she'll tell her to "go fuck herself"...

Ollie asks if she's been "too nice" in the game.....Michele says "yes"..and Michele says her friends are probably saying "where's michele"..{tomorrow should be good when we see the real one} saying she been "biting my tongue"...Ollie says he hasn't been "himself" either in the house ....Michele saying her family says to "lie cheat" do whatever it takes...

Ollie has gotten in the sauna....Michele says her parents will tell Libra to "go fuck herself"..saying scott{he husband} will tell her to go "fuck herself" since she talked about her 1st hubby's sex episodes.....Ollie say he babies first words will be to go fuck herself.."in baby talk"

Michele winding up...saying "aint no stopping' about going off.....Ollie saying "you just let it all out".....amd Michele "I don't think first I talk first".....saying she needs to change that about herself.....

Michele saying "if everthing works out tomorrow"..they are 5 people to get out....

11:28 BBT..Michele talking about her boozer parents "where are the fucking shots" her Dad will say.....

Outdoors they are still playing their game.....

11:29 BBT Michele and Ollie are talking in the Sauna....Ollie says he's getting out to "hop in the shower"..Michele is staying in "another twenty minutes"..{ guess to sweat out Reeney's share of wine}

Michele sitting in the sauna alone.....looking a little worried {or drunk}

11:31 BBT

Michele decides to leave the sauna and heads to the bathroom where Ollies complaing how its "taking forever" to get hot..."Burrrrrrrp" michele "oopsy doopsy" as she belches her way into the shower..

Michele admits that she drank wine and realized others were in the house who wanted some...and went to the fridge and drank the beer..."since by now someone should have drank it"......

they shower..

asking "do you think "Jerry went to bed" Ollie says yes" and OLLie says he needs to talk "to Dan one more time" tonight....

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