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August 23 & 24 - Live Feed Updates

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10:13pm BBT

Ollie and Michelle finish playing pool, and Michelle goes inside to the bathroom, while Ollie stays outside and fiddles with his laundry.

10:15pm BBT

Ollie goes inside, and Michelle joins the others playing the cup game in the kitchen. Jerry has been in DR for awhile, and Michelle "stole" [her word - not mine] Jerry's beer earlier while she was outside playing pool with Ollie. Jerry had left his unfinished beer outside when he went into DR.

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Michelle and Ollie are talking about missing April and they are missing her. They hope she's having a great time at the jury house. Talking about what a big heart she has. She gave the earrings and a shirt to Michelle from the designer clothes. They (April and Michelle) got really close in the last two weeks. After everyone screwed her over, then Michelle befriended her. She felt bad for having to vote for her but she was afraid there would be a big target on her back. Ollie and Michelle saying, Dan better do what they planned or they will be coming after him and he would rather have Renny and them come after him than Michelle and Ollie {cause they are such bad asses}


Michelle and Keesha have joined the boys in their game of beer pong...

Jerry watching from the sidelines.

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10:22pm BBT

Jerry is out of DR and enters kitchen. Everyone is still watching or playing beer pong. Memphis offers Jerry a beer, and Jerry says "no thanks" because Jerry left his beer outside. Michelle almost spits out a mouthful of her drink, when she bursts out laughing, and Jerry goes outside.

10:23pm BBT

Jerry drains what little remains in his beer can while standing outside by the pool table. He then re-enters the house and thanks Michelle for saving his beer. She eventually confesses to drinking some of it.

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10:31 BBT

Renny is called to the Diary room

"Maybe its your Renny" - Michelle

[Clarification - it is 10:30PM in the BB house - not 1:30am. Pacific Time]

10:33 PM BBT

Jerry might have gotten the call. Michelle questions him, and he seems as if he cant talk about it.

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They are discussing some mess ups by the production crew that happened during the POV comp a got reprimanded by production for talking...

Renny gets called to DR but has to get her some lipstick on.

Michelle is asking Jerry if he got the call from home. He's acting funny about it so Michelle thinks he's not telling the truth. He insists that he didn't get the call from home.

I'll let you have it jOno... enjoy!

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11:35pm BBT

Renny, Memphis and Dan in HOH. Renny has been literally begging Dan for a bag of chips for about 5 minutes. She badgers him, reminding him of various food items that she gave to him when she was HOH. Dan refuses and says she can have a bag tomorrow. He offers her Cheez-its, but she says she's sick of 'em. Renny says Dan is "aggravating".

Ollie, Keesha, Jerry and Michelle are shootin' the bull about being a part of BB10 in Ollie's bedroom.

(edited to add the following)

11:53pm BBT

In the pink bedroom, Ollie once again betrays Dan by revealing details of Ollie and Dan's "secret" POV replacement nominating deal to Jerry.

[it's now mignight BB time, and I'm going to bed.]

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12:24am BBT

All 4 feeds on Jerry and Michelle talking about old toys, etc-Ollie not in his bed, April's old bed.

Now all 4 in Hippie room-Keesha Memp, Renny taling about "if they gave everyone one vote to see who they hate the most in the house--All agree April-then Jerry, then Libra--maybe a toss up between Libra and Olie

12:36 a BBT

Ollie and Mich in pink room talking about what Ollie does. He rents and sets up portable dance floors--

Still awake in the Hippie room--Dan now in there they are talking about the phone call--ask if he got it, says doesnt know saying they will find out tomorrow--Say they are having a pool day tomorrow--Dan will give swim class, said just not allowed to work on Sundays--saying Ollie dropped out of swim class---Renny is the only pupil left--they are saying that at the beginning of the season she could not swim, and it would be cool if she was an expert at the end--Can hear them in the background from the other room, Mich is running her mouth-random stuff. They are making fun of Jerry-saying he really thought he was going to the moon, the way he held his helmet (guess something about POV). They are saying that Keesha moans in her sleep and dan wants to know if she still does that. Memp says he has not heard her. Renny says dan hits too hard with the pillows and that it is too dark in that room. Ask Dan about his CD--says its awesome. Memphis says if he wins he would have Eagles CD, Keesha U2. Dan does not know who U2 is. Talking about MTV awards-Memphis was there, said it was cool--has friend that works at MTV--hooked him up--DAn going to bed now--Renny saying that they are both (Mich and Ollie) going to pe pissed at him after Veto ceremony--Dan leaves and says he want to leave the house with no scars, may need to hide the knives again. Dan says goodnight to all and heads up to HOH. FOTH



Ollie and Mich whispering--Saying Mich asked to talk to Dan and he said he would when he gets out of DR, but it was late--Ollie saying he is getting worried. They are saying they will talk to him tomorrow--Ollie says it will be alright or there will be hell to pay--says goodnight to Michelle--now Michelle up and going to get a drink

Meanwhile back in the Hippie room-Rennie and Keesh and Memp talking and laughing-(missed beginning of convo so Im alittle lost) Memphis says he sold 2 shoes to a guy with only one leg--said they were fake Nikes--They are saying that that is not bad because you have to buy 2 shoes--the guy asked to buy just one.

Michelle heads up to HOH--talking to Dan--saying she knows Memp will use POV and she is hoping that he wont put her up--He said you need to talk to Ollie--(Michelle playing dumb) He says to talk to Ollie and she will understand more--She says she has his back and now telling Dan that he is the one of the 4 that is going to get screwed--She is saying that Keesha has an alliance with Renny--with Memphis, to the end. She said someone was in the hammock and overheard them swear final 2 and that they were going to vacation together after this--says Keesh has final 2 with Jerry, promised Mich that they would not put her up--She sd that Renny was saying that they are forming a guy alliance. Saying she pinkie swore with April to the end. Michelle says she does not know if Dan has anything with her, but to watch his back. Says Keesh promised not to put her up when Renny was HOH. Now saying that when Mich was HOH that Keesha wanted her to put up April and Ollie, or April and Dan. She asks him not to go back and say anything to them.

1:02am BBT

Says when Mich was HOH, Renny was dictating to Mich who to put up. She is jumping all over. Dan asks her that Keesha really said to put up Dan against April--She avoids answering the question. She is rambling on and on.

1:05 am BBT--still rambling on to DAn--Mich again saying she has his back--Mich saying that Jerry and Ollie will have his back too if he asks them. She asks again if she needs to talk to Ollie and he says yes, but make sure you are alone. They are saying his door will be non stop until the POV ceremony. She says that since he is a nice person and all, she just wanted to let him know whats up. Sd this game is brutal and they are making up stuff. She says they were so adamant about getting April or Ollie out because they were a couple and she says the Renny and Keesha are couple and that maybe they are throwing HOH so others have to do their dirty work. She is saying she never made deals, again, has his back (blah, blah, blah.) SAys Dan is lovable like her and no one is going to want to take either of them to the end (PUKE) cuz they could not win against them. (Dont know how DAN is not rofl) She is leaving and he says talk to Ollie tomorrow and she leaves the HOH

1:15am--Mich is repeating convo to Ollie-(hard to hear)-Taking off mics and now going to bed

DAn reading Bible in HOH--Hippie room quiet now and still, looks like they are down for the count.

Now Mich and Ollie get mics again, but still cannot hear clearly--still rehashing convo with Ollie-back to bed

1:20 AM BBT

Dan is still up, not reading anymore, but laying his head on the bible. Just put it away, turns off light, takes off mic, puts headphones on. All HGs in bed--

(out until tomorrow-Goodnight)

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9:16 bbt

We have life. Keesha says it's nice out today.

Ollie on lounge in BY with hat on.

Michelle's up and in kitchen.

BB: Dan... the BR lights must remain on during the day. Keesha snickers.

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9:20am BBT

It looks like everyone has gotten up. Ollie is outside relaxing on a lounge chair. Michelle is in the kitchen. Keesha looks outside the kitchen door and says, "It looks nice out today." Renny and Memphis drag themselves out of bed. Dan is warned that his lights must remain on during the day. Jerry waltzes into the kitchen without wearing a shirt.

9:30am BBT

Memphis, Renny and Keesha are sitting outside drinking coffee. Memphis wonders why they were told to wake up so early. Keesha says that they're supposed to be ready for something in 45 minutes, and we get a very brief FotH. Renny says that maybe it has to do with the phone call. Keesha says "we all had to get dressed for one person. That kind of sucks." Renny says, "maybe it's a luxury competition."

9:33am BBT

Jerry is alone in the kitchen (now wearing a shirt) when Dan comes downstairs. Jerry whispers to Dan that he wants to talk to him today, and Dan says, "no problem." Dan walks outside and the women greet him with a very hearty "Good Morning, Dan!"

9:40am BBT

Jerry alone in the kitchen frying an egg for breakfast.

9:45am BBT

Ollie, Keesha, Memphis and Dan on outside lounges discussing movies and celebrities.

Jerry sitting alone at kitchen counter eating his breakfast of a fried egg, a slice of buttered toast, and coffee. Renny quietly looking in the fridge for something to eat. Jerry finishes and says, "that hit the spot."

9:57am BBT

Big Brother announces an outdoor lockdown.

10:00am BBT

Big Brother reannounces the outdoor lockdown, and everyone is outside within a few minutes.

10:05am BBT

FotH (fish of the house & trivia)

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11:00 am BBT

Jerry got the phone call

Michelle answered thephone and they said "Is Jerry there" and she told them yes and then Jerry got the phone... Jerry is telling them about his family.

Michelle looks very upset. Jerry said he wanted to know if America liked him at all or if he was going to walk out and they were going to throw rotten eggs at him. Ollie "I guess that answeres your question"

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11:04 am BBT

Jerry is being very dad-like and giving advice. Sounds very emotional. He is relieved that his wife is ok and being taken care of. Got to talk to daughter, grand children. Everyone congratulates him.

11:06 am BBT

Jerry in bed crying quietly ( I think it is because he is happy), Michelle in bed pouting that she didn't get the call. Memphis, Keesha, Renny and Dan outside talking about how they are glad that he got the call, he needed it.

11:09 am BBT

Now Michelle is crying, laying in bed... (No Michelle, America doesn't love you!)... The 4 amigoes are outside in the BY talking... Jerry in bed contemplating the call he just got. Jerry looking very much at peace (hopefully it gives him a new outlook and he can improve himself). Renny is confused as to why Jerry told everyone but his wife that he loved them. Talking about how Jerry hugged everyone but Renny, how she walked up to him and he walked off.

11:12 am BBT

Michelle still boo-hooing. Dan having them guess who came and talked to her last night. They finally guessed Michelle and Dan was saying how she just wouldn't leave. Dan saying she was trying to find out what he was going to do. Dan being very tactful and not giving out too much info. They are all saying that they know Ollie sent her up there to make sure he was still going to do the deal. BB has just put them on an OD LD.

11:14 am BBT

Michelle put on her sunglasses and heads outside. Jerry heads outside. They are wondering when they are going to show the pleas for the phone call, Dan says tonight. Michelle still sniveling and says the bird is back. Renny goes inside to get her sunglasses. Dan asking Jerry more details on the call. Grand children there?

11:15 am BBT

Jerry talking about how his daughter or grandaughter is taking summer classes so that she can get through med school.


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11:25AM BBT: OD lockdown is over. Looks like everyone is in the house except for Jerry and Michelle, whom remained chatting about mundane matters on the outdoor couch.

11:30AM BBT: Memphis and Dan playing chess.

11:40AM BBT: Keesha and Renny engaged in a big whisperfest in the '60s bedroom. Keesha assures Renny that she would never screw her. Both say they couldn't have gotten this far without each other. They both agree that they must get rid of Jerry ("The Colonel") because they think he'll win the grand prize, if he's final two.

11:55AM BBT: Keesha and Renny break up their whisperfest and go downstairs. Renny says, "Where is everybody?"

Ollie and Michelle outside talking game, mostly about Jerry and Dan.

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12:00PM BBT: Keesha and Renny in bedroom talking. First Renny expressed concern that Dan keep his word. Keesha says she is sure he will but if he doesn't she will attack him and they'd have to pull her off. However she convinces Renny this part of the plan will playout as it is supposed to.

They are not quite as confident of the rest of the plan .... Renny, Keesha, Dan and Memphis in final four, but they think they are sitting real good right now. If Ollie wins next HOH he will go after Dan and Memphis .. Dan because he will have broken his word; If Memphis wins he will put up Jerry and Ollie and if Jerry wins he will put up Dan and Memphis ... they really believe they are not in anyone's sights right now and are celebrating they will make it to the final five.

They promise each other loyalty to the end.

Ollie and MIchele in backyard talking about she can admit to knowing the plan now since Dan told her to go talk to Ollie to know what was going on.

They are concerned about Jerry because he keeps saying he needs to talk to Dan. Ollie would like to know what he wants to say. Michele says Jerry is going to tell Dan he knows Keesha and Renny won't go up and Ollie says he can't say that because he isn't supposed to know

Ollie just went in and told Jerry not to say anything to Dan about Keesha and Renny because he isn't supposed to know yet. Ollie says he will tell after the POV ceremony. Jerry says okay

Dan went into the sauna room to talk to Renny and Keesha ... they tell him they are nervous and he says not to worry about it. He is hearing all kinds of things .. he leaves and Keesha says they are throwing them under the bus.

Ollie is now telling Michele what he told Jerry. He told him not to talk to Dan till after the POV and Jerry said okay but isn't sure Jerry understood.

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12:00pm (Noon) BBT

Jerry and Ollie outside by couches. Ollies advises Jerry not to talk to Dan until after POV meeting.

Michelle wearing a black string-bikini while sunbathing on lounger. She remarks to Keesha (sitting on couch) that she can see the moon, and Keesha says she saw it during the day the other day.

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12:10pm BBT

Dan walks into bedroom where Jerry is lying down. They talk about his phone call, and Jerry thinks America is the greatest country in the world; America has a sense of community. :flags_unitedstates: Dan and Jerry talk about Jerry's wife. Jerry loves her very much and says, "If she's by the sink when I walk by, I pat her on the ass. I'll say bad things just to upset her, but in the end I have no greater love." Jerry then lowers his voice and says that he doesn't want to talk to Dan until after the POV meeting. He says it twice, as if to hammer it in. [Ollie is the one that told him to wait.]

12:15pm BBT

Dan has lost the HOH key.

12:20pm BBT

Jerry finds the key outside and gives it to Dan. Dan goes upstairs and brushes his teeth.

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12:30PM BBT: Keesha and Renny in BR. Keesha asks Renny whether Renny lost someone. Renny says that she's going to whisper something in Keesha's ear, and she hopes that the mics don't pick it up. Renny leans forward and we immediately get FotH for two minutes. When we come back, we see Jerry lying in bed. Cameras then shift outside to a lonesome Ollie on the couch.

12:35PM BBT: Ollie still alone on outdoor couch while Michelle continues to sunbathe. BB: After twice announcing: "Please do not obstruct your microphone", BB announces, "Keesha, Renny, please do not obstruct your microphones", and then we get a minute's worth of FotH.

12:40PM BBT: Michelle goes inside and checks her tan line in the bathroom mirror. Dan comes in and Michelle complains that she's getting fat.

1:05PM BBT: Jerry alone in kitchen spreading peanut butter on a single slice of bread. He folds it over and takes it outside by the pool. Dan, Michelle and Memphis are in the pool, and Dan asks Jerry if it's peanut butter and jelly, and Jerry says, "No - just peanut butter." The foursome then discuss slop versus PB&J.

1:10PM BBT: Keesha on backyard couch and Michelle, Memphis, Jerry and Dan still poolside on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The excitement level increases when the poolside foursome try to name people named after states or cities. [yawn] Renny joins Keesha on couch while filing her nails.

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12:58 BBT

BB just announced that it was 440 laps in the BB pool to equal 1 mile. Memphis and Dan were swimming while Renny and Keesha looked on. Jerry has now joined them. (Will the trivia be used in the next HOH round perhaps?)

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The HG are now discussing various names that are also cities like Wrigley. Michelle talking about the twins in the commercials for wrigely's spearmint gum. They've mentioned Houston, Dallas, Marshall, Orlando, Tempe, Jerry says San Antonio, they could be named Antonio. Michelle says Montana.

1:16PM BBT

feeds switch to Renny and Keesha

They are discussing who has been on slop for how long.

(I will report back if any interesting conversations occur!)

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