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  1. Is there a link to re=watch the party? (East coaster ... I fell asleep) And if so, can anyone tell me how to find these things on Superpass? I hate to keep bothering you all, but all I seem to be able to find is articles. Thanks so much for any help you can give me.
  2. Jenn was not the only one to say it. And he DID want to bring Boogie. He tried really hard to ( a ) get Boogie separated from Frank, ( b ) get the house to vote out Frank over Boogie when they were nominated together (sadly, Frank won the veto and that became impossible) and ( c ) get the coaches to align. Dan got that his chances were slim to none against a newbie with a jury full of newbies. Sadly the Booger was immune to the mist and too stupid to realize that sitting next to Dan at the end was probably HIS only shot at a win as well. IMO, Ian won the money but Dan won the title.
  3. I thought so too but Brittney said no ... she said the bottle of ketchup would have won. ;-)
  4. I do. Thanks so much!! I kept looking but all I could find was articles. 'Preesh!!! ;-)
  5. Are the Superpass BY interviews available anywhere? I fell asleep half way through. PS - Thanks for these!
  6. I'm not going to go back and forth ... I respect you feel the way you feel. I just disagree and I think YOU are the one missing the point. AMERICA chose Frank as their favorite. That's what disappoints me about it. That America's favorite was the only person I personally heard repeatedly use a racial slur. Even Willie didn't stoop that low. As I said, I hope it's because most of the voters didn't have live feeds and are living in ignorant bliss. Otherwise, I just think it's really sad to reward that kind of behavior. And I think that, in many cases, the same people who are condemning Dan's behavior are rewarding Frank's which, in my opinion, was disgusting. And I guess you are right ... Frank didn't disgrace America. America disgraced themselves by voting for him.
  7. I've been a Dan fan all along. I think he played the best game this season and deserved to win. I do agree with and share your fear. That stated, it is possible for people to learn from and improve on Dan's strategy. After all, Dan only won HOH once ... except for Shane's eviction Dan was never the sole person responsible for an eviction yet they all held him solely responsible. I think that was the talent of Dr. Wil ... he also stabbed everyone in the back yet the jury thanked him, loved him and rewarded him for it. Should be interesting.
  8. Then why is acceptable for someone who claims to have played a "honest" game to tell Jenn he's got her back and five minutes later call her a racial slur to Boogie and Ashley? I'm sorry. I just think it is so wrong that the person "America" voted as their favorite player is the only one I heard make a racial slur. How can such a large group be upset about how Dan disgraced God yet those same people don't mind that Frank disgraced America and promoted racism?!!
  9. I think she just wants to be loved and wanted a showmance. Let's not forget she originally tried out for the Bachelor.
  10. I'm all for different opinions but what I don't understand is why separate standards are okay? I'm not sure if you are a live feed watcher or just going on what you saw on t.v. but Dan swore on the bible that what he was telling Frank about Ian was the truth and it WAS. He did not swear to everything on the bible but even if he had, I can accept that you think that is wrong under any circumstance. Why, then, is it not wrong for Frank to make racial slurs under any circumstance? It's one thing to call Janelle a b*tch or Joe a loud mouth but calling Jenn "dirty brown trash water" is just wrong under any circumstance, IMO.
  11. Wonder if she felt the same after being close enough to smell him!!
  12. I agree about the jury but do have to say part of winning is thinking about the jury. The coaches really should have found a way to stick together until jury before picking each other off. If Dan had sent Janelle and Boogie to the jury in place of any of the newbies I think he could have had their votes along with Britney and Danielle making him the winner. I'm not sure Ian is the least deserving player. He also played a really good game. He was the low man on the totem pole in the 5 personal alliance and his coach always considered him expendable and he still made it to final 2 on his own where as Dan always had Danielle working with him. I would have liked to see Dan win but I don't think Ian is undeserving of the prize either. Now Frank as AC .... shocker!!! THAT may be the least deserving prize ever!!! If America knew he was calling Jenn "dirty brown mud water" and the such I think it would be a whole different story.
  13. I agree. I think this jury had it's mind made up before they even know who final 2 was that Dan would not win. Joe's question (that they all agreed on) proves that to me. Dan had been called Judas by Joe, Britney and Shane and Frank questioned him on the swearing on the bible thing YET Joe's question is "You said you were up to your elbows in blood yet you only won HOH once so what is it you think you did to get that blood on you?" That stated, I do think Ian played a very good game and earned his spot in final 2. I was rooting for Dan but am not sorry to see Ian take it. His coach all but ignored him, he was the 5th wheel in a 4 person alliance, his showmance was openly cheating on him, and he was sitting in F3 with a couple that had been together since day 1 yet he still made it to the end. Good for him. The coaches should have stuck together. I'm not sure any coach (especially not a previous winner) really had a shot with a jury full of newbies, but even that was a smart move on the part of the newbies.
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