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  1. With & Without the beard... I think he is a good looking man!
  2. The moment I read his 'bio'... I knew... This guy... this freakin guy... I'm not going to like him and alas, judgement was spot on with this fool.... He can't be gone soon enough....
  3. I thought when I first saw him "ok he's an attractive man, he'll be fun to watch!"... then he opened his mouth... another hope... shot down in flames....
  4. I am SO happy he is back.... he actually keeps things fun!
  5. That is what I am thinking.... she obviously needs to be monitored... hope she will be ok.
  6. Nicole was doing her makeup and she stopped and looked to the bathroom door for quite awhile & cam zoomed in on bathroom door.... and asked "Victoria are you still in there?" *nothing* "Victoria are you going to the bathroom?" *mumble* "Victoria are you ok??? "Victoria are you going to the bathroom?" "Ok so you aren't going to the bathroom?" Opens door... Victoria is on the floor. Nicole: "Victoria what's wrong?????" *mumble* Nicole: "Where does it hurt???? Jeeze why are you so sweaty?!?!?!?!?" *mumble* Victoria "I don't know" Nicole: "I'm going to go get help! Derrick!!!! Derrick!!!!" Derrick: "What???" Nicole "Come here I need you to help with Victoria" Derrick runs there and we get fish...
  7. Victoria Down. Medical EMERGENCY! 11:14am Cam 1 or 2 is the flashback
  8. This morning 8/23/14 - 11:14am Cam 1 or 2 is the flashback I had been trying to post this for 15 minutes but the site is so slow right now & there is NO LIVE FEED link for todays updates!
  9. I would love y'alls opinion... in this video you can see someone touch Helens foot/platform during this comp... what do you think about this??? http://i-just-really-love-one-direction.tumblr.com/post/59875177547/elissas-secret-i-know-im-probably-late-but
  10. I know what you are saying BUT I think as each gets out of the house they will have Julies wrath upon the... the nasty ones are still in the house... Aaryn was the first of the disgusting party to leave, she did reprimand Kaitlin when she went out... so Aaryn, GM, Amanda, Spencer will get theirs when they get out... I will say that I am so glad that she is out... may she wallow in her words. She was 100% aware that she is being filmed 100% of the time 24:7.... She first denied it, then she tried to blame it on Texas.... she is an idiot...
  11. 8/23/13 FLASHBACK: Andy falls in the pool 6:33pm BBT Cam 1
  12. FLASHBACK: Andy falls in the pool 6:33pm BBT Cam 1
  13. Aaryn is now being protested at her college... http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/08/25/real-racism-what-aaryn-gries-reveals-about-reality-tv.html
  14. Aaaaaaand she is in trouble again! http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/08/25/real-racism-what-aaryn-gries-reveals-about-reality-tv.html
  15. 7:53 pm BBT Cam 2 is where aaryn takes a swig of nail polish remover... OMG! I did flashback.
  16. 7:53 pm BBT Cam 2 is where aaryn takes a swig of nail polish remover... OMG! I did flashback.
  17. I can't believe aaryn just did that... she thought the nail polish remover was her water bottle & took a big ol swig of it... yikes!
  18. AAryn just took a huge swig of nail polish remover thinking it was her water bottle... FotF because of that
  19. Here is the FULL version of amanda... with the violence & bullying... it really is quite bad...
  20. I tried to go a LFU and there is a link at the bottom of the 17th and it doesn't work... anyone know where I can go do the updates????
  21. Enough with the FotF! They should be penalized each time they talk about or do what they are not supposed to do!
  22. Conspiracy Theory time: The camera man just focused in on the word "JOY" on Andys HoH cereal box & Amandas middle name is Joy.... LOL! I am sure some folks will have fun with that.
  23. DEmanda or Aryan will leave the nastiest message If Candice leaves ( ) Aryan will say something to the effect of "Glad that bitch is gone} I want Judd or Elissa to get HoH & make a big move... maybe even Jessie...

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