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Matthew Clines BB19 Houseguest

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Matthew Clines (33)

Age: 33

Hometown: Arlington, Va.

Current City: Arlington, Va. 

Occupation: Renovation Consultant

Three adjectives that describe you: Fun, competitive and silly. 

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? Donny Thompson from season 16. He has a great beard, wore camo and generally was a good dude. What a fun little man. 


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Loved that he liked Donny. Got a giggle from me when he said "What a fun little man" lol.


He says that he is an intense competitor, but I think he may end up being too intense for some and that could be his downfall. 

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O lord has no one recognized how malleable he is to his hormones with his head over heels reaction to Jessica? And yes Carmen, Cody is worse and will take anyone down as is the plan one ought to have to win, but I dislike his strategy about as much as Evil Dick's...but so far he does not spit...his only redeeming feature over that disgusting tool.

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Matt, he seemed such a hottie at first but now zip !!  Disappointing.  But he does have the hots for Jess.  The only excitement in the house, other than Dom/Satan action.  The rest like the fishies, following whoever might feed them (get them to jury). Sad bunch.

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1 minute ago, BBLover4ever said:

He told Paul he doesn't want to play the game without him! Idiot....


Yeah he did, but you can see the cracks. He's not all together down with the Paul plan to vote out Ramses over Josh. Paul was trying so hard to manipulate him last night (with Raven there for support) and you could tell by Matt's incredulous expression he wasn't really buying it. He will probably go along though because I don't think these lemmings have a complete backbone in the group. 

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