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  1. Love Wicked even tho she wishes we all join her in Hell......til next time...
  2. HeleneL, Have had great discussions with you this season. You are one of those many whose quick wit and lively informative posts contributed greatly to Morty's. Hope to find you here next year and hope we all never see Spawn of Satan again, but fear that we will. Signing off now, waiting anxiously for Survivor.
  3. Ain't that the truth. Pots calling kettles black!
  4. I also love Survivor. But I hope I don't get as wrapped up as I have this year with BB. As seems we all feel, this season was exhausting ! Yes, it's only a tv show but watching was like the Romans in the Colisseum (spelling?, yikes) like their cheering on as people are massacred. Although we certainly weren't cheering. Not fun and seems nationwide and in turn probably worldwide, people were shocked by cruel behavior. Rough.
  5. Cody got my vote because he was only HG who took a stand and tried to evict Spawn of Satan. Also how do you account for so many votes for Kevin and Jason? I think and we can see that millions love Cody. And also same for Kevin and Jason. I think Jason would have given Cody/Kevin a run for their money if he hadn't made such horrid comments.
  6. I believe, if Cody hadn't been in jury the sheep would all have lined up to give Paul the honor they seemingly felt he deserved. I think Cody was there reminding them of how they all were duped and that he (Cody) was right. I love Cody and Jessica. Two diamonds in the rough, a little tweeking here and there, language/cursing needs great improvement, Jess must stop butt attacks, Cody needs to develop social skills and hone in more on his instincts as does Jessica. If they do a little work in those areas they will be super stars, IMO. As for those who focus on Jessica's life before BB, many women of questionable character end up marrying wonderful and often wealthy men. And same for men of similar histories. What came before means nothing, what comes after is what is important.
  7. LOL !! It's been fun exchanging thoughts/ideas with you Pinky. Hope to touch base again at some point. I just read that Grodner said no vets next year. Why cam't viewers give input re to bring back? Seems years ago viewers had alot more input. That was before my time. Now that would be fun rather than watch production make back room deals. Production should consider that, having more viewer's involvement, we would get what we want/prefer and at this point might bring back the many who left this year.
  8. Re Kevin's angry outburst. Probably both. I imagine Jason's comments will hurt Kevin very deeply. I doubt very much that Kevin's wife will ever allow Jason into their home. Nor should she.
  9. So far $120..... Didn't Paul state that he would make sure Raven won? If true, why are his friends/supporters wanting to raise money for him? The king of BS and abuse.
  10. I agree. After he made those comments I was reminded of them each time he came on screen. Unfortunate for him and his family. His wife seems to be a lovely person and very beautiful and seems she was devastated upon hearing his comments.
  11. Opposing opinions are fine but constant degradation of HGs lifestyles, possible emotional issues, etc., are irritating. Blocking you is best idea as I know I should not let negative people affect me.
  12. I will not miss your condescending posts. Your comments have dragged down what in seasons past has been interesting variations and interpretations of HGs game play. You attack/degrade rather than discuss.
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