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  1. Did anyone hear about her mother's illness prior to the finale show night? I don't remember her ever mentioning it.
  2. The bold and beautiful walk ons use to be a prize. Can't remember if they competed for it or how they could win it.
  3. Between cereal and ice cream, the show took on a heavy financial burden.
  4. I agree. I didn't think Rachael and Brendan we're a real thing and look at them now.
  5. If that was scripted, the writer screwed her over badly.
  6. And jealous. She didn't like that Cody respected Alex and her cat ears. I remember who split the house and it was the original three couples, calling everyone else "the outsiders." I don't remember Mark crying about that.
  7. Agreed. If they bring back vets I can't wait to see Josh in the house again. He entertained me all season. Even raven with all her crazy stuff provided enough material for us to discuss. Everyone else in that house, not so much.
  8. Week 5 best move of the game..Paul noms Jess and Cody since they could have been the power couple to land into finals. Yet, he got no recognition for it.
  9. At least he was honest because it didn't make sense other than people wanting to show Paul how much he was hated. Heck, Josh was hated so badly all season yet he was cheered on in the end all because they hated Paul more. Fickled bunch!
  10. He said he enjoyed them, which means they were not, not fun.
  11. I don't hate them either because I don't know them personally, but doesn't mean I can't comment about things they say or do. They were all villains IMO and we are all judging them.
  12. Did I miss it, but what happened to the "thank you" to all of you that worked your fingers to the bone voting for him. Oh, I don't think he gave Americans one. He said in the article that no one would ever question a marine saying "tranny" and I guess he thinks no one would expect a marine to thank the viewers for handing him prize money for doing absolutely nothing.
  13. I know you all won't go and read the negative articles about him but if you change your mind, read the comments made. There are a lot more people than I thought that have a lot of negative things to say about him. You guys must have been very busy all day casting your votes for him since the fly by night viewers don't care much for him.
  14. The bullies were also wrong about the Pao Pao thing that sent Megan over the top. Since you are very sensitive about me mentioning certain hg names, I won't, but we all know who instigated that one.
  15. The first person on this board that you called jealous regarding jessica was WickedOne. She told you it was so cliche. Go back and check Jessica's early pages. I have a good memory for useless stuff.
  16. I have no idea why they need to come back at every post made by me or anyone regarding Cody or Jess. If it truly didn't bother them that they ended up not making f3 it's not my fault. I don't need to make new screen names to say what I want. They can say what they want about my posts, but I'm no troll.
  17. Why is it that some HGs could be analyzed by posters, yet it is considered an attack if anything negative is posted about other hg? So we can judge Josh for banging pans, but we can't judge Cody for saying riots are fun or for Jessica finger butt poking other hg?
  18. Maybe they fell in love? They were loyal to each other throughout the game and that's not too shabby for a showmance. Actually, they spent more together than any other couple in the house. It will be interesting to see what happens, but he should run from her as fast as he can. Lol
  19. Hey if you can look past her no hair hair and no eyelash eyelashes, more power to you. Why do you take the posts personal?
  20. The difference is you think these people are your friends and you need to defend them, I see them as entertainment. Want to take a tally of how many posts you made about the hg you didn't like compared to the amount I made. Btw I was rooting for Josh, Xmas and Paul so no bitterness here and my top three made it to f3.
  21. If you are addressing me as a Paul fan than you're wrong. Paul is a pompous ass, but I respect his game play and that does not make me a fan of him. I was also fascinated with how he was able to get his bidding done and you can read that in any of my posts. Also as far as edits go, I agree he got a good one, but so did Cody, Jessica, Alex and Jason to name a few. I have no personal interest in these people just strong opinions. Yes he had advantages, but so did some others. If Paul wasn't liked and ruined viewers summer because of it thats too bad because up until this season I felt the same way with winners like Dan, Derek and countless others. Thankfully we all feel differently about hf because this board wouldn't be as interesting to read.
  22. That's a good point. It was about a favorite player and however anyone chose to view what favorite was to them only mattered for the vote. I do think "favorite" got blurred somewhere along the way, since many just voted for people that would end up pissing off Paul. Either way, he made 50,000 and that was more than he had when he got there so he shouldn't be crying or bitter about anything. Unfortunately, they all think they are celebrities and maybe they are to the groupies, but I just see them as contestants on an entertainment show.
  23. Sure. I won't miss yours either since you care not to read opposing opinions. Block me and move on and stop trying to sell me that this board is some meeting of the minds about a summer filler TV show.

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