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Matthew Clines BB19 Houseguest

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3 hours ago, Tiger87 said:

What all rules have been bent or broken?  I haven't read all the history here and don't watch many live feeds. But I've had the feeling that CBS has gotten lax on the rules this summer, as well. Christmas being allowed to come back and stay in the house. Josh standing on the line for the HOH putting contest that he ultimately "won". Matt and the food. Alex throwing out the slop. Josh and his bullying. Heck, even holding the door open on eviction night used to be a no-no.

Exactly. All of the HGs throwing the POV without so much as one green 'go'. They have become lax. Maybe they don't want any icky lawsuits or they are just letting the inmates run the asylum for lack of a better plan at this point.

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28 minutes ago, straykat said:

Matt's family and friends are probably freaking that Matt pretty much threw away any chance he had in the game to play house with Raven and was willing to let that lying harridan win the money. What a joy she would be to welcome into the family :faint:


Yes I had to look up harridan! lmao! 


If Matt was a friend of mine I would have a field day with him over Raven. 

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5 hours ago, JessicaRocks said:

Matt will probably be remembered from this season as one of the most (if not THE most) immaterial house guest in BB history.  To borrow a phrase from someone else on here - he was a potted plant with a vote!


Zingbot was 110% right on when he said that the only thing Matt did this season was RAVEN!!

You are SO right.  Matt did absolutely nothing the whole season but stay at Raven side, in bed and out of bed.  Raven, with all her totally unbelievable lies, at least made me smile a couple of times.  I would think, "Girl, how could such stupid stuff come out of your mouth.  Do you even listen to yourself?"  Not sure how the other HG managed to keep from calling her out on all her lies.

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1 minute ago, carmen said:

This loser actually thought he had some authority on which to speak during the session with Will Kirby.  The whole time I couldn't get

past the fact that he contributed absolutely NOTHING to this game.  What a waste of space.  Pathetic.


I loved when Mark called him on that too.

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1 minute ago, HeleneL said:

He has oatmeal for brains!!


I think there may actually be something wrong with him, he's so proud of being such a loser.

Being on a reality tv show is probably not the best place you can most prosper by doing absolutely nothing.

He and Xmas could give each other a run for the money, they're about an equal match.

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