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Who's Your Top Ten Most HATED House Guest in BB History?

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Here are mine, but be warned, most of mine come from Season 9. :animated_rotfl: These are not ranked in any particular order. You may rank yours though.

1. Maggie from Season 6

2. Joshua from Season 9

3. Matt " "

4. Natalie " "

5. Sheila " "

6. Chelsia " "

7. James " "

8. Mike Boogey from Season 2 and 7.

9. Jase from Season 5

10.Jesse from Season 10

11. April " "

12. Gerry " "

13. Ollie " "

I know I listed three more, but I couldn't choose for the tenth.

I absolutely have to add one more that I forgot, so it's a top 14 for me. LOL My number 14 is Cappy from BB6.

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CLICK HERE for a list of all previous house guests to remind all...

This was actually easier than I thought it would be...and I could easily have added at least 10 more to the list ;)

Jessie Godderz

Mike Boogie

Dick Donato

Danielle Donato

Ronnie Talbott

Erika Landin

Jerry MacDonald

James Zinkand

Chelsia Hart

Kathy Hills

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I don't remember what season they were from, or whatever, but here are some of mine. (Not sure I can come up with ten of them. :animated_scratchchin: )

1. the girl who threw a freakin' two year-old fit last season only to be kicked off the show. Can't remember her name

2. Holley - the bimbo model

3. Russell from last season - just mean-spirited and tried to intimidate people. I would have liked him without all that because he was smart.

4. Janelle - I don't know. Love/hate relationship. She was very smart, but it seems that she didn't mind playing dirty at all.

5. the 4 "horsemen" who were male chauvunists on the show with Diane/ Diana? (That ought to count for 4.)

9. Brenden - dumba@@

7. Michele from last season - just an all around two-faced bi*ch I thought

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First off, thank you Imin for the houseguest list.

Second, I got 14 so deal with it!!!

Justin BB1..What's with the knife dude?

Mike "Boogie" BB2&7.. you would have never made allstars if it were not for your buddy Dr. Will

Allison BB4...Look up bitch in the dictionary and you will see her name.

Jun BB4.. see above

Holly BB5.. Valley girl on steroids

Michael "Cowboy" bb5.. That boy put the D in dumb!

Eric "Cappy" BB6...Frickin bully

Ivette BB6...Mean, just plain mean

Maggie BB6... Excuse me while I puke

Jessie BB10...Self indulged juice head

Jerry BB10... Sargent asshole

Chima BB11.. What a waste of a human being.

Natalie BB11... See above

Ronnie BB11...Ronnie the rat

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1. Ronnie- the annoying rathole

2 & 3. Maggie and Ivette- evil bitches the both of them

4. Jessie- annoying a-hole

5. Alison- dumb ho

6 & 7. Matt and Adam BB9- dumb effing idiots and douchebags too.

8 & 9. Nakomis and Cowboy- annoying twist, annoying idiots

10. Evel Dick- still not a fan

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In order by season:

Booger (BB2 / BB7)

Jase (BB5 / BB7)

April (BB6)

Maggie (BB6)

Evil Dick (BB8)

Chelsia (BB9)

Jessie (BB10 / BB11)

Ronnie (BB11)

Chima (BB11)

Natalie (BB11)

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After Natalie, no special order, she wins big as my most disliked--lifetime achievement award for her. Cowboy and Jesse were just pathetic, not so much despisable as others.

Natalie (BB11)






Mike 'Boogie'

Eric 'Cappy'



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Hate is such a strong word so I'm gonna use "highly dislike".

1. Jessie - BB11

2. Natalie - BB11

3. Ronnie - BB11

4. Dan - BB10

5. Memphis - BB10

6. Matt - BB9

7. Natalie - BB9

8. Jennifer - BB6

9. Mike Boogie - BB7

10. Lydia - BB11

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in order by season,

Mike Booger (2,7) - grossest contestant and only won because of will

Maggie (6)

Jennifer (6)

Dick (8) - hated his gameplay. bully and just plain mean

Danielle (8) - whiny and entitled

Jessie (10,11) - omg, what a tool

Chima (11) - another whiny and entitled idiot

Natalie (11) - the female version of Boogie

Russell (11) - wannabe and misogynistic

Ronnie (11) - crybaby, legend in his own mind

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In no particular order although some are worse than others.

Alison BB4

Eric (cappy) BB6

Maggie BB6

Jase BB5

Ivette BB6

Jesse BB10

Mike Boogie BB2&7

Jen BB8

Ronnie BB11 Chima BB11

Chima BB11

Natalie BB11

I know there are 11, but I couldn't narrow it down anymore.. I actually could've added several more, but for me these were the worst.

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Guest 6Borders

No order because I despise several equally:

Dr. Will on Dull Stars (loved him on season 2)

Boogie on Dull Stars (he was entertaining on season 2)

Jessie (in or out of the house, would not matter)

Janelle (because BB rigged the game for her as much as they could)

Ivette ("...if you know what I am saying...")

Chima (attitude and destruction of property)

Whomever said Chima's mic "slipped out of her hand" and fell in the pool (get real)

Rachel BB12 (because nobody who watched 11 season of BB should be this dumb)

Alison (was that BB4?)

Jase (anyone who is a Brat Pitt wannabee is just plain pathetic)

Holly (voice could peel the hide off a rhino)

Jen (queen of the Unitard)

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BB10 Adam Jasinski

BB6 Jennifer Vasquez

BB2 & 7 Mike 'Boogie' Malin

BB10 Jessie Godderz

BB10 Michelle Costa

BB8 Jen Johnson

BB6 Maggie Ashburn

BB10 Jerry MacDonald

BB6 April Lewis

BB11 Chima Simone

I could add many more but those are my top 10

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