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  1. that was a good comp, I like the endurance ones. That rain was really comng down hard, no wonder it took 30 hours to build that set!
  2. Danit is a real BB gamer, when it comes to comps. It will be interesting to see which newbie's start to cozy up to Dani, this week, and how the vets react. I think I heard Dani tell Kalia that she told Jordan she was putting up Brenchal..
  3. her social game definetly is good, very Kathy-esque. Shelly's just staying out of the fray. I haven't seen anyone take her to task yet, for her vote against Keith, & spilling the beans to J&J.
  4. in this afternoon's big house discussion, she did a good jobe of not admitting to Dom that she voted for Keith to go. I thought Dom might get her to admit it.
  5. she defended herself pretty well, to the exent possible.
  6. Dani just told Dom what (allegedly) Brendon did online 4 months ago, and got caught in a creepy sort of way. No wonder Rachel was mad at him. If true, Brendon is a SNAKE!
  7. I thought BB had the ability to turn off mic's; they should have had an asst producer monitoring the bathroom. Rachel will hate seeing that episode, when she gets out of the house.
  8. yes, please do, BB! Make it a show of Good vs Evil!
  9. Miss "I always get what I want". No wonder she's so popular. - NOT I wouldn't be surprised. Her winning and Cassi leaving is a double dose of ewooooh
  10. tonight's show made it seemlike Danielle is in perfect position to go far.
  11. after watching tonight's show, I say Jeff is the man of reason , in hte house.Being allies with Brenchal may not last too much longer, since Rachel is sso petty.
  12. I didn't see Cassi take it to the level of Brit and Monet in those first few weeks last year, but maybe I missed it. I'd just say that Rachel's ego and interpersonal skills don"t make her to endearing to the viewer or BB player.
  13. the fact that this thread is still alive, speaks to how little game is going on in the House, up to this point. Even if ED is a complete chain smoke'n, line snort'n mess outside the house, in it, he's an entertaining, strategic, and ruthless BB player, and good for ratings, and me,the paying cutomer- feedwatcher.
  14. CBS- we need another twist to live'n up the game. .Dick leaing may turn out to be a show-killer. If Cassie goes out, give her a chance to come back and give Brenchal some Retribution!!!
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