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Who's Your Top Ten Most HATED House Guest in BB History?

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Yeah, I didn't like Will in Season 2, but I liked him in Season 7. He was funny in Season 7. I didn't have live feeds in Season 2 and had it in Season 7, so there's a big difference. Especially if you're green to the game. But, in that season everybody was green to the game. LOL

Season 2 was the first season my mom and I started watching BB. We couldn't understand why the other HG's didn't know or couldn't tell Will was lying and backstabbing. It was so frustrating. LOL It's funny now that I look back at how clueless we were to the game then. I think Will redeemed himself for my mom in Season 7 before she passed away in 2007. I felt like in honor of my mom, I had to share that story about Will.

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