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  1. Bayleigh was left out of the "women with hot bodies" and categorized as "an angry black woman"? Wow.
  2. I know, right? I say Scottie started it because he ruined the trust in the group. Even though Caitlyn put up a member of her group, Scottie shouldn't have voted against an alliance member. Fessy is the stupidest player to ever play the game.
  3. Understatement about Fessy. Hailey is not that bad though.
  4. I can't wait for Faysal to get out and see how JC made him his little stupid bitch.
  5. I hate this BB season. This was the stupidest alliance ever. I seriously don't want to watch anymore. I look forward to SeaSix or whatever their name is to get out Faysal and Scottie. Scottie started it with voting out Swaggy, and they never recovered. Just one stupid self-destructive decision after another. It's not a competition.

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