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  1. Hey lady, I got your comment. I'm still team Brit, but I'd like to see a Brit, Matt, Ragan and Lane final four. I wish Matt would expose the Brigade to Brendon, Matt & Britt to save himself and make Enzo go. I despise Enzo.

  2. Hey Denise,

    How are you? So what's your take on things, are you still team Britney. Oddly enough I find my self voting for Brenden also. I would like to see a final 3 Brenden, Britney, Enzo.

  3. Hey Pretty Girl, how you doing today?

  4. Oh smassi, thanks. I forgot to tell you my real name is Michelle and I live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    LOL Just kidding.

  5. Hey Denise,

    I'm rooting for Britney, also. It is also awesome to hear from someone that really knows Monet. I was really rooting for her. lllini, please send Monet well wishes. I would have liked to see her win in all.

  6. Hi! Just got on now after 9:00! I'm finally going to catch up.

    I love your picture of President and Mrs. Obama!

  7. Hey smass, just dropped in to say hi.

  8. I'm glad she made it back safely.

  9. Hey Illini, thanks for the update on Monet. Hope all is going well for her. Tell her, her fan Denise in Texas says hi. I wish she could have been on the show longer. I miss her with Brit. They were so cute and funny. Tell her to enjoy the 10G's.

  10. ok...I lied...I woke up to a text from Monet this morning that she just got back home!

  11. the HG's are being sequestered...Monet is a good friend of mine, she is not home yet and her mom told me that they are getting sequestered somewhere are they are voted off

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