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  1. I enjoyed the first part of the season then it got boooooooooring, so I stopped watching. Been OBSESSED with the UK versions of BB though (regular and celebrity). They're all on youtube for your binging pleasure. I knew Steve would win this year from his initial interview with Jeff and I said it! They need to get rid of him fast because he will win it and he did. Anywhoo see y'all next summer.
  2. I really like this idea, anything that will change the normal process. Every year I get to a point in the game where I'm bored and that time is here, the classic game format now is so predictable and boring. I really like how BB is played in the uk and Australia. not many comps, more social game, public votes, face to face noms, instant cash prizes, new houseguests during the process, food rations, fun competitions for luxury food prizes, instant evictions, kill nominations, passes to finale (bbuk2014, and the chick who got the pass won the season!), no hoh, no veto. I just finished watching bbuk2015 it was amazing from beginning to the finale. This is what I want for our version.
  3. she will win a comp when it is completely and absolutely necessary to her, I can totally see her winning the last comp of the season and picking who to take to final 2. I don't understand why she would come on this season after just having knee surgery. Anyway back to watching BBuk online, this season has lost it's appeal to me.
  4. still hasn't won anything yet huh? at this point it would be dumb to evict her. Keep her to compete in the finals, she will be simple to beat. I hope people are thinking that way.
  5. Dammit!! Hopefully she can win the second chance comp to return to the house. I guess they will do it similar to what I like to call the season of the racists, an endurance with 4 extra spaces to compete to return, maybe?
  6. I actually wouldn't mind if he won HOH because I want him to show his cards and get some blood on his hands. Because if he thinks he will get jury votes from working out and eating 24 hours a day, the joke is on him.
  7. 2 reactions I can't wait to see, Vanessa's face being BD at the veto ceremony and Becky's face when Vanessa's returns to the house in a few weeks.
  8. Exactly Shelli is the Guilt trip Queen. This is verbatim what will escape her trap.
  9. she has to pick a side now. this week should be interesting.
  10. I somehow feel he knows this and he is keeping his cards close to his chest, we will see what he is made of as far as nominees when he wins HOH, he is due one.
  11. He stuck to his guns and got one of them out, I think that was the main point of his HOH reign. The stronger of the two not really, but we shall see on Thursday if he actually got the person he wanted out. He did this all by himself, his alliance was total crap and was of zero use to him this week. I just hope he survives next week to go further in this game.
  12. They wont until its too late, the problem in there is too many people that don't want to compete. Most want the same handful of people to win and do all the dirty work. Everyone is saying oh if we evict Shelli the target on me increases, umm how about the probability of you winning an HOH or a POV increasing? No one wants to compete in comps, they will work harder to throw a comp than to win it. Okay if you aren't good a comps there has to be another person in there with strategy other that Vanessa. Neither Meg or Jackie suggested as insurance to pull Clay off and nominate Vanessa or even Liz! BOOM! Shelli goes for sure, these people are unbelievable dumb.
  13. Meg is such a huge disappointment to her alliance, HUGE. she wins nothing, she gives the other side too much information and receives nothing from them. she is weak.
  14. Looks like she is definitely staying unless she hopefully shoots herself in the foot later on this week with some condescending tyrant about something. If she survives thursday she deserves to win this season and its because these people are all idiots. She is sitting there telling the ditzy twins how she threw Steve under the bus, mind you this is after hours of crying about the lack of loyalty in the house. why would you leave your family and friends to come live a house to hand someone else half a million dollars and who doesn't give two craps about you. You are saving the one who WINS everything? unreal.
  15. The feeds are nothing less than amazing tonight, well to me they were. The many meetings, Shelli's multiply breakdowns, Shelli accusing people of first lying on her and Clay then not standing up for her, her throwing Steve under the bus as a replace nom. Shelli calling sixth sense meetings, Shelli and Clay giving people marching orders for the Steve BD to happen, James informing Steve that people want him out.. and many more... soo good!! Absolutely delicious!! However, Shelli may have the votes to stay over Clay. ugh
  16. If he keeps noms the same it will be fine, but if he wants Vanessa to lose ALL of her cookies put her up in a "fake" backdoor move. Tell her it's to insure Shelli goes. I just want to see Vanessa scramble harder than she has been ever in the house. I'm a bit sadistic, sue me.
  17. I agree with this, I think she is only here for jury and Clay in jury. I don't think she cares about this game or the money. We will see come thursday what she will do to protect Cleg, because the double eviction talk going around the house involves Clay and Vanessa going next. Meg and Clay are both spilling info on Vanessa, good jesus! There may be a replace nom and it surely won't be Steve. LOL!!!
  18. ummm were those mouse or rat shoes/ sippers she was wearing today? I'm asking not to be facetious but I kinda want a pair.
  19. Yes I will admit, I'm age bashing these two. I'm here to Judge these people and their decisions in this game only. I have called them mother and son, her great grandson, his babysitter, his nanny and if she stays there will be more of that from me. Outside of the house, I would not care because I wouldn't know and it would be none of my business and it would be wrong of me to comment on someone's personal life decisions, but they're on national TV behaving like this. Shelli looks really ridiculous, IMO. Shelli smooching on and cuddling on a guy 10 years younger than she is looks extremely desperate on her part and not to mention he is a mirror image of her TWIN brother. Come on now, no one else is disturbed about that? I'm more bothered by the latter of the two. .. and I've already ranted about her holier-than-thou condescending attitude, she thought as long as I smile and be fake nice to these people they will allow me and my boytoy to go to the end.
  20. Vanessa lives an amazing life playing poker, she does not need half a million, will it sway any minds if she makes it to final 2? Wait do they know she is a successful poker player? I'm actually very good at poker. I need to enter these tournaments. I'm missing out on living the good life apparently, you know actually having to work for a living.
  21. Meg will have her a new house boo by thursday night, maybe she will actually win something to keep Cleg safe? who knows.
  22. Wasn't Clelli telling folks to throw comps tho? Shelli won her HOH's fair and square so no one can deny her that, but her crying came off like how dare James nominate us and after he said he wouldn't? and she kept saying why this week? like people have to do things on HER schedule! Da'Vonne and Jason also wanted to survive until jury to get their full stipend did she care or anyone else care, nope? This isn't Shelli's Summer Entitlement Camp like it wasn't Jason's Summer Solstice Bitch retreat and Da'vonne's Inglewood Ghetto Getaway. If Shelli wanted to remain in control of the evictions like she has been for last couple of weeks, she should have stayed up there and fought for this HOH so her summer wouldn't be ruined, I was SHOCKED she jumped off, SHOCKED! Basically what it boils down to is people like who they like, what is the misunderstanding in that? I don't particularly care for Shelli and you do and that is absolutely fine.
  23. Her attitude is pleasant during this grueling task, that and her ability to kill comps, ugh why does she have to be so annoying? I would actually root for her. If she stays Clay has to go, one of them has to leave on Thursday because it just needs to happen. Separately either of them is tolerable, together they're both like human migraines.
  24. But James knows already because he is thinking of pulling Clay down to insure Shelli goes home.

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