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Thursday's Live Show 8/23


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Well anyway, save this for posterity because this is my official prediction.

If Jessica does not get rid of Dick or Dani this week, one or the other, Dick or Dani is the winner of BB8. If she gets rid of either of them, it's anyone's game.

Hey I just thought of something!!! Since Jen is gone the Dick lovers will now be cutting their votes in threes between jameka, amber and Zach while JEN fans will almost all vote for Dick. I would not be surprised ONE BIT the more I think about it if AC is Dick.

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Dick: I had girlfriends like her (Jen) --there you go, Sicko Dicko is taking out previous relationship woes on Jen.

I have to say that I agree with you 110% on this one...

Yah.... haha

Guess I'll have to watch ET Canada tomorrow.

Oh Gawd, please don't believe those dumba@@es over at CBS...

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