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  1. I think Frankie is loyal to Christine and Zach but Zach is a time bomb that Frankie can't keep defusing. Like this morning in the HOH with Devin, nothing he could say could sway Devin to not put up Zach. You can see his frustration when Devin walks out of the room (flashback 10:43am BBT) . People keep saying he is throwing Zach under the bus but I really do not believe that he is, Zach is doing a good job of that himself. Zach hasn't slept or really eaten in over 24 hours and is punch drunk....not a good thing in the BB house.
  2. I think he would leave. But praying he is there when the show comes on!!
  3. Ariana's tweet about her grandparents was 4 hours ago, about the same time the feeds went down for good. I hope nothing bad has happened to her grandparents and that it's just a coincidence that the feeds went down around the same time.
  4. I totally hated Zach until about 4 days ago. Love his relationship with Frankie. Team Zankie all the way!
  5. He has been asked her name, he says Ari. They've asked what she looks like and they've talked about her 21st birthday being last week. I think he's handled it great. I want to see how he handles the pics if/when he gets HOH, Because if he's so close to her there would pics of her there.
  6. Had to log in to see if I was the only one that thinks this guy is an obnoxious asshole. I see I'm not.
  7. Frankie is fun...I love him. I think he'll keep the house fun and interesting, so over houseguests sleeping 16 hours a day. Love his sister too, she's an awesome singer and cute as a bug.
  8. This veto is a toss up, anybody can win.
  9. McCrae still wanting a guys alliance. He can't let go of the moving company.
  10. I would refuse to go to jury if I were Andy...Amanda will kick his ass!!!
  11. I'm hoping for an exit in a straight jacket........
  12. Best post of the season! I really LOL'd reading this.
  13. I've always believed the DR throws out suggestions, scenarios etc but this one takes the cake. No way did Elissa all of a sudden make the decision to keep Amanda all on her own. I can not wait too see if Elissa even remembers this morning...LOL!
  14. Awesome post...you hit the nail right on the head!!
  15. I don't get why Amanda's so upset about losing the POV. Last night she was telling McRae that she wanted him to stay. See...she can't tell the truth.
  16. LMAO...Elissa eavesdropping on Andy & Amanda talking in the storage room. Spencer goes in and tells Amanda that she's at the door and Amanda flings the door open hoping to hit Elissa. Bitch....
  17. Not in this case. Pretty sure the whole world is enjoying it.
  18. Hope CBS got plenty of refills at the pharmacy today...gonna be a long week.
  19. OMG, I can NOT wait! Been waiting on this to happen for weeks.
  20. I've been waiting for tonight to happen for weeks. I would pay double for the feeds just to see the aftermath tonight!!!!!
  21. I can not wait to see Amanda's face when she realizes that she and McCrae are going on the block!

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