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  1. I think we could all be quite surprised by what we said online two years ago, and besides hasn't he been sharing the HoH room with Frankie?
  2. I completely disagree, the guy is there to play a game. Not contend his worth with a bunch of arrogant and ignorant 22 year olds. He's there for the game, and starting crap to defend himself against these fools isn't worth it, and he knows it. He knows they'll get what's coming when they're out of the house.
  3. I honestly haven't watched the fight, and probably never will. I just think it'll bother me too much, not worth the anger it'll stew.
  4. I hope she's just playing him, because man she sounded INSANE.
  5. No amount of pretty is worth this amount of crazy heh..
  6. I'm really questioning whether is she is actually this insane, or she's trying to dig her claws in deeper and make him listen in the future. He isn't backing down too much from what I've heard, though I had to go to another cam for a little while because it was REALLY getting on my nerves.
  7. She is freaking OUT because David talked to Elise. Holy crap, she's a little psycho.. litttttle psycho!
  8. I've got a brilliant black screen on my iPad haha
  9. No feeds on my end, can't even reach the server.
  10. Any idea what app the feeds are gonna be on?
  11. Those look like some not-so-well-installed implants that's for sure..
  12. LOL at the 8 sec mark. Man oh man.. in that house for 5 seconds and you're already swinging and missing.
  13. They've never really had anyone like Ian on the show, I'm pulling for him. I really like the kid a lot, if I were on the show I'd be in his position.. minus the glasses haha.
  14. Finally caved and bought the feeds like I knew I would. Such a good decision, love it..

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