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  1. This is the same America that voted for Bush for two terms and THEN voted for Obama. So yes, I can believe America voted for Britney.
  2. Then he comes outside and eats it in front of them. Priceless!
  3. So because Lane was in an alliance with the guys he doesn't care if Britney lives or dies? Wow...talk about major drama queen.
  4. Lane can't be this stupid. Look, he's gotta GET to the end first. If he votes out Hayden, Enzo is going to gun for him due to the betrayal. He's going to lose Hayden and Enzos votes in jury and possibly Matts. On top of that, Ragan would take Britney to final two over Lane every day of the week so Lane would need to win everything until the end OR have Britney win everything. On the other hand, if he gets out Ragan he still has the Brigades huge voting block in jury AND he can still get to the end WITHOUT winning because Enzo and Hayden want Brit out next. Lane is making the mistake far too many have made in this game. He's worried too much about the final 2 when he should be worried about the final 5 and then 4. I'd rather have 50K than get booted next week in final four.
  5. You need to GET to the end first. If Ragan stays, I'd bet a large sum of money Enzo and Lane are up on the block. It would be monumentally stupid to keep Ragan in the game. It would be almost Marcellus stupid. Second place is still 50k. Third place and fourth place are nothing. On top of that, if they DO vote out Hayden, Hayden gets in Matt's ear in jury house and the only way those two get Matt or Hayden's votes are if they're both sitting next to each other at the end. It's beyond risky as a move. Leaving Hayden in and him potentially getting to the final 2 (that's two more weeks) where he MIGHT win is too many what ifs. Leaving Ragan in where he would DEFINITELY put up Enzo and Lane is a much smaller what if. It's actually more than likely if he stays.
  6. I can assure you girls who look like her do not keep their legs closed like a pure little virgin wearing a chastity belt. I hate to say this because I know there are plenty of mothers here but girls are MORE sexually active now than they were 15 years ago when I was a teenager and even back then most of the girls I knew were horny little minxes. I have lived in the suburbs all my life too so this isn't a "dirty big city slut" thing. If Britney has only been with a couple guys in her lifetime looking the way she does, she's either extremely sheltered, extremely religious, or extremely rare. It's so bad right now that they have something called sexting where young teen girls throw pics of themselves naked to their friends and they get passed around like the common cold. It's disgusting but there's nothing parents can do about it because it's the culture now.
  7. What did she REALLY win though. As a matter of fact, what does anyone REALLY win in BB? This isn't exactly Survivor where most of the challenges are actually hard, especially when you've been living without conveniences for weeks and weeks. The challenges in BB are pretty stupid and pointless, many of which are very much based on luck (IE stumbling across someones name in packing peanuts).
  8. I actually canceled Showtime after last nights puppet debacle. There really isn't a single interesting thing left in the house. This season will go down as even worse than season...10 was it (the one they tried in the winter with the couples). I mean, this final five is just TERRIBLE. Every single one of them is boring, even Britney because she feels safe and isn't going to start any trouble. I can't believe Grodner though Hayden, Lane and Enzo were going to be entertaining. Bunch of meatheads.
  9. Oddly enough I hated Dick and loved Russel. I didn't like the way Dick treated Jen at all and Russel was never that overt in his "meanness". Russel's gameplay was more subversive and subtle than Dicks. Lets not forget both seasons Russel manipulated half the people on his tribe basically and had a way of manipulating people even when they sorta knew he was doing the manipulating. Dick was more a "I'm going to be a dick to you and you're going to take it or shut the hell up" personality. I really don't think there has ever been anyone quite like Evel Dick on Survivor or BB before.
  10. I'm a HUGE Russel Hantz fan and not ashamed to admit it, but with no hidden immunity idols he'd probably be one of the first three evicted.
  11. She did say her mother was even meaner than her, so I guess we know where she got it from.
  12. It's called jury votes. If Britney takes down Ragan (it COULD happen should she win veto) and Enzo goes home, Lane just lost four jury house votes and the game. He will obviously lose Enzos. He'll lose Matt, Brendan (and by extension Rachel) because you know Enzo will play up the fact of betrayal and how Lane spear-headed getting Matt and Brendan out. You know he'll do this because Enzo is hyper-emotional and something of a male drama queen. If Enzo goes home, Lane is playing for second UNLESS he's against Ragan in the final 2. If It's Lane and Hayden though he has ZERO chance of winning. Zero. That's why it was a stupid move ruled by his penis. Sorry Lane, you can't have Britney, she's engaged. Brit is going up anyway because the next veto will almost assuredly be the face thingy and Ragan will DESTROY that. So at that point Lane has NO choice but to put up Brit (no way he puts up Hayden). Then it will be a split vote and he'll either blatantly break the tie and send Enzo home, truly destroying his chances of winning, or send home his crush Brit.
  13. That would be a dumb move. They want Ragan gone. If they don't put Britney up with Ragan he has TWO chances to be pulled off instead of just one if she is up next to him. Sure, you can say "but Britney wouldn't take him off" but THEY can't know that for sure. That's just playing with fire.
  14. Why are some people so surprised Lane won? Lane has come in second a few times. Enzo has come in second in comps at LEAST three times. Also, keep in mind the Brigade minus Matt threw lots of comps to keep the heat off themselves and look which Brigade member magically went home? Yep, Matt who had tons of blood on his hands. Whether you love or hate the Brigade they HAVE played a GREAT game (except for Matt). They haven't won a ton of comps but they didn't need to. They have played a MASTERFUL social game. While other players fought with each other almost all season the Brigade have been friendly towards EVERYONE and NEVER got into the drama of the season. So to say the Brigade hasn't played well and doesn't deserve a win is nonsense. They are doing what smart players do. They were friendly towards everyone, made a tight alliance early, didn't put targets on their back and then, when it REALLY counts, started winning. If a Brigade member wins, they deserve it (except maybe Enzo).
  15. I'm pulling for Britney now. Screw it. I really hope this girl wins because the brigade are buffoons now that Matt is gone.
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