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Double Eviction


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Using the show dates from TV guide's episode list (<--- click for link), we can kind of work our way backwards, I guess.

Anything in parentheses below is my own note or comment.

Episodes - Big Brother 10 (28 total Episodes)

TU 9/16/2008 (Final episode)

Episode Detail: The winner is announced, after the finalists are questioned by the jury members.

*SU 9/13/2008 (NO EPISODE SCHEDULED - If there were one, it would be a "flashback" episode.)

TH 9/11/2008 (Part 2 of Final HoH shown from tape. Part 3 of Final HoH shown LIVE. Going from 3 down to Final 2.)

TU 9/9/2008 (Final Veto ceremony - LIVE, forcing eviction which takes us from 4 down to 3. Part 1 of Final HoH begins.)

SU 9/7/2008 ("Final 4" Nominations shown)

TH 9/4/2008 (Eviction takes us from 5 down to 4 houseguests.)

TU 9/2/2008 (PoV shown)

SU 8/31/2008 ("Final 5" Nominations shown)

TH 8/28/2008 (DOUBLE eviction! Starts with eviction, then full weekly cycle in one hour, ending with another eviction. From 7 down to 5.)

TU 8/26/2008 (PoV shown)

SU 8/24/2008 (Nominations shown)

TH 8/21/2008 (Going from 8 down to 7 - Jerry or April goes home. Renny's HoH ends.)

Double Eviction next week...

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michelle, and Memphis/ then skreesha, ollie, etc

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