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  1. Him I do not understand at all and her......well, I am going to be nice. They will probably bring him back because 19 needs as much drama as they can get their hands on and that Paul squash is as annoying as he was the first time around. Or something like that.
  2. I don't like her so I don't care whether she goes or not.
  3. They will get rid of him as soon as it is feasible. He is unpredictable and wants to win. They know that and don't trust him.
  4. SOOOOOOO agree with this. I don't even like looking at him much less listening to him.
  5. I don't like her and find her annoying. Lamasquerade nailed this one.
  6. I'm with Wicked on this one. He is a dough boy. Udderly.
  7. Paul will probably be back because he got more attention for not winning than Nicole got for winning. Those houseguests we love to BB hate are as important to CBS as are those we adore.
  8. I'm always surprised whenever the "C" word comes out of hiding. American men have to know that it is a no-no and to use it on a show like Big Brother is beyond ridiculous. Why bother dragging that one out when "bitch" works perfectly well without the resultant hue and cry? On a sweeter note, I had no idea that Jordan is pregnant and that she and Jeff married. Best wishes and good health and lasting love to them, I say.
  9. Paul needs to give some serious thought to losing the "your boy." It's pretty stupid and the last thing he needs to pile-on is more stupid. I am glad that he didn't win even though I didn't like Nicole and basically just tolerated James because he seemed nice. Hardly a reason to advocate that someone win Big Brother. In this instance, that was specifically my reason for wanting James Huling to win and I am okay with that this one time () because Nicole plucked my last nerve and Paul was just your basic dog on Big Brother. I've no clue how he is in real life nor do I care. NEXT!
  10. If it is Paul and Nicole, they'll give it to Paul; I think. Either would be foolish to take the other, though, and I'm hoping that they think that way and take James and the jury gives them the finger and gives it to him. Just because I don't like Nicole and I don't like Paul. Reason enough for me. You think that Paul is obnoxious now? Let him win Big Brother and you will see obnoxious.
  11. I don't really know James' true and unabridged story and it is certainly none of my business but he seems really, really nice and I have to think that his time (and future) might be better represented at a college or university - I'm thinking he is a veteran; yes? - than whole summers on Big Brother. If he wins, that would be about $350K, and a different matter but from what I read here, his chances of doing so are not wonderful. But then, I've never understood how people could put their lives on hold for three months and repeatedly; more so. I have also never understood how adults cry and moan about missing their families when they are basically on vacation by choice. I think that is hilarious and I think that James was a foolish man to relinquish that comp to Nicole so that she could hear from her family. ROFLMAO. Maybe he couldn't have won it and knew that?
  12. Evil DIck was pretty nasty-mouthed but nothing to the extent of contemporary houseguests, imo. Remember Eddie McGee? He thought a simple sentence had to include F&&K at least three times or it wasn't grammatically correct. That woman from Staten Island had a pretty rough mouth. I found her intolerable and BB sorta wasn't the same for me after that season. I think, folks, that the times are changing/changed and I probably got left behind when it comes to younger minds and mouths and what they say and how they say it and how it is received. Doesn't mean I have to like it or listen to it and I mostly don't.
  13. I never saw that Nicole liked Corey all that much but admittedly, I didn't watch feeds or anything other than the show itself so I wouldn't be a good judge of that. Corey seemed pretty vapid to me, all in all, and Nicole pretty goofy-acting so that I just thought they maybe clung to each other out of need; relative to the BB house, with no real base to the relationship. Again, she has great hair. Nurse Jackie was registered. ROFLMAO P.S. I like your post(s) abdala.
  14. It would be fine with me to forego the morality clause and just take an electric cattle prod to them. Again, I say that NOBODY in real life lounges 24/7 and if they do, circumstances prevent otherwise which is understandable. BB needs to put those nasty-mouthed sloths to work.
  15. I think that Victor wanted to be seen and if that entailed being heard as a consequence; so be it. I think that he is starkly beautiful in the dramatic latino way of all that hair and all those teeth and that big smile. Not to mention those fabulous eyes. Hold me tight and never let me go, baby. If Victor doesn't use BB as a springboard to bigger and better; I will be really surprised.
  16. One way or another, it is safe to say that she inherited none of Dan's talent for the game.
  17. It is doubtful that Corey would "know" any of those people in real life. Maybe in passing but that is all. I think that he is ill-suited for BB. I would like to see him on AR or Survivor. I wonder if being tied to Nicole helped or hindered but one way or the other, they all deep-down wanted his hunky niceness gone.
  18. Well, once again James is an easy guy to like but I kinda wondered how he made it this far this time. Marty says that he played a good game strategically and I truly respect her opinion when it comes to BB so I am going to tell you that yeah, I hope James wins. He is definitely the least objectionable of the three, to me, so give the money to James and send them all home.
  19. I really don't care how good he is at the game because he just makes me cringe every time he opens his loud, obnoxious mouth or flounces around the house. Paul is enough to make me swear off BB forevermore. Crappy group, all in all, and he leads the pack. That many women in that house and one makes it to the finish. Will they never, ever learn?
  20. I don't like Nicole. I really don't like her ditzy looks as much as anything, I guess. I try not to let shallow feelings sway me when it comes to assessing BB gameplay but I'm most often unsuccessful. I would not have brought her back to the game but they didn't ask me and there she is and I sure as hell would rather have vacuous Nicole win over Paul. I think. Maybe this time I just don't really care.

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