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  1. Smart thinking and I think you are right about that probably!
  2. I like Frank a lot! Might be my favorite person in the house right now! I loved his Chilltown classic DR on tonight's episode with Boogie. That was the best moment on the show tonight!
  3. I must be the only one that likes Joe! I must say I was surprised by his DR when Willie was kicked out. Thought he was going to bad mouth him.
  4. Good bye and good riddance! I will admit Britney wasn't much of a coach in this situation and basically just gave up on one of her players, but still this guy has serious anger issues. Bottom line Big Brother just wasn't his game period!
  5. Well said! I agree that its something you may not want to put out on national TV, but I definitely kudos him as well. I was the same way as him until I lost mine. Always wanted to wait for the right person.
  6. I like Boogie! He isn't Dr. Will by any means who definitely is the brains of Chilltown! But Boogie is an alright player in his own right!
  7. I really like Ian a lot so far!!! I think he is my favorite! I wouldn't mind seeing him and Ashley hook up they might make a cute couple!
  8. Freaking love Dan! He is one of my all time favorites! Won't be quite the same without his renegade partner in crime Memphis though!
  9. Hated her on Season 6 as I was one of the very few Friendship fans! Absolutely loved her on Season 7!!! Hope her team does well!
  10. I really love Britney!!! She was by far my favorite house guest on BB12!!! Its going to be sad not seeing her with Lane though! She is one of the most entertaining and hilarious house guests ever!
  11. Willie's big mistake was saying he is from Louisiana like Russell. I can't believe he didn't lie about where he was from. Then saying I think that Russell guy lived way up north somewhere. Boogie, Janelle, and Dan sniffed that out quickly. Poor Dan has really got stuck with a bad team I think. He might not be first to go though because I doubt any of his people are targets. Who knows I think the two he has left could sneak to the end. I wouldn't doubt somewhere down the line they may allow the captains to trade members perhaps. Also anyone catch that on Sunday they are going to be battling for some new power? What is that going to be I wonder?
  12. Decent premiere! I liked some things, disliked others, and am skeptical of some things. Mainly this mentor twist so these four former house guests will basically be never competing in anything outside of maybe food competitions. BORING especially for them I would think. I really hope at some point they just scrape this coach twist and make them official players that would be a lot more exciting I think. I give this coach twist about 3-4 weeks before it is going to get old. I don't like that someone leaves the first night. That happened in BB9 with Jacob and I didn't care for it. You barely get a chance to know that person. Just seems like a total waste they even showed. Sure it is a shocking twist, but I still don't like it. Even though Jodi is probably just Kalia 2! lol. Overall though it is still Big Brother and I still love it!
  13. Really really liked the premiere! It is no BB by any means I don't think it could live up to that kind of greatness. However, it was a lot better then I thought it would be! The cast first of all looked very boring and dull on first glance, however I thought they were really good. My favorite has to be Jeffery so far!
  14. A big thank you to all the updaters for keeping me up to date on the house proceedings!
  15. No kidding I had to laugh when I heard that. I was like really Rachel a floater? Give me a break!!! One of the dumbest things I have ever heard on the show in 13 seasons. Sadly I wish Dick and Daniele would of never been on this season. Obviously Dick wasn't much of a part of it so it wouldn't of mattered if he wasn't. Dani I loved that girl in Season 8 didn't much care for her this season. It seems this happens for me often when people come back in All Stars I loved Marci coming in, hated him going out. I hated Janelle in Season 6, loved her in all stars and appreciate her now a lot in Season 6. Love Erika in Season 4, didn't care for her on All Stars. Just a few examples. Dick and Daniele together are much better then one of them separate. Although I do think Dick would be great separate. The funny thing is that is the exact opposite of Brendon and Rachel lol.
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