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  1. Cops, Firefighters, and Military types rule!!!!

  2. I know everyone seems to love her, but I don't know why? She is stupid and useless in this game. She plays with her boobs and tugs at her hair all day and night. Her playing stupid got old after an hour. I just find it hard to believe that people find that endearing. She should of went instead of Casey. He is funny and speaks his mind. What does she do? EAT? FLIRT? and......????
  3. She is so frikin vile. There is nothing endearing about this chick/man. Fuggin big baby. That was great when Casey on the way out called her Jessie's pitbull! She couldn't shut her mouth then and why does she feel a constant need to back Jessie up? Gawd someone body slam this man/chick already
  4. Nice post! After all the shit talking they did to Casey about him being upset he's leaving look at these 2? Pathetic little whiners. Natalie needs smack upside her head, and Jessie is still as arrogant as ever. something tells me Jeff isn't getting this Coup thing come next week. And I far from trust Russ
  5. This game is so fuggin rigged it's sad.
  6. Wow, Jessie is still talking chit to everyone, and they are taking it. I have never seen more pathetic people in my LIFE. As for Jordans lame ass. I don't see what people like about her. She is useless. Here Jeff has been trying to carry her and she wants to be FAIR and put his name in? WTF? Do these people not see they are playing a game???? Jessie is a no one, yet everyone still bows down to him, PATHETIC
  7. What if it has nothing to do with the houseguests and something literally to do with the house? They did say it would turn the house over or whatever. What if it is just pertaining to the HOH comp?
  8. Good people, didn't know this game was about being GOOD PEOPLE. She is useless and does nothing but ride on Jeff's coat tails. I guess some men are suckers for women who act stupid and have the whole damsel in distress going for them. The same women that I pull over and try to use the same tactics. Doesn't work. She's dead weight, and needs to go before Casey.
  9. Can someone please tell me why Jordan is still on this show? Is it the constant hair flipping, eating, sleeping?? She does nothing and seems as dumb as a rock? Does she think that is what men like and go for? She's useless and annoying if anything. Jeff made a comment earlier about he will go home before her and he's been carrying her. Stupid Man, you hit the nail on the head. Lose the stupid blonde and play the game. If my wife acted half the way she does i'd send her back to school for at least 8 years.
  10. I would love to see Ronnie go, or actually Natalie, Lydia or Kevin. Natalie is just vile and the other 2 are useless losers. There is something about Ronnie that just screams freak.
  11. Sick fock dug into his belly button, pulled something out, smelled it then wiped it away. Wow, what was casting thinking this year? These people are either boring, disgusting or plain pathetic. By now there would be more favorites and I would enjoy the show more. It's not getting better it's getting worse. Real let down.
  12. GOD! Someone tell horse face to shut her mouth when she eats. Nothing worse than that. I think her teeth won't allow for those lips to fully cover her mouth when eating.
  13. 150% agree. Her trying to use her wittle giwl voice, and such is annoying. She gots to go!
  14. yeah it's official. She's frikin annoying
  15. She is trying waaayyyy to hard. She needs to ease up on the ass kissing and trying to be cute. She seemed cool at first.

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