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Thursday, August 16th


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Eric has no choice... If America voted to evict Dustin, Eric will do so...

I thought that Eric has a choice. He goes with America if he wants the task to go toward the 5 to make the extra cash.

Having the feeds are alot better for the second half of the game instead of the first half. The first half is pretty boring because no one makes big moves. Now they'll start.

I think the opposite..the beginning is A LOT better. After it gets down to the last 5 or so, it gets really boring for me. I'd rather watch paint dry.

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I want to watch the live show and find out the eviction there.....

but I'm sooooo excited to find out who's going.....no! I'm going

to log off.......this has to be the most exciting event so far this

season!!!!! Be back later, either to gloat or grumble.....LOL

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