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Daniele - Week 1


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Huntington Beach, Calif.





Garden State, Pecker, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

TV Shows

Seinfeld, Cash Cab, The Food Network


Jude Law, Edward Furlong


Kirsten Dunst


Photography, Disneyland, my dog, shopping

Sports to Play


Sports Teams

Angels, Chargers

Outdoor Activities

No favorite


Aqualung, Mirah, Rilo Kiley, Copeland


No favorite


Junk food, Dippin' Dots, Rubio's Fish Tacos


No favorite



Candy Bars

Dark Chocolate M&Ms

Alcoholic Drinks



Vitamin Water & Redline

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There seems to be a lot of speculation on other boards that the two of them faked the estrangement... Since he has pictures of her on his myspace...

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Here's even more proof that she and her father are in the house...

Her name is

Daniele Donato

Her fathers last name is also Donato... Just saying that even though this is normal, they most likely didn't release the last names because of this...

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Kinda hoping she goes before her dad and not sure why. Something about her just seems off but I don;t know what it is.

dunno, maybe feelings will change

If she and Dick faked their estrangement, I hope they both go early so we can not be involved in their drama


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i think it would really suck if you thought you were going in the bb house to have fun and try to win some money and you DAD that you dont even LIKE is in there :animated_shocking: that stinks, i hope she outstays her dad.....of course, she may be a real bitch!

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I'm rooting for Daniele to outlast Devil Dick.

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what if its her dad that wanted to be on BB first and then they went and got her?

why should she get first dibs?

i am rooting for the father to go farther. well as of right now. i reserve the right to change my mind.

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I'm curious about the fallout they had to be worst enemies. First impressions...Dick looks like he never grew up...and she looks like a snotty brat...but she's young so I'll cut her some slack. For a father/daughter to be worst enemies...something big had to have happened. I hope this doesn't cross a line on acceptable exploitation of people on reality tv. (but secretly....I kinda do!)

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..don't most kids have problems w/ their parents...? I don't think it's anything super-major.

I'm throwing my hat in the ring for Daniele. I think she's not to be underestimated as she seems to be wise beyond her years.

But, I could be wrong... We'll see soon enough.

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The father daughter thing might pan out to be good tv for a lil while. I'm hoping for her sake whatever it was that made her and her dad worst enemes wasnt too bad. If i was put in the house with my father I would probably have a melt down by day 3. I would have to win the $$ in the end just to pay my therapy bills that would arrise from spending 3 months in the house with my father and on TV lol.

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she'll be asround for awhile

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