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  1. ok for everyone who watches this show if you were Ben who would you pick? i would pick Nicki!
  2. so who are the 4 he is really into?
  3. now that was a curveball last night
  4. do we know whos officaly on the block?
  5. i can confirm 2nd showing is a repeat that is true
  6. actually i did not hear this. i was just making guesses. cause jordan is likeable and has won before and dani because shes a challenge beast
  7. her and jordan out early. that tweet page also said ED is not a fan of jordan!!
  8. evil-rachel alliance would make me vomit lol
  9. anyone just see the tweet posted today by spoilbigbrother?
  10. the previews for the rest of the season where going by too fast. thought i saw a girl try to kick a guy in the cajones in one! probably just seeing things though. this is looking like the best challenge ever. leroy lucking out and getting his best friend as a replacement to was a shocker. why not bring in dustin instead? goes with the theme better!
  11. guess it didnt happen maybe tommorrow when media day info comes out?
  12. dibs. this team is going far! (crosses fingers)
  13. front page said someone was sexin it up in the bb house last night. it was probably the showmance couple i call brendhel

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