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  1. I"m not sure what it is (its not looks) could be the accent but she reminds me very much of Danielle Donato. its strange
  2. 2:20 in the bathroom while nicole was rubbig her eye tiffany is letting her paranoia get to her. She tells nicole that she feels like everytime she comes into a room nicole will leave. nicole says its just coincidental. nicole went to go eat salad. tiffany just sitting in the bathroom Z biting her nails D and Michelle brushing teeth. michelle moves onto drawing on eye brows, nicole is back folding what looks like towels. some chit chat about going to sleep camera 3 paul is telling how Tiffany is acting odd she was telling him earlier there is a power in the house and its shady and people are dishonest. he says he felt very uncomfortable paulie has asked him to clarify that she used the words Power in the house. and shady. .Z walks in and conversation changed to berries and they are upset are that the not have nots are eating their berries.
  3. 1:50 James to Da Maybe we should wait until he gets out Tiffany then we can go after him. so first Tiffany then him. She tells him okay. Da says he's trying to keep his hands clean and let others do his dirty work. James promises not to say anything to frank. nicole joins them and da says to her that she was talking to james about getting frank out. Nicole thinks frank is telling lies. and that frank is trying to get james to go after paulie or cory and that if it fails it looks like james is the bad guy. James says maybe we should go to talk to cory and tell him whats up. James told frank that cory doesn't want to throw an hoh competition. nicole is upset that he said that but understands cause his loyalty was to frank because he didnt have all this information. now they are talking about taking bridgette out first but that could piss of frank so they don't want to piss him off.
  4. 1:30a D talking to james about how next week they have 5 votes to get him out. her only concern is really michelle but it doesnt matter james saying it has to be a back door cause it will rattle the game. Da saying if we are a team why is he throwing us under the bus, he's talked to Natalie like 5 times today. She is not okay with that. she expected it from a newbie or someone from the 8 pack but not the core 4. She wanted to run it by James first since he's so level headed. James: "but this week we are getting victor out right? she says yes. james says after frank is out are we still a team or is it everyone for themselves and she says its just herself, James and Nicole. Da thinks he's gonna try and take bridgette all the way to the end. James says they have to do something while they have strength in numbers that frank is a beast in competitions he's pretty good. if they swing they have to follow through.
  5. Da and James talking in safari room. Da asking him if Frank promised him a final 2 deal. She's telling james that frank has been promising final 2 deals with everyone. She then tells him she wants to try and get him (frank) out next week. James tells her he was starting to think that last week. D: he's rubbing the women the wrong way and everyones getting tired of it. He's different than I thought he was. He told paulie about the 8 They are talking about how frank and corey told paulie about the 8 pack. and how hes trowing the vets under the bus. he's playing very selfish. (missing some of the dialogue tho)
  6. She seems cool and she's a fellow Ny'er so thats going for her as well.
  7. I'm starting out rooting for her only because we both are from Staten Island.
  8. I seem to be in the minority with liking the mentoring twist. Maybe i'm just to much of a Hunger Games Fan. Its apparent they need to come up with a gimmik of some kind and some were better than others. Returning Hg seems to work out well for ratings. At the end of the day Ratings are all that matter. Without ratings we have no Big brother. I start out every year excited to see how the "Twist" will play out. Even if it was to mean another summer with Rachel or Boogie.
  9. Yay its almost BB time. I'm only here during the summer mostly due to my schedule and lack of TV watching during the colder months. But Very excited for this summer!!!!!!
  10. I've changed my work schedule so that I'm free to spend my days here catching up and watching the feeds. I will now work really early in the morning. Not sure my customers are going to like that tho lol
  11. Wow I can't believe its starting tonight!!!! This last week has gone by really slow!!! but its time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. which HG recited I will survive during the live show
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