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Tuesday, 9/8 Live Show


Eviction #10  

113 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will be evicted tonight?

    • Jordan
    • Michele
  2. 2. Who will win tonight's endurance competition?

    • Jordan (if not evicted)
    • Kevin
    • Michele (if not evicted)
    • Natalie
  3. 3. Will you watch the Kevin/Natalie special episode next Sunday?

    • Yes
    • No

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I don't even want to know!

As for tonight's show, either Jordan or Michele staying is fine with me. Michele is a real trooper - in the diploma challenge, she was throwing up early, but stayed on that swing for another 2 hours! If she stays tonight, she has a real shot of winning the endurance part of the competition.

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So you better be listening!!! My flying monkeys and Elle naked!!! Now that's radio!!!

Oh I'll be listening MM!!! *But, have you setup the webcam yet for Elly???*

Oh, and I think Michelle will be evicted tonight...

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If by chance Kevin goes to F2 with Jordan he loses it all. If he's smart he will re-think his position and stop pacifying Natalie.

I think Michelle will be going tonight and Kevin will win endurance comp. I will watch the final show if I can because I've watched previous ones with worth houseguests.

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Any chance Jordan leaves tonight?

Only if Kevin ignores Gnat.

He could do it to try to mess GNat up for the comp. It would throw her off a bit. Then again it could also make her run that mouth more during the comp.

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I'll gladly get naked to see "them there" flying butt monkies! Be sure to spread your arse cheeks really wide for me...

Oh Michelle or Jordan.. why couldn't one of you just won HOH this week???

I really don't want to part with either of them.

I am looking forward to the endurance comp tonight. Yay BB!!

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I haven't been on the boards for several days because my husband was in the hospital (he's better now) and I've got to tell you I'm glad I haven't really been watching or paying attn to BB because this season has gone to the dogs.

I'm so mad at Jeff for trusty K/J and I can't stand the thought of Natalie being happy (or Jesse being happy or Chima being happy).

I will not watch a K/J final 2. I will dvr it and check out Morty's to see if there is anything really worth watching. But I won't watch it live.

In the long run, BB is a fun summer guilty pleasure and not that important in the grand scheme of things (at least not to my family), but I won't waste my time on Gnat.

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michelle will be evicted. this was known at the start of the week if either she nor jordan won pov

endurance i am thinking it will be a spinning comp/motion of sort since neither kevin nor natalie did so well on last one. so if its spinning jordan would be the fav . i havent been watching the feeds but i am sure nat and kevin came to agreement of who will throw it to whom if jordan drops first.

i am a fan of bb , so i will watched finale regardless . plus how can you miss the 2 hour finale its bound to be lots of fireworks . i put in almost 10 weeks so i might as well watch finale and have some closure to bb 11.

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oops my bad

question was referring to sunday show :animated_rotfl:

i am one of few that do watch sunday show

i might half watch it thou since sunday night football will be on

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uvp, I totally agree with everything you wrote. I guess I'll watch final 2 if it's K/N but it will be under duress.

But I'll try to never think about Nasty again. As a politician said a long time ago: She's not worth a bucket of

warm spit. (He actually said "warm piss" but the news media changed that one word.)

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