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Tuesday, 9/8 Live Show


Eviction #10  

113 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will be evicted tonight?

    • Jordan
    • Michele
  2. 2. Who will win tonight's endurance competition?

    • Jordan (if not evicted)
    • Kevin
    • Michele (if not evicted)
    • Natalie
  3. 3. Will you watch the Kevin/Natalie special episode next Sunday?

    • Yes
    • No

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wow i thought it would be over

who looks the best?

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I am only here on the boards reading, refuse to watch the show, and I am gald cause everyone is sayin Natalie is gettin a good edit, really pisses me off, and I am pissed off at some other things so this doesn't help

They always give these losers good edits. I don't care how much money she wins, in life, she'll still be a loser. She'll be playing the tae kwon do (sp) champ card and the BB card for all their worth until she's soon forgotten, then she'll be soon broke. I could see her as the next reality star who goes to jail for tax evasion.

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Yeah, I don't think Jordan appreciates Natalie's insinuation or her being so blatantly mean in reference to Michele about her insecurities. Jordan was smart enough to see that Michele is an insecure person and showed compassion by complimenting her all the time. jmo.

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