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Tuesday, 9/8 Live Show


Eviction #10  

113 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will be evicted tonight?

    • Jordan
    • Michele
  2. 2. Who will win tonight's endurance competition?

    • Jordan (if not evicted)
    • Kevin
    • Michele (if not evicted)
    • Natalie
  3. 3. Will you watch the Kevin/Natalie special episode next Sunday?

    • Yes
    • No

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Can someone please remind me how the final 3 works which part do they have to win to evict the 3rd person to make f2.

The two that win the comps (either this one or the next one, winner of this one heads right to the final HOH comp) compete for the final HOH comp. Final HOH does the evict on the spot.

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She thinks the rest of the jury house loves her, so she doesn't care about her vote. The truth always comes out in the jury house though.

Her telling Jessie her real age is going to ruin her chances. Funny, he's the only "friend" she has. Lydia doesn't care for her, the rest sure don't. Kevin or Jordan will win this game for sure. Natalie will be too cocky. If Kevin can man up and take the abuse from the jurors and not fire back with "oh no you didint!", he will win over Natalie.

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OMG THEY JUST USED JEFF'S JURY HOUSE ENTRANCE AS A PITCH FOR NEXT EPISODE! LOL! They are really digging for viewers now! Hey BB, cast better people and we would continue to watch regardless bunch of morons.

I totally agree I'm done watching it all now (I stopped watching the feeds and BBAD a few days ago.)

It would help if they actually picked people who apply each year to play and know how to play the game. I don't think half of these people were picked by applying like all the BB fans do each season. They would've kept more viewers to the end if they got rid of Nasty but they love her because she makes the perfect puppet.

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Kevin will win.

this hoh or game?

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I agree about wishing they'd pick more interesting people. Of course some of the early ones kicked off (Kasey, Laura, Braden) seemed interesting. Still...I was checking out the new Survivor cast and most of them sound AMAZING. Most have traveled, gone to college, have interesting jobs or ambitions. Why can't BB have such a competent cast? Michelle was the only one I respected...well Jeff was pretty cool, too. And I like Jordan but that girl needs to use her brain (I truly think she has one but has gotten by with looks so never used that muscle much).

Please let Gnat lose and not make it to final two!

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