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  1. Where does one sign up?? When I click the link it brings up a window for me to sign in, but no where to sign up.
  2. Anyone watching the recap show tonight. I keep saying Im not going to, but of course I probably will if there is nothing else on. It better be some darn good, never before seen clips! LOL Bloopers during comps would be fun!
  3. I think (dont quote me on this) Big Love comes back in Jan or Feb 2010. I loooove that show. I hate that it is sooooo long in between seasons.
  4. This is one endurance that I can watch where I dont have to work the next day. You can bet your boots, I'll be having a nap before the kiddos get home from school tomorrow! lol
  5. Is the damn log broken? They havent moved in like 15 minutes..Come on BB. This is getting rediculous now. The way end this is to start the log rolling and dont stop. They will begin to get tired, and make mistakes. Im getting tired just watching them. *yawns*
  6. I dont think Jordan did. She tried but she couldnt get any. She was afraid the log would start, so she passed it back.
  7. Nats hand isnt on the key. Shes hanging on to the rope above the key!
  8. Maybe the numbers they chose earlier have to do with which lane they would be in?
  9. WOOOHOOO! Jeff won. Nat just asked him if he'll get any good snacks and he said he doesnt know. He forgets what he put!
  10. Unless the comp is already over and they are making us wait the whole hour. Grr.
  11. 10 am BBT. WBRB again and on that note I have to get ready for work. Hope someone can pick up from here. I'll be back later y'all. Cheers
  12. 9:56 bbt Feeds are back. Jeff and Lydia are playing 'war' Lydia mentions how she thinks he woke on the wrong side of the bed. He says 'no, I just woke up with too many roomates again' She asks how many he had? He said 'Well I used to have 12.....' (lol)

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