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Natalie Negrotti - (11th Evicted - Day 86 - 6th Jury member)


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Natalie Negrotti 
Age: 26
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela, South America
Current City: Franklin Park, NJ
Occupation: Event coordinator

Three adjectives that describe you: Altruistic, athletic, and beautiful. 


Favorite Activities: I love painting, cooking, baking, eating, napping, shopping, online shopping, doing makeup, doing hair, tanning, pageants, dancing, going on dates, playing with puppies, looking at puppy videos on Instagram and online, party planning, decorating, having tea time, getting dressed-up, doing my nails, and bargain shopping!


What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? 
Living with men because I have never lived with a man in my house, not even my own father!


Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? 
Donny [Thompson from Season 16] because he was the sweetest and most genuine human.


Do you have a strategy for winning the game? 
Yes! I'm super-girly and athletic, and will fake everyone out with my kindness. I’ll act very innocent, stay low-key for the first week, and won't win the first challenge. Then, I will start showing I'm a powerful force not to be messed with. I will have an alliance with only three women because women suck at this game and I was an NFL cheerleader for the New York Jets and know how to deal with large groups of women. 

I will also add men to our alliance, since everyone will want to be in an alliance with me. I'm very kind, but I'm very tough and have street smarts because I was raised by a single mother. I've had to work my whole life and helped my mom pay her bills when I was in high school. People won't expect how much adversity I faced and how tough I am because I'm so pretty.


My life’s motto is… 
Work hard and play harder!


What would you take into the house, and why? 
I would take makeup because I can't live without it; self-tanner because I can't live without a tan; and my glitter hair spray to keep my hair on-point.


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On ‎6‎/‎14‎/‎2016 at 5:53 PM, WickedOne said:

Holy sh-- WHERE to start... 


oh soooo agree! - if she talks like she types no one will get a word in at all! - oh my goodness - longest answers to questions I think I've ever seen - glitter hair spray?  really?

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2 hours ago, graceomalley said:

that's who she reminds me of!!! - could not put my finger on it!! - hope she is not playing James -


I think she honestly does like James.  I didn't think I was going to like Natalie when the season first started, but I think she's genuine, and probably a pretty nice person.  I hope she gets to stick around for awhile. 

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24 minutes ago, Roli said:


I think she honestly does like James.  I didn't think I was going to like Natalie when the season first started, but I think she's genuine, and probably a pretty nice person.  I hope she gets to stick around for awhile. 

that's how she strikes me too, but I am fond of James - I refuse to say it the way the twins did - and I don't want him to get played - they are cute together though -

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I really like Natlie's personality beause she is so upbeat and positive, no matter the situation.  She passed Jame's little "trust exercise" even though it involved her BFF in the house.  If she were playing James, she would have blabbed it right away, but she did let it slip that she knew she was in danger of being put on the block if Bridgette used the veto to take Bronte down.


Bronte & Natalie had more trust in each other than any of the other girls in the Fatal 5 alliance had within their group.


I loved seeing the clip of Natalie trying to comfort Tiffany in the HN room when she had her crying meltdown.  Natalie truly has a big heart because she had just lost her most trusted ally in the game, yet she had enough compassion to show to Tiffany when she needed it the most.


Another thing I really don't comprehend is why are the other girls so focused on whether her boobs are natural, or enhanced?  Who cares, and what difference does it make??  Nicole & Zakiyah seemed to be obsessed with Natalie's boobs because they've discussed it numerous times when the boys are around.  Nicole is clearly insecure about her own looks and lacks self-confidence, but I don't get it because Nicole is an attractive woman.  Zakiyah is attractive too, but she also comes across as insecure.


And lastly, why are the other girls so concerned about Natalie's relationship with James?  It's none of their business  whether Natalie is playing James or he is playing her. They're both  adults and are free to make their own decisions about who to hook-up  and/or hang out with.  Zakiyah,  Nicole & Corey talking about Natalie breaking James' heart is total BS to me.  They just wanna  get some drama started because they don't truly care about James, and they truly dislike Natalie - a lot.


I hope that Natalie makes it to the jury, but it doesn't seem likely because she has a lot of haters in the house.



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On Sunday, July 17, 2016 at 6:19 PM, Marty said:

I would like to see Natalie make it farther. I think she is genuine although not great at the game. 


Natalie may not understand all the  finer points of BB strategic game moves, but she's getting better at it.  She let James know that Paulie is playing both sides by pushing for James to nominate Frank & Bridgette and after the noms Natalie saw Paulie acting surprised and being all buddy-buddy with Frank & Bridgette.


Someone (Bridgette?) told Natalie that Davonne was responsible for the vote flip where Bronte was evicted and she asked James about it.  James wasn't 100% honest with Natalie because he only told that he wasn't involved (because he really wasn't)  I wish he had told Natalie that Paulie, Nicole & Corey told James & Davonne at the last minute that they had the votes to keep Tiffany.  


When Michelle, Davonne & James initially tried to round up the votes to keep Tiffany they failed to secure the 5 votes because James wanted Paul evicted and Davonne didn't want to lose Paul from her team.  Nicole & Zakiyah were taking their marching orders from Paulie and he said a big "NO" to their idea to save Tiffany.


It was only after  Michelle convinced Paulie that Bronte was targeting him & Corey that Paulie changed his mind.  I'm not sure if James was aware that Michelle passed the "Bronte targeting Paulie & Corey" info to Paulie.  James tried to refute the Bronte info, but at that point it was too late to save Bronte and there was nothing he could do about it.

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