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  1. The only difference it would have made is to spare Kev "swearin on his man" on a F2 deal with... ugh I can't even abbreviate her name... Would he have taken Jordo? My guess is now we'll never know...
  2. ...and just like that the ballot is fixed again... keep an eye on CBS, they really are desparate to move Jessie along in this game.
  3. Just went to give Jeff all my support and lo and behold the names don't match the pix again... Jeff's pic, Jessies name...hmmmmmmm????
  4. just as hoped for... Mr. Bransen and his lovely daughters have forged into the lead. The previews for the finale makes it out to be a race between the Wheezers and Linzes... here's to hoping the producers are trying to pull one over on us. (Last weeks previews didn't show them at all focusing instead on the Gawdleewwskis and we know now where they finished.) MARRY ME ELIZABETH!!! Go Bransens...
  5. Wally and the girls deserve to win it all!!! And, I'm just gonna go ahead and put it out there... This is a blanket proposal-- Elizabeth/Lauren/Lindsay, you're intelligence, humor and inner harmony is only matched by your outward poise and beauty. You would make me the happiest man on the planet if you would do me the honor of becoming my wife. GO BRANSENS!!!!
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