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  1. I don't know what to make of this guy. He's lived a colorful life.
  2. Catches snakes and raccoons with her bare hands, and then cuddles with her rooster. She has just enough crazy in her to make it far.
  3. Maybe the first one to cry
  4. Such a baby face, probably very loud.
  5. Sounds like he will play the game hard.
  6. She seems down to earth and has a good wit about her.
  7. She sleeps with her eyes opened and sages people without their permission.. Draaamaaa
  8. He'll be the first to hook up with someone.. or try to.
  9. I could see her getting on peoples nerves.
  10. First time I saw someone describe themselves as a trophy. If he can stick to and pull off that strategy..
  11. She really admires herself.. I'm sure her roster of boy toys will be lost without her
  12. He probably won't be distracted by any kind of shomance.
  13. Seems like a likable dude
  14. First impression is just meh. If she talks about how she uses her "power over men" to make big tips she might rub some the wrong way

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