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    making fun of houseguests
  1. Looks like a Samoan Jimmy Smits.
  2. Hey lady! You're almost 40. Stop trying to pretend you're 20!
  3. I can see her going the Chima route when she gets into a confrontation. She will not last.
  4. Please. Go. Home. Now! That is all.
  5. Reminds me of a surfer Carrot Top. Not a fan.
  6. If I hear him refer to himself in the third person about one more time, I'm going to scream. Very obnoxious and as was pointed out above ^ I also feel that he just wants to use BB to brand himself and get some notoriety.
  7. Whenever I see her, the song "Barbie Girl" pops into my head and stays there for hours! Grrr!
  8. That killed me. Not quite as bad as team James trying to become "The CALVary". Um, Calvary is where Jesus died. I believe you mean CAVALRY Victor! Geez people!
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