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  1. ugh - I thought all I had to worry about was which of the three L6 players to root for - Tyler - Angela or KC - now I have to worry about JC! I had hoped that Tyler changed his mind and went after JC, but that didn't happen - and now so close to the end, JC wins a comp - wonder what it was.... I don't want to see him win - but - as production says - expect the unexpected....ugh ugh ugh - out of the other three, I could let go of Angela, but I am truly torn between Tyler and KC - if either of them take Angela they win - and I'd be happy about that - but JC - nope - all he did was whine and act a little bit strange with the other houseguests - and he thought he was running things! just ugh -
  2. did I read correctly that she is from Hilton Head? I wonder if she knows any of the Southern Charm cast - Hilton Head is a small community - I like Angela, but I do not see her winning - mostly because of how the jury feels about her -
  3. oooooooohh noooooo - nonono - please NOT THAT!!!! just - ewww
  4. Absolutely - even if on some level he knew it was not the best move, he would not be able to help himself -
  5. between Fessy and Hayleigh, the more dangerous of the two is Hay - Fessy lets his obsession with Hayleigh cloud his every decision - I agree that JC probably could convince Fessy to put himself on the block - Hayleigh on the other hand, has better instincts - not that she is always right, but she has a better feel for the subtle changes in gameplay - this escapes Fessy entirely - mostly he mostly seems to worry about Brett getting close to Hayleigh - I think Fessy will go home, but I wish it was Hayleigh -
  6. so much for leaving her kids hoping to win the money for her family - over a statement.......sheesh -
  7. exactly! - especially with this group - the majority has diarrhea of the mouth in that house! - he is wise not to tell anyone -
  8. still one of my faves to win this - Tyler is the other one -
  9. Fessy is way too fussy for me - I think he has a small chance of being a good player if would just stop with Hayleigh - she is very pretty - she is also very young - and she is certainly not helping his game - how he does not see this does not give me any hope for him doing well -
  10. I love that both Kaitlyn and Rockstar are on the block!! - but - doesn't Sam's power app immediately go to whoever gets evicted? - or something like that? I would like them both gone but for very different reasons - just wondering if the power app can come back and bite Sam in the end - and its HER HOH - never understood why the HOH had to discuss her decisions with everyone anyway, so I'm glad that she is using her one chance to do things the way she wants - not what the house wants! - and what is with everyone "voting with the house" anyway - are they all a bunch of sheep? it's THEIR vote - no one is required to tell the entire house how they are voting!! I get not wanting to make yourself a target, but that is just nuts to me!
  11. oh no! not at all - just a comment on the statement she made - she needs to go - she and Rockstar - I feel sorry for Kaitlyn's boyfriend.......
  12. I'd like to see her and Kaitlyn on the block - either one of them can go - Rockstar needs to look up the definition of keeping a secret - nothing is safe with her - Phyllis Diller on acid indeed!!!
  13. what exactly was she referring to with that comment? I get not liking people talking about you - I get how it can make you feel all icky - but the way she is "dealing" with it is just scary - something is very off with her - run Tyler, RUN



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