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Tiffany Rousso - (4th Evicted - day 37)


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Tiffany Rousso 
Age: 32 
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Current City: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Occupation: High school teacher

Three adjectives that describe you: Passionate, smart, and sincere.

Favorite Activities: Playing basketball, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, painting, singing, and playing guitar.


What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? 
Staying focused and positive. It seems like a lot of past Houseguests start getting paranoid and that seems to be their downfall. Every moment in the house is a chance to turn it all around. It’s like living in a fairytale book you’re creating yourself.


Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?  
I really liked Janelle [Pierzina from Season 6]. She was a competition beast and was also very smart. She played social when she had to, and pulled out the competition wins when she had to. She was also very likeable, in general.


Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
I am planning on integrating three key facets into my game: I want to build rapport with everyone, be social, and have one person I can trust until the end. I will make people feel like I am on their side. I also hope to be great at competitions when needed. It’s all about timing. You don't want to come out with guns blazing! 


I’ll also be sure to align myself loosely with bigger threats, so they get taken out first, but they will be more likely to win HOH competitions.


My life’s motto is… 
Live with urgency.


What would you take into the house, and why? 
A secret spy kit—kidding!—music, and champagne and orange juice. Mimosas for everyone!

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Seems like a nice girl. She is a High School teacher. BUT she does not look 32. I think they got Bridgette and Tiffany's age mixed up. I am very suspicious that her last name is Rousso. I know Vanessas was "Russo", but how easy would it be to put a O in Russo. She reminds me of a TV actress and I cant remember her name. She was on ER years ago. Good luck hun, with a last name like Rousso even if it is spelled different, they will think you are related to Vanessa no matter what you say. Paranoia will win.

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I was a big Vanessa fan and her sister seems like a softer version of her which could be very effective. Vanessa was a strategic mastermind but her main weakness to me was she was just too intense, emotional and bossy a lot of the time. If Tiffany has the strategic mind without the hard edge, she could be a force to be reckoned with. My worry is that the returning players will likely sniff out how threatening she is immediately and they will probably be targeting her very early.

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I think her voice is going to be a dead give away that she is Vanessa's sister and because of that she will have a target on her back.  With that said I think she will last a little while and I like.  I would love to see her get to the end and win it.

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I think that she may have damaged her game  by not coming clean about who her sister is.  When Cody's brother made his confession, she could have made hers too.

DaVonne ad another female HG have already  discovered her little secret.  I just wonder how long it's gonna take before other  HGs make the connection.


Aside from the physical resemblence, the mannerisms and speech paterns seem  so obvious.

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Tiffany needs to chill out, relax and lay low.  She's trying to play the same game as her sister.  Tiffany is picking fights  and blowing up for no good reason.  Instead of getting sympathy from the other HGs, she painting a big ole target on her back and has no one else to blame  but herself.


The women in the fatal 5 alliance are getting tired of her emotional outbursts, faux crying and trying to portray herself as a victim.  Now she is turning to the Spy Girls for support?????


Tiffany continues to professs her strength & smarts, but I just don't see it.  This is BB and she really needs to get her emotions under control.  She's starting to remind me of Audry from last year.  She's  playing way too hard  and it's only week 2.

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5 hours ago, Somerandomguy said:

After BBAD last night, I already hate her. She sucks. Crybaby victim needs attention. Do we have proof the Vanipultlator even has a sister? A little hair dye, mole removal, and well....

Totally agree.  What make her think she is so great a player or important that 'they need to take her out'  Delusional and way too emotional.  This girl might seriously need some professional help.

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What Tiffany (and Vanessa) don't seem to understand is that tone & attitude are the differences between having a conversation and being interrogated.


last season vanessa treated Steve like crap and he made the right choice in taking Liz to F2 instead of her, because he won first place.  had Vanessa been nicer to Steve it may have made a difference.

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