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  1. Haven't heard of anyone different but James has been tweeting the past few days. The others I don't follow so I don't know about them. However one thing I am wondering is if this rumored leak was all a set up. Make us think one thing and then do another.
  2. This is one of the best House designs they have done on BB in years. The Departure board is cool, The HOH room is awesome and I now want my own Bedroom to look like that. The backyard is really nice as well.
  3. I think her voice is going to be a dead give away that she is Vanessa's sister and because of that she will have a target on her back. With that said I think she will last a little while and I like. I would love to see her get to the end and win it.
  4. I think her voice will get on peoples nerves right away and she is will be targeted just as fast. Also she doesn't strike me as intelligent enough to truly be able to pull off her strategy.
  5. What I find funny about the Coaches twist rumor is that while the reports say it is confirmed it has not been confirmed by CBS. Also the first list two of the four have been on twitter all the time and have said they are not coming back. The other list I saw James on twitter just today and doubt he is having someone manage and post on his twitter account. That tells me that both lists probably isn't accurate. Also it has come out by CBS that there is a new Sunday competition and Grodner and Meehan say it something they have never done before which tells me that the rumor of coaches my not be 100% accurate. In the end I am sure there will be returning players I am just not convinced it is actually going to be coaches and the list of the returning players are truly accurate.
  6. I have decided to change the way I do my rankings this week as I can't seem to figure out a number value this week. The reason I haven't posted my ranking past few weeks is I felt that most of the rankings haven't changes much in the past few weeks, this week it changes a lot. My new rankings will list the top three or four players, middle two or three and the bottom two or three players. This is my Mid week ranking as I make a final ranking after Thursdays show. So here is where I stand with my rankings. Keep in mind these rankings are not for popularity as I like some of these people that are ranked lower and I hate some of them that are ranked higher. TOP Vanessa Shelli Clay Vanessa has played a very smart game up to this point and has done so while making deals and alliances with practically everyone in the game which is normally not a good move but this season it is working for her. She is very good at strategizing and normally comes up with a good plan. I liked Vanessa for the longest time but feel she is way too willing to throw her allies under the bus and get rid of them and I don't like that very much. With all that said right now she is my favorite to win the game but that is going to depend a lot of what happens this week. Shelli and Clay have been doing the same thing as Vanessa and it is worked for them as well. Shelli has found a way to keep herself safe even though she has a showmance going on right now and normally those are dangerous to have. She will have to watch her back eventually but right now she has put herself in a very good position. Middle Jason Meg Jackie Jason has been playing fine and has done so without being HOH (more than once). He is talked about as a target but no one seems to want to actually make the move to get him out of the house and that has worked for him so far. I think things might change soon though as Liz has openly wanted him out and I think might actually try do it as she has been playing extremely hard in HOH the past few weeks. Meg is alligned with Jason and has his back in the game which is great for him and her as they both have been talked about as targets but everyone seems to like them and keep them in the house. Meg has basically used the floating card so far and it has worked for her. Jackie was a floater until this week when she won HOH. Her plan to go after Austin I think was a decoy as I seriously think she was aiming for Liz as the target. I like Jackie and like what she has dne so far I just think she is way too trusting right now and that can be the end of her game. If she is the replacement nominee she will most likely go out this week. Bottom Austin James Steve Austin is infatuated with Liz and it has clouded his game play. Him going to Jason before the eviction was stupid on so many levels and put a huge target on himself in the process. Then to actually throw Julia under the bus was the dumbest move he could have made. Julia and Liz will play together and Austin will have to be OK with that. he is on damage control right now but very well could be going home this week, James has been talked about as a target for weeks and every time he is on the block he seems perfectly OK with it like its no big deal. He was asked to throw the BOB this week and in doing so made it way too obvious that was his plan and made people suspicious. He will be a target soon if he isn't careful. Steve is way too much by himself in the game which makes it easier for people to get rid of him. Becky tried to help him out this week and he remains pretty safe but he will have to get to a side quick or will find himself walking out the door himself.
  7. The sixth sense is not dead i believe, it seems to me that Vanessa. Shelli and Clay made a fake alliance with Jackie to remain safe this week but the sixth sense is still in control of this game. Vanessa didn't want to stay HOH because she didn't want the blood on her hands and thought it was the right time to get rid of one of her alliance but realized that it wasn't the right time. If Austin goes home this week it does weaken and potentially destroy the sixth sense and possibly detsroys the twins game. Austin stays in the game the sixth sense alliance has six members and can possible bring Steve into the alliance as a seventh vote and ally. That leaves James, Becky(?), Jackie(?), Jason(?), John and Meg on the outside. Best thing about not taking out Austin is that Liz, Julia, Shelli, Clay and Austin are all playing for HOH which is five people playing for HOH for the alliance and working to gether where five people are playing for the other side and if Steve wins it they can possibly get him to do what they by offering him safety for a while. In the end keeping Austin would actually be the smartest move on their part. Vanessa doesn't realize that Jackie was very willing letting Liz go home this week and I think could have flipped the house.
  8. Vaness, Sheli and Clay are in yet another alliance it seems and only works well with them as they are truly runnng this house right now. I have my doubts with this alliance though as with 11 people in the house an 8 person alliance seems like a lot of people and I see no way this group lasts. The Sixth Sense alliance is lasting because it has fewer people involved. Right now I think Vanessa, Sheli and Clay made this alliance just to stay safe and will turn on them in a second if given the chance.
  9. Is it me or does this sixth sense alliance kind of remind people of the Brigade alliance. The Brigade was an alliance of four people who met secretly and also had relationships and deals outside of the alliance. No one knew in the house they had an alliance and they were able to get to the end. At one point there was talk about making Matt expendable and it eventually was evicted by his alliance members. This season it seems the Brigade is the Six Sense only a bigger alliance. No one on the outside thinks there is even the sixth sense alliance and when Audrey tried to blow it up no one believed her. They all have their side alliances and deals with other people and that is what makes them so owerful in this game just like the Brigade was in their season. This week it seems like the sixth sense feels Austin is expendable and if that is truly the case it even more sounds like a re-do of the Sixth Sense. If they all continue to play the way they are we could very well see a Final Five of all Sixth Sense members but that means they will have continue winning comps and taking others out.
  10. I liked Jackie from the beginning and thought Jackie was playing smart in staying low and riding under the radar. Right now she has a chance to make a move and it sounds like she wants to. If James throws the BOB like they want Jackie stays in power and as of right now her plan is to backdoor Austin it seems with Steve being the back up plan. I would seriously love though for Austin to be picked for POV, win it and then take Liz off the block. That would mean Jackie would be forced to put Steve up or someone else. That alliance formed last night is never going to last. Right now the sixth sense alliance is the longest alliance in the house and they are still going strong it seems. Just like with the Brigade it looks like they determined Austin is Expendable.
  11. First of all No one on the feeds or any Big Brother fan knows for sure what happened in the DR room. She went in and came out after five hours. Do we know that she tried to self evict and was talked out of it? No. Do we know that eating slop affected the medication she was taking? No!! We have no clue what the circumstances were that lead her to go into the DR and not exit for 5 plus hours. What we do know is that she was going to be backdoored this week and evicted and because of this everyone here and in the house assumes that she is trying to get sympathy and stuff like that. It is extremely possible that medication she is takng was affected by the slop or lack of eating. That can be a reason why they are allowing her to eat and have the lights off in the Big Brother house during the day. There is reasons for BB to allow these things and it does not always have to be that they are playing favorites because of her Transgender status or what not. I am really sick and tired of people playing the discrimination card every time it suits them. She is Transgender and has not been bullies in the house but might now be feeling 100% and was instructed by Doctors to get rest and what not. If a DOCTOR ordered her to eat regularly and get rest then it is important for her to obey and for Big Brother to allow it. I am sure that BB is treating her just like anyone else in the same situation and I for one think we should not assume she is seeking sympathy just because she is on the block and Transgender.
  12. You have to admit that the sixth sense alliance reminds many of the Brigade Alliance. No one on the other side know about the alliance because no one trusts or believes audrey and each of the members of the sixth sense have deals and relationships with others in the house. Hayden and Brigade got to the end by making sure that no one knew about their alliance and also cast one of their own out the minute they felt they needed to. Hayden won because of that and the sixth sense and a lot of ways ais doing just that. Shelli and Clay are playing well to protect themselves and because no one knows about the sixth sense alliance right now they don't have to try to protect the others. Their biggest obstacle I believe will be to protect Liz next week. the best thing that happened to Liz was her getting dethroned because it gives her a chance to play in HOH next week and possibly win it. She needs to make sure that Vanessa, Austin, herself or Clay win HOH next week and Steve winning wouldn't be bad either because I think his target is Meg.
  13. I can just imagine how stressful it is playing with a twin that is switching in and out every few days. When your not in the house you have no clue what is going on and who is talking to her about what. When you switch you only have a few minutes to really tell each other everything and that is just not enough time. Austin working with and knowing about the twins helps because he can tell the other what has happened in the house. I think because of this stress Liz and Julia have done things they wouldn't normally. Julia and Liz are two different people and want to act like themselves but are forced to level their personalities for the game. Right now I think it is obvious that Liz and Julia are safe until after week five eviction. Jason has stopped with his twin thing and even made comments that he doesn't care anymore. Austin, Vanessa, Clay and Shelli have her back right now and that helps as well. But to be sure they are safe Austin and Liz have to win HOH next week.
  14. I would love to see Da' go home this week as I don't like her attitude and how easy it is to get her mad. Great drama but her leaving would not be a great loss. With that said at this point I really don't think she will be evicted this week. I seriously think she is going to be able to find the votes to stay. It seems Liz will go into being blackmailed, Austin will do what Liz says, and Jason is obviously voting for her to stay and all she needs is two people. I am hoping I am wrong but it seems to me like she might just pull it off and save herself. If that happens It puts a huge target on Clay and Shelli and that is never a good thing. Audrey on the other hand seems to have a slowly diminishing target which is good news for her.
  15. Not a mistakeat all to evict Da'Vonne at all, in fact it is a great move on Shelli's part. Audrey has a huge target on her back right now and keeping her in the house leaves a bigger target in the house. Instead of anyone going after Clay or Shelli they go after Audrey instead and leaves Shelli and Clay safe for another week. Clay wants Da'Vonne out this week because Da'Vonne was going to target him this week, Shelli was afraid if Clay was targeted she would be as well and decided to strike first. In the end I expect Da'Vonne walking out the door on Thursday. I think you say that because you like Da'Vonne and want her to stay in the house. Shelli and Clay felt they were targets for Da'Voone so they decided to strike first, that is very much strategic. In fact Becky wanted to Backdoor Audrey that was 100% personal and not strategic. Backdooring someone in the game is smart game play for when the person who want out is a huge threat and giving them two opportunities to save themselves is not smart. Audrey hasn't shown she can win competitions yet so backdooring her makes little sense.
  16. Da'Vonne has put her in a bad spot from the beginning. When she immediately volunteered to stay out of the first HOH competition it sent red flags and put a target on her back. When Phil told her she can pick someone to Fast Forward with her she picked someone else instead of Shelli and Audrey. Her reasoning in the DR was that she didn't want people to know she was in an alliance with those two. Shelli immediately felt she couldn't trust Day. Da'Vonne getting mad when someone asked her a simple question was just plain stupid of her and got a bigger target on her back. I think she played the game poorly from the beginning and that is why she should go home this week. I have heard from some that because she seems to know about the twin twist she should use it to Blackmail Liz and get her vote but I don't see how Day has any leverage. Day goes to tell Liz that she will blow the whole thing up and tell the whole house if she doesn't get Liz's vote wouldn't work because everyone basically knows now that Jason told everyone. Since Liz isn't on the block Day really has no leverage. She might have the last laugh twist but I don't see how it changes anything at this point. Clay, Audrey Jeff, Jackie, Vanessa, Becky, James, Austin, Steve, Liz and John I can see voting to evict Day while Jason is the only one voting to save Day. Even if Day nullifies three votes she still doesn't have enough votes to stay. Vanessa is a wild card in that she could go either way. A blackmail I just don't think works for her. In the end Da'Vonne looks like she is gone and I cannot be any happier about it. I can't stand Da'Vonne. Next I want Jason out because he is just annoying.
  17. Why get rid of her? She is staying under peoples radar which is exactly what you want to do this early in the game. She hasn't done anything yet because she hasn't needed to. I saw her a few times talk game with people but I think she likes to remain under the radar and not get into any drama right now. Audrey. Da'Vonne and some others keep mixing themselves in Drama and because of it finding themselves talked about as "pawns" Da'Vonne is on the block right now because of the drama she has created herself. Audrey is considered a target herself because of the drama she is involved in. In fact Jackie just needs to bide her time before making a move because I think she is sitting pretty right now.
  18. One of the main reasons the pawn goes home is the Pawn opens their mouth and gives the other HG's a reason to evict them. It has happened way too often because the pawn gets paranod and starts campaigning hard or doesn't campaign when they should be. Jackie this last week was extremely smart and I think is playing the best game right now. When she found herself on the chopping block she remained calm and collected and allowed things to happen. She didn't freak out, stayed out of all the drama. Many people criticized her on other sites and forums saying that she didn't look like she was on the block and made it sound like a bad thing but in reality it was a smart thing to do. If she would have allowed herself to get paranoid and start being aggressive and trying to stay in the game she probably could have walked home. Will her lay low strategy work all summer, NO. She will at some point have to win some competitions to keep her safe in the game and make a move or two but right now her laying low and out of things is the best thing she could do. Don't plant a target yourself when there are others with a bigger target.
  19. Right now she is an opportunity to change her game and get to plan B. She was extremely aggressive in week 1 now she has to lay low and be less aggressive. Stay out of any drama that is happening in the house and don't stir the pot, let others do that instead. Right now she needs to talk to both HOH's and grovel and beg. Tell them how not a threat you are because you can't win competitions. Tell them she will do whatever they want this week and next if they don't nominate her or backdoor her this week. Once she does that she needs to just leave things alone and stay low and out of peoples way. She can build alliances and stuff again later on in the game but right now its trying to remain safe.
  20. Best line fromt he show tonight was James asking Jace "Do you know what game this is". Based on the way Jace played the game I have to conclude he obviously didn't have a clue what game this was. Once he was on the block he started bullying people, telling them they would be dumb to not keep him, lieing to them, or insinuated how it isn't fair Jackie was on TAR and he only got 5 episodes of BB. Not once did I really hear him offer a deal with anyone or give a reason to keep to him over Jackie. His biggest reason to evict Jackie was because all she is good for is her boobs which is pathetic to say the least. He had no clue how to play this game and that is why he walked out the door this week.
  21. Right now I can't keep track who is with who anymore. It seems Audrey and James have alliances with everyone in the house.
  22. Every season I have ranked the Houseguest in my head on who is playing a good game and who is not. I have never truly shared my ranking with others as I just never really wanted to but this year I have decided to do just that. I think it will be fun conversation as the weeks go on and I then can look back at the season and see where people are trending. I will post my preliminary rankings below for week one. I will share my thoughts on some of the Houseguests but not on all of them. Be aware that I am posting spoilers from the live feeds so if you don't have the live feeds and don't want to know what happens stop reading now. Best Game Play: Jackie- I have heard her get criticized by people for not acting like she is on the block but I think it is good game play on her part. One of the things one can do early on in this game and lay low and stay under the radar. When she entered the house as part of the twist this season she had a target on her back. When she came in second in the second HOH competition she had an even bigger target as know she has made it clear she is strong as well. But I like what she has done since then. She was nominated and instead of freaking out and getting all emotional and letting that hurt her game she stayed strong, trusted what was said and fought hard for the BotB which is smart. When she didn't win it she kept fighting but staying out of the limelight. She knew the plan to backdoor Jace but still doesn't overreact and kind of let things swing how they might. I have heard her ask a few times if the plan is still in place but has not campaigned and not caused any trouble. That to me is GREAT game play early on in the game. Shelli- One of the reasons I am putting her here is because she has remained under the radar and and not been caught in the middle of things. This is good game play on her part but I think she will have to start doing more. Her social game is good right now. Jeff- He has a target on his back because of the twist and made a good move in telling Jackie to stay away from him so it doesn't look like they are connected in any way in this game. He is playing good int he sens eof stay out of peoples way but I fear he is not going to be able to keep it up. The good thing for him is Audrey and becoming a bigger target right now. Middle of the Pack: Meg- I have her middle of the pack because I feel she has remained out of things and stayed low but also I have not seen much of her at all yet and it makes me feel as though is trying to float her way through which I feel won't work. To me this early on I think her floating is neither a bad thing or a good thing. Austin- Austin being around Jace and making him a target but I feel he is giving good advice to Jace. Keep your head low and just don't get caught up in the middle of the drama. Basically don't give people more of a reason to evict you. He is also knowing that he needs to stay away from Jace right now because of him being a target. Worst Game: Audrey gets my vote for worst game play and it will come back to bite her. She started an alliance with girls early on in the game which is smart in many ways get some friends and build relationships but now it seems those people are questioning things. Da'Vonne has basically steared clear at this point and so has Sheli and. But the reason I think she is playing the worst game is her making deals with everyone and doing the whole playing the game too hard too fast. She came in aggressive and I said so in the interviews that is how she will do it but that to me kills her game. Now the people are starting to peice together her that she is the one trying to control the house and in the middle of the all the drama. Her game play right now will get her evicted pretty early on. James- One of the things I have noticed is he has not allowed himself to fall into the first HOH syndrome that many have done before him. He has slept downstairs and even has allowed someone else sleep upstairs and has stayed downstairs for the most part and around his houseguests. The reason i think he is playing the game bad right now is is his decisons and the fact he is making unneccessary risks. The plan from the beginning to backdoor Jace is extremely risky and not needed at this time in the game. He is playing the game like they are three or four weeks in instead of only one. The reason this move is so risky is Jace has two people on his side right now and that means James has put a big target on his back for just having the plan. Now that Jace is on the block James becomes the scapegoat. He says he is following the house and just doing what they want but in reality will be the one with the full blame. If Jace finds a way to save himself this week James will have Jace, Austin, and Liz going after him and I think possibly have Vanessa as well which means he is going to turn into an early evictee if they win HOH and he can't find a way to save himself. If Jace leaves this week James target gets slightly smaller as only two or three are going after him instead of 3-4. The other reason I am questioning his game is it seems he is in every alliance and that never is good especially when people start talking. If people feel his word is nothing they will not trust him and get him out because of it. Right now I think his social game is great but the moves he is making is too risky to make this early in the game. His saving grace is it seems Audrey has a bigger target on her back. My Ranking: (1-worst, 16-best) Audrey 1 Da'Vonne 2 James 3 Jason 4 Jace 5 John 7 Liz 6 Meg 8 Austin 9 Steve 10 Becky 11 Clay 12 Vanessa 13 Jeff 14 Sheli 15 Jackie 16
  23. This guy is talking about backdooring someone in WEEK ONE. I love a Backdoor but wow I am amazed it is being discussed in week one.
  24. There is a reason Alison Grodner has the nickname "lazy" I guess. She recycles old twists and can never come up with something original or even imaginative. It seems ever since Big Brother 8 the twists have gotten dumber and dumber every year. I love the twists that involve the Houseguests that can change the way people play the game and I am OK with smaller twists like what they did in Canada for season 3. Make everyone the first HOH was great to see and totally shocked the house. Making the HG enter into a house with nothing in it was awesome to see and made people think. Twists that mess up the game are just not fun. MVP from a few years ago was DUMB and predictable as everyone knew it was going to be Elissa from the beginning. Coaches season was a great season I felt but more because of the game play and less because of the coaches.
  25. Am I the only one who really am not all that happy with the Battle of the Block being back this year. Last year it was cool as it was never done before and was kind of cool to see how it played out, but doing it again just screams lazy to me. My biggest problem with it is I think it encourages the HG to throw the competitions since a HG could go from being HOH to being evicted in one week and even if the HG who gets dethroned as HOH doesn't get evicted they have two HG who are now going after them. To me its getting blood on your hands for no reason. The other reason is it seemed like all last year one HOH would almost control the whole thing and dictate who each side will nominate and that person always seemed to win the BOB comp. I just think they should have gone back to the original (post BB1) format and only have one HOH. They seriously could have done so much better twists but instead it seems they are using this season to redo twists from past seasons. Whats next Coaches?

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