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  1. Whine, whine, whine. If he wasn't gay he and Nichole would be a perfect match ( made in hell ) . Yea, just like back in school, you're not in with the cool kids, so be glad you lasted this long and enjoy the jury house.
  2. Whine, whine, whine. Win something or shut up And you knew that deception and lies were part of the game, so play or head to jury.
  3. These women are so jealous they are foaming at the mouth to do away with each other and then complain that a woman rarely wins. And could someone please tell this bimbo that her makeup choices make her look like a cheap party rental 9 though maybe thats the look she wants )
  4. Why is Gonzo even in this house. He isn't now and never was an Allstar. At best he's a third rate sidekick.
  5. Didn't care for or about her and hated he father.. nuff said
  6. She can go back to her swaggy and her daddys money any time..
  7. Someone else I could have lived happily without ever seeing or hearing again.. We all know another name for a meow-meow.....
  8. Again, Never liked her.. Me.. me... me... a waste of peroxide..
  9. Sorry to say I never liked this guy... Never came across as real or genuine to me.. Others like him so what do I know.
  10. I hope so.. she's a snake who could rival the one in the garden of Eden.. She can go any time. (won't be this week, but hopefully soon)
  11. Like him too, so far. Reminds me of the guy from an early season.. he was a weatherman I think?
  12. kinda liked him in the beginning, but can't stand Bella!!! Hope he wises up and dumps her, but he won't.
  13. Yep. And this is teaching the youth of Florida.
  14. Never gonna work out for them. She's not the 17y/o Packi virgin that his parent would accept and she sure isn't the type to follow three steps behind him and follow every work or command he bellows. They both needed to play their own games weeks ago. Now it's too late for them both.
  15. First she pushes Fessy away, then is all over him for the veto, then pushes him away again, and then is crawling all over him in bed ???. Might be game on her part, but I'm not a fan. She could leave at any time soon...
  16. He has his head in the game, but it's the one between his legs ( and I really wish he'd stop 'adjusting' it all the time under the covers). He might be an ok player if he'd ever grow a pair and start thinking for himself.
  17. Sort of agree, Don't really feel sorry for the Wacky Rockett, but would love her royal lowness to see the other side of the door. Too bad she's made the jury.
  18. I'm confused.. Brett was on the block against each of them.. What was he supposed to do, just sit back and not campaign for himself?
  19. She when to pieces and fell apart at the first sign of pressure. Not suited for this game.
  20. I could just do without Swagless. Period - exclamation point..
  21. I'd vote for her for the 'most annoying house slut' ever.....

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