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Amber Week 7


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I'm so glad I'm not the only who spit soda on my keyboard over the "God Bless You" at the end of Amber's prayer. I also found it hysterical when she thanked God for making her "an even better person, which I didn't think was possible"...how can anyone think they are so great that they can't be a better person? Or maybe she thought she was too awful to be fixed at all? I hate to houseguest bash, but it's just so sad...I can't...

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Conversation between Amber and her teacher, Jameka:

A: what is superficial?

J: That's an easy one. It' the first part of a Disney song - SUPERFICIALFRAGILISTICEXPEEALEEDOCIUS.

A: What's perceived?

J: You know when a man and woman have sex at exactly the right time? That's when a baby is perceived. It's called the moment of perception.

A: What is outed? It's about belly buttons. The ones that don't go in are outed.

A: What is integrity?

J: You know when blacks and whites go to the same school? That's integrity. It comes from the word


A: What is back door? That's so simple, Amber. We use it every time we go into the back yard.

A: What is sub alliance?

J: I'm not sure, but I think I've seen it on the menu at Quizno's.

A: What is manipulate?

J: Shhh. It's a nasty word. Don't use it. It's short for "my nipple you ate".

A: Thank you, Jameka. You're so smart.

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I agree with all of your post taradome. I'll put my two cents worth in!

I really think this christain stuff is fairly new to Amber, and we all know

that she's not too bright. I hope that once she gets away from the BB

house that she will find a church that she can go to and a bible study

group that will help her learn the way to act, and pray......she's learned

all that praying out loud from Jameka...Amber is getting alot of that

from Jameka...... This is JMHO.....Amber truely needs help!!!!!

Yes, she does bug the poopy out of me!!!! LOL to all

You're good oldguy!!!

PS...Jameka bothers me too!!!! I didn't learn Jameka's ways from any Sunday

school class I went to!!!!!

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Oh My GAWD Oldguy does it again!!! That was too good... Even my hubby laughed and he had no idea why he was laughing at it in the first place...

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Okay... now I'm sitting safely down to say this because I can't believe I'm even uttering these words...

but Amber...

Makes April seem SANE!!!!

I bet April is at home, watching BB and saying "WTF is wrong with that girl, Pepperoni?? All she does is cry!! Mama never cried that much did she? did she? no... good boy!!"

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Amber just took off her bra in the big room talking to Jameka, then FOTH.....

The cameras come back to Jameka telling Amber how to adjust her boobs in her bra to look better. Geesh, this girl is clueless about everything!

NOTE TO KIDS: Say NO to drugs!!!

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Oh thank you all! The responses made me laugh out loud. Oh gosh I could go on and on about her talking to God like He/She is REALLY LISTENING AND TALKING BACK TO HER. One of my favorite quotes goes something like this. "If you pray to God you are of the faith, if you think God is actually talking to you or listening you are of the insane". Thanks for making my first post so much fun and knowing that we all agree she is beyond bonkers.

"Briiiiinnnnng Brinnnnnnnnnnnng! Um God, I soooooooo like want to be on The Next Super Model! I know that like Dustin leaving was like my test and Oh God I will soooooo be like strong and quit eating with my mouth open God!...................................(cut to lightening bolt striking)................................."

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